Sergi Constance Bio, Height, Weight, Facts about the Spanish Athlete

One wise man once said that heights reached and kept by great men did not come so easily, but while their mates were sleeping, they were up in the night burning the midnight oil. In the case of Spanish bodybuilder, fitness model and entrepreneur, Sergi Constance, he was up treading the mill in gyms. After years of discipline, dedicated training and dieting, he now not only sports the physique he has always wanted but is also leading thousands of others on how to achieve the same.

Constance belongs to an entirely new breed of fitness models. He could be described as a bodybuilding philosopher who has employed a mind and body connection to achieve laudable success and greatness in the industry and beyond. Sergi has had a prolific career where he has won numerous accolades and fame. Also known for his eponymous personal brand of fitness, he has become one of the world’s most celebrated fitness icons and has garnered a huge fan base on social media.

Sergi Constance: Bio

The fitness model was born in Valencia, Spain on the 25th of October, 1988; his birth sign is Scorpio. There are no available details about his family background.

His love for fitness could be traced to his elementary school days where his best subject was Physical Education. He also desired to be bigger and stronger, thus, he signed up at a local gym where he fell in love with bodybuilding after a few weeks of intense training. Following high school, Sergei Constance took his passion to the next level by enrolling in one of the Spanish national Universities located in Valencia, Spain which is renowned for its Sports Science and Physical Education courses. He earned a Bachelors Degree in Sports Science and Physical Activity after five years of intensive study.

While studying, Sergi Constance worked as a fashion model thanks to his impressive aesthetic and physique. However, following his education, he eventually decided to focus his attention on building a ripped and shredded body. He had a successful career as a WBFF PRO Muscle Model and then entered for various Bodybuilding Shows and competition.

In 2011, Constance finished in the first place in the Spanish Wabba Cup and appeared on a number of magazine covers including ‘Muscle & Fitness’ and ‘Body Fitness Muscle Show’ the next year. With his Superhero build, he also appeared on the covers of Iron Man magazine, Solid Homme magazine, and Wire magazine in 2013, which was an amazing year in his career.

The same year, he also had five 1st place finishes; four different Mens Physique I.F.B.B. championships and one Mens Physique NPC Tampa Wings of Strength Championship. Fl., E.E.U.U. and Overall Champion Mens Physique title. In addition, he was on the cover of Fitness For Him magazine in 2014.

He had a guest appearance in the superhero blockbuster, Justice League as Zeus in a flashback sequence. This also helped to boost his following on social media even more. His Instagram account has over 3.9 million followers with whom he shares his training and diet regimen as well as useful tips and sports tutorials necessary to achieve his kind of body. He also has his own website, where he creates blogs on various fitness tips and workout & diet plans.

The Spanish national now lives in Miami, Florida, in the United States where he continues to work as a fitness model, trainer, and entrepreneur. For Sergi Constance, health and fitness remain his topmost priority and there’s no sign of him slowing down.

Height, Weight

Constance’s athletic body build and Superhero figure stand tall at 6 feet 1 inch (1.85 meters). He weighs between 215 – 225lbs (93.0 – 102.1kg), and his other body measurements include biceps of 19.5 inches, a broad chest that measures 49.5 inches and his perfectly thin and curvature waist that comes in at 34.3 inches.

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Facts about the Spanish Athlete

Sergi Constance
Sergi Constance transformation: image source

Training and Diet Regimen

Through the years of dedication, discipline, training, and diet, Sergi Constance has been able to build an enviable and incredibly shredded physique with massive muscles and classy proportions. He understands that just having goals is not enough and does not confer a reward but it is the action that deserves a reward. Consequently, he has put in a lot of action over the years which has, in turn, yielded tremendous rewards.

He trains five times a week and follows a diet regimen that is consistent with his athletic nature. To maintain his perfectly rounded and tapered physique, he splits his weekly training schedule into different muscle groups while ensuring that he hits all of his body parts for maximum growth. His diet primarily consists of lean meats, healthy fats, and clean carbohydrates.

To achieve and maintain his kind of physique, Sergi Constance recommends three exercises:

  • Incline Chest Press for a great upper body pump and to build the upper chest muscles.
  • Squats and all kinds of leg exercises which aims towards a great set of legs needed for an aesthetic body.
  • Deadlifts which focuses on many important muscle groups such as the hamstrings, glutes, back and traps.

Other Ventures

Sergi Constance, coupled with his social media fame, works as a Global Ambassador for several sporting brands. He is also a successful entrepreneur and has a fitness lifestyle and clothing company called BeLegend Collection. Moreover, he is the owner and CEO of Aesthetix Era clothing and training apparel. He also has his own brand of supplements known as NEED supplements.


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