Selena Gomez Hair, Body, Outfits, House

Selena Marie Gomez is one of the popular singers and actresses in the US. She gained fame after appearing in the Children’s series Barney & Friends, but her major breakthrough came in 2006 when she featured in Disney Channel’s Wizards of Waverly Place. Additionally, she has always been a fan’s favorite for her music. However, these are not the only things for which Miss Gomez is known. Everything else about her catches the attention of her fans and many music lovers. From the unique Selena Gomez hair, to her curvy body, stylish outfits and a spectacular striking architecture house, she is an icon to reckon. Here is a descriptive review of her hair, body, style and house…

Selena Gomez Hair

For the 24 year old actress/singer, long hair is the way to go and she has been seen in many different long-hair styles. The only times she was seen with hair that does not go beyond her shoulders was back in 2009 when she was still growing her dark brow cuticles. Since then, she has pretty much fancied long curls, plaits or braids that stretch down to her bust. As a near-round face celebrity, the long hair gives her many stylish options to choose for her face and body type. From the double side drop downs to the one-sided trim that falls on the shoulder with the other side dropping just below her bust line, Selena Gomez’s hair is something to copy. Some of the hairstyles she is fond of include the following;
• Long straight – Formal or casual with the split at the center on side (2/3 split)
• Long wavy – Casual and formal with splits at the center of the head
• Up-do – Long formal or casual often braided
• Long curly hairdo – Casual and formal styles which may curl all the way or only at the bottom and tips.

Selena Gomez hairstyles

She is a natural brunette with thick dark brown hair and boasts of traits from her Mexican father and Italian mother. The long thick hair, curls, waves and braids are the ideal choices. Moreover, they can be straightened to achieve a clean official look, loosened for a casual event and hangout or rolled up for an evening formal dinner.

Selena Gomez’s Body and Style

Selena Gomez Outfit

Selena Gomez has appeared in many style and fashion events. She has also won awards for her simple yet sophisticated style. Her 36-28-35 body size is perfect for all size 8 dresses which is the ideal body type that models and most women dream to achieve in their workouts. She weighs 59 kg and stands 165 cm tall. She wears shoe size 7 (US) and size 36 bras. For an actress known to be diet conscious, Selena pays more attention to her figure and strives hard to maintain her body type and bra size. She does not win fashion and style awards for nothing. Her black/dark-brown hair, slim neckline and average height gives her many options when it comes to accessories. She is fond of tight formal outfits when going out for events.

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Selena Gomez Street outfit

The singer also dresses up in casual street clothes including hoods when she is dashing out briefly, or relaxing.

Selena Gomez’s House

Selena Gomez house

As a well decorated star, Selena has many houses in various places in US. She recently listed her Calabasas California home (pictured) for a cool $4.495 million. She bought the five bedroom home that sits on 3 acres in a gated community for $3.69 million back in 2014. She is rumored to be leaving the house due to its stalker plague. It is not yet disclosed if she has already bought another mansion elsewhere, but she will probably remain within California somewhere close to LA. Her Calabasas mansion also featured a heated swimming pool and large backyard where she often threw parties.

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Selena Gomez is a beauty to watch in the big screens and her roles attract many fans to the Hollywood cinema scene. She has appeared in many big screen movies and has made a career in acting since childhood. Her music career as a pop-star has also flourished and she performs in several hotspots from time to time. Her style is an inspiration for models and other actresses as well as many young women.


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