Will ‘Supergirl’ Season 5 Be The Last Or Is There Going To Be A Season 6?

The American TV show Supergirl is loved by many not just because of its amusing action scenes but the character herself who is a popular DC Comics character. The storyline of the series is built around Supergirl as portrayed by the admirable Melissa Benoist. CBS started showing the series in 2015 and aired the first season before season 2 kicked off on The CW. A third season followed suit as well as a fourth season which commenced airing on 14th October 2018. As of now, plans are being made for the fifth season but will there be a season 6 of Supergirl? Know about that and other details about the hit show in this piece.

The Supergirl Series Plotline

The storyline of the popular adventure drama centers on Kara Zor-El, the Supergirl who came from Krypton to Earth. During a crisis in their planet, Kara and her cousin Kal-El were sent down to Earth for safety. However, Kara’s spacecraft had some malfunctions and she landed after her cousin, Kal-El the Superman had become a man notable for his powers.

The first season showed how Kara found herself in the Danvers home where she started to embrace and reveal her superhuman powers. As she became a young adult, she was given the duty as Earth’s protector against alien invasion. She also discovered that a lot of criminals in Krypton came to Earth to hide and these included the likes of her aunt Astra and her husband, Lieutenant Non. Supergirl joined forces with Alex Danvers her adoptive sister, J’onn J’onzz, James Olsen, and Winn Schott to fight the criminals.

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In Supergirl season 2, Kara faces another challenge and this time it was to ward off aliens from destroying the Earth. Moreso, the sinister Lillian Luthor starts Project Cadmus which Kara believes has an evil agenda. During her investigation of Project Cadmus, she becomes friends with Lena Luthor, the stepdaughter of Lillian. However, unlike her mother and brother Lex Luthor, Lillian is a genuine person and she sincerely wants to redeem the name of their family’s organization, LuthorCorp. This season also brought in some sort of romance in the series as Kara is smitten by Mon-El who is a prince from Daxam and J’onn is seen becoming friends with M’gann irrespective of the fact that his people (the White Martians) slaughtered J’onn’s tribe.

However, in season 3, Kara suffered a heartbreak when Mon-El left Earth. Although he returned, he revealed that he was taken into the 31st century where he became the leader of Legion and got married to Imra Ardeen. Once again, Supergirl and Alex had to face another problem which was a killing device called Reign. Unknown to them, Reign was their new friend Samantha Arias who they did not know was also from Krypton. Samantha who was a single mum began to transform into Reign and started causing havoc.

The season 4 of Supergirl was packed with much action as Kara had to deal with the devious schemes of Lex Luthor. Moreso, a professor named Ben Lockwood who had suffered a lot of unpleasant incidents caused by extraterrestrial creatures started a movement named Children of Liberty to put an end to all aliens. It was also revealed in this season that Lex masterminded the creation of a clone called ”Red Daughter” to be a replica of Kara. This creation was being trained to fight against Kara with the ultimate goal of eliminating her.

However, Lex who was in prison could not live to see the end of his project but before his demise, he told Kara something which she refused to relate to anyone. Lena Luthor who is very familiar with her brother’s deception knows that whatever secret he told Kara was to deceive her.

What To Expect From Supergirl Season 5

Season 5 of Supergirl which is set to premiere on October 6th, 2019 is definitely going to be action-packed like its prequel. From speculations that have been made, Kara will have to fight an intense battle to protect Earth. Moreso, it is believed that a form of rift might arise between Kara and Lena who is suspicious of what her brother revealed to her before he died. Furthermore, from the book version of the series, Kara lost her life in the crisis and fans of DC Comics have rumored that season 5 might just be the end of Kara Danvers the Supergirl. Will her cousin Superman resurface to save the day? That remains one of the big questions in the minds of many.

Season 5 of Supergirl has promised to be exciting when it comes to the cast’s costumes. Supergirl will now have a pant bodysuit which is believed to be a move in the right direction as she is due for a new costume. While we wait for the 5th season of this series, questions are already being asked about season 6 of Supergirl. Will the 5th season be the last of this series?

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Will There Be Season 6 of Supergirl?

It has been confirmed that the much talked about action and adventure drama will release its 5th season on the 6th of October 2019. However, nothing has been said about making a 6th season. This does not in any way rule out the possibilities of it. It all depends on the creators of the series to either prolong it or draw the curtains with the release of the upcoming season 5.


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