A Look At the Real Life of Death In Paradise Actress, Sara Martins

Sara Martins is a 45-year-old French actress known in France for the characters she has portrayed on TV, in films, and theater, especially for her role as Camille Bordey on Death in Paradise. 

From her high cheekbones and full pouty lips to the small mole on the left part of her nose; her throaty sexy voice and sultry French accent, a lot of things about Sara Martins have endeared her to the public who mostly identify her as an actress and for her role in the British-French crime drama television series, “Death in Paradise”.

While her acting career is what she is known for and rightly so, Sara is also a bit of an editor and soundtrack artist: she edited a 2019 episode (Amnesia) of the TV series, “The Vault”, and performed the soundtrack for 2011’s “Spot the Difference” episode of Death in Paradise.

Originally from Portugal, Sara Martins is of Cape-Verdean descent and very popular in France for appearing in several on-screen productions. She is also known for her theater works and her recent projects include “The Coroner”, “Reunions”, “Sam”, and “Comme un fleuve”.

She has been a professional actress since 2000 and has been able to pull off no fewer than 66 roles across the small and big screen. She is easily recognized for playing L’amie de Bruno in “Tell No One” and Sara in “Paris, je t’aime” but Camille Bordey is the role that has largely defined her career.

Sara Martins Is 45 Years Old and Debuted On-screen As an Actress in 2000

Sara Martins is fluent in English, Portuguese, and French. She was born in Faro, Portugal on the 19th of August 1977. Nonetheless, she didn’t spend all of her early years in the southern European country.

From what we gathered, Sara left Faro for France in 1980 when she was 3 years old. She gained almost all her educational qualifications from the country in Western Europe. It’s known that she studied ballet while she was growing up and later got history to document she’s the first African descent to join the Lyon Opera.

Sara would later learn she can’t progress to the Paris Opera. It’s said it was a big deal for the corps for Paris Opera to look alike. Sara was the only black dancer, she was disappointed but moved on and received her Baccalaureat with a theater option.

Records divulged that Sara Martins later bagged a DEUG in law. In 1997, she enrolled at Ecole de Theatre Les Enfants Terribles in Paris. Subsequently, she got an acting degree from the prestigious French National Academy of Dramatics Arts.

Based on what has been reported on various quarters, Sara has been acting since she was a teenager. It is said that her earliest experience as an actress came shortly after she left high school. As the story goes, the Theatre National Populaire in Villeurbanne hired her for a local production of “Le Radeau de la Meduse”

Her television debut came in 2000 when she portrayed Julie in the French police series, “Police District”. The following year, she was seen as Jojo in another TV series titled “Maigret” and has remained a part of the acting industry ever since.

The Significance of the Death In Paradise Role to Her Career

True, it was a breakthrough for Sara Martins when BBC One, sometime in 2011, announced that she would star in the crime comedy-drama series co-produced with France Televisions.

But then, Sara had already created for herself a spot in the entertainment industry before she was picked to co-star with Ben Miller, Danny John-Jules, and others on the television series created by Robert Thorogood.

Affirming that Death In Paradise is a significant work in her resume, the actress divulged how she was contracted to be a part of the joint UK and French production filmed on the French Caribbean island of Guadeloupe.

Noting that she had worked with France Télévisions in the past, Sara Martins related that when they received the script they thought of her and invited her for auditions. Based on what she said, the producers were looking for someone who would complement Ben Miller and as fate would have it, the actress and Ben wasted no time in getting along when they met.

Sara portrayed the character of  Detective Sergeant Camile Bordey in the series and, it was her debut on British television and in comedy. For the actress, it is one of the reasons the series is a significant project among other productions she has been a part of.

Sara’s character was written off the series in the fourth episode of season 4. She expressed her love for the show when this happened, stating that she loved everything about the show.

While she was unsure of what the future holds, Sara expressed that growth requires one to take the risk of leaving a comfort zone. However, 2021 saw her return to the series and she has already appeared in a few episodes as Camille Bordey.

Before Death in Paradise, the Portuguese actress appeared in many films and television productions. Of late, she has appeared as Serena in “American Odyssey” (2015), Sonia Dubois in “The law of Alexandre” (2015), and Irene Ruff in “Capitaine Marleau” (2017).

Who Are Sara Martins’ Family Members?

Information on most of the things Sara’s fans want to know about her is scarce. For instance, the only specific and definite thing that’s known about Sara Martins’ family is that she’s of Cape-Verdean descent. Meanwhile, it’s believed that Sara’s mother was a model and her father, a news reporter.

Even though much is not known about her parents, there are reasons to believe she has a good relationship with them, especially her mother. She shared an old picture of the woman on Instagram in May 2018, proclaiming her love for her. It is also not known if she is the only child of her parents or if she has siblings.

Is Actress Sara Martins Married?

Again, Sara’s fans have always wanted to know if she’s in a romantic relationship. Questions like “Is Sara Married” or “Who’s Sara’s Husband” are common among them. Speculations have taken the place of answers to these questions.

Nevertheless, while it’s safe to assume Sara is in a secret relationship, one can’t say she’s married. Sara Martins is possibly single, no one has been reported to be her husband. The fact that almost nothing is known about the family Sara hails from and her love life shows that she’s particular about keeping her private life private.

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