Sandra Bullock is a multiple award-winning American actress who is also of German heritage. She is one of the few actresses in Hollywood who have left an indelible mark in the film industry and has created a successful brand for herself. Bullock is widely admired for her versatility in acting judging from the range of roles she is able to take on, all of which can attest to how talented she is.

She was born on the 26th of July, 1964 in Arlington, Virginia as Sandra Annette Bullock into a family of artists, where her father, John W. Bullock juggled a career in the army and voice coaching. Her mother, on the other hand, sang in the opera and organized vocal training classes.

Her decision to become an actress can be traced back to the classes she took in performing arts as a growing child in Germany. For high school, she attended Washington Lee High School and while there, she was actively involved in the school’s drama program. Bullock has a Bachelor of Fine Arts that she received from East Carolina University in 1987. All of these have come together to contribute to the versatility she incorporates into her acting.

Bullock’s professional career as an actress began in the late ’80s and has lasted for over three decades and in this time, she has appeared in over forty films. The actress has led a career full of iconic performances with some that have not exactly been great. Even the best actors are not immune to terrible performances from time to time. This is a list of Sandra Bullock movies – ranging from the worst to the best.

List of Sandra Bullock Movies – Worst to Best

Practical Magic (1998)

Sandra Bullock Movies

There would be no better place to start when looking for the worst of Sandra Bullock movies if not here. In the early days of her career, the actress had roles in movies that were not exactly flattering and one of these movies is Practical Magic. She might have been a victim of poor script writing but this tale of magic and witchcraft was one that went south from the get-go.

The performance she delivered alongside Nicole Kidman was not enough to shield the film project from the failure that it turned out to be. Not only was it poorly received by critics but it barely broke even at the box office.

All About Steve (2009)

Sandra Bullock Movies

The year of release for this movie, which was 2009 was the year Sandra Bullock set the record for being the first actress to win a Golden Raspberry and an Oscar. The Golden Raspberries are given to people who have had the worst performances in a movie and for All About Steve, Bullock won the award for Worst Actress. Aside from that, the movie was rated a miserly 6% on Rotten Tomatoes.

The night after winning the Raspberries for her performance in the movie, she also win an Oscar in the category of Best Actress for her role as Leigh Touhy in The Blind Side. In All About Steve, Sandra Bullock is a puzzle maker for a local newspaper and stalks a man named Steve Miller (a role played by Bradley Cooper) who she went on a date with once. She lands herself in a whirlwind of adventure but experiences some growth and self-awareness by the time the film wraps up.

Miss Congeniality 2: Armed and Fabulous (2005)

Sandra Bullock Movies

This action comedy film was released in 2005 as a sequel to the 2000 film titled Miss Congeniality. It follows the adventures of the FBI agent Gracie Hart played by Sandra Bullock. The first film saw her intercept a terrorist attack at a beauty pageant while in the second film, Gracie tries to save a friend she made in the first film.

Armed and Fabulous was not as well received as its predecessor and its position on this list straddles between one of her best performances with the first half of the film and one of her not-so-good performances with the sequel. Overall, the film was heavily flawed by critics with the film aggregating site, Rotten Tomatoes giving it a rating of 15%.

Demolition Man (1993)

This was Sandra Bullock’s debut in the world of sci-fi movies and although she was not the film’s lead, she was able to pull her own weight especially as she was a relatively unknown actress who was employed two days into the film’s shooting and was cast alongside Hollywoodaction heavyweights – Wesley Snipes and Sylvester Stallone. Bullock was highly praised for her performance in the movie and although she was still new to the movie industry, interpreted her given role as Lieutenant Lenina Huxley excellently.

The Proposal (2009)

Sandra Bullock Movies

This is one of Sandra Bullock’s more romantic films. In this movie, Bullock (Margaret Tate) is a no-nonsense publisher who is on the verge of being deported to Canada as her papers are expired and so she and her assistant Andrew Paxton (Ryan Reynolds) plot a plan to deceive immigration services by announcing an impending fake marriage.

She was not only an actor in the film but she also doubled as one of its executive producers. The film was hugely successful financially as it raked in $317.4 million at the box office as against the $40 million budget it was produced with. Plus, it was largely praised by critics and recorded huge percentages on rating websites.

Minions (2015)

Sandra Bullock has also lent her skills to voice acting. In 2015, she voiced Scarlet Overkill in the animated movie, Minions. It currently holds the rank of the fifth highest grossing film in 2015 and was seen in major countries around the globe. Bullock barely got any criticism for this work; she was nominated for a few awards and went home with one of the awards. She was cast alongside Pierre Coffin, Jon Hamm, Michael Keaton, and Allison Janney.

While You Were Sleeping (1995)

Sandra Bullock Movies

With 80% and a score of 6.5/10 on the critic aggregate page, Rotten Tomatoes, While You were Sleeping ranks among one of Sandra Bullocks best performances in a movie – even though it is one of her earliest works.

She played the character of Lucy Eleanor Moderatz, a lady who works at the train station where she saves the life of a man who she had always admired. Bullock’s character gets embroiled in a love triangle between the man (Peter Gallagher) and his brother (Bill Pullman) but in the end, she not only brings the family closer, she also finds herself and learns to be content in her singleness.

Bullock received praise for the quirkiness and charm she brought to the movie which gave a spin to an otherwise familiar story. Not only did critics love it but fans as well, who helped with the ticket sales at the cinema and brought the total amount made from the film to $182 million on a budget of $17 million.

Two Weeks Notice (2002)

Sandra Bullock Movies

This is another one of Sandra Bullock movies where she brings her best to the table. Two Weeks Notice is a romantic comedy-drama released in 2002. Bullock is a lawyer who works for a real estate developer named George Wade, who is played by Hugh Grant. But their relationship has exceeded the boundaries of what a proper official relationship should be like, with Grant’s character needing advice for the most insane things from Lucy Kelson, Bullock’s character. She decides to quit her job and presents him with two weeks’ notice of her resignation. Her decision to leave reveals to both of them the love that has blossomed and grown between them. The film was a critical and commercial success.

The Blind Side (2009)

This can be described as Sandra Bullock’s second most successful movie after Gravity. She plays the role of Leigh Anne Tuohy in this sports biographical drama that tells the touching story of Michael Oher-Tuohy who is adopted by the Tuohys and has his life turned around drastically. Bullock pulls off a very touching performance in this movie with her decision to help a child that most people were wary of. She was cast alongside Tim McGraw who plays her husband and Kathy Bates who plays the character of Sue Boswell while Oher is played by Quinton Aaron and together the cast is able to deliver this brilliant film.

The Blind Side was made with $29 million but raked in a whopping $309.2 million. Not only was it financially successful but was also a critical success and was rightfully recognized by award bodies.

Gravity (2013)

Sandra Bullock Movies

This is a brilliant production by Alfonso Cuarón, who wrote and directed the film. Sandra Bullock starred in this sci-fi movie alongside George Clooney as the only two characters in the film (In total, there were seven characters in the film but the other five characters were only heard and not seen).

Gravity is a story of perseverance and sustaining hope even when the odds are stacked against you. The film was applauded for a number of things including the performance delivered by Bullock, a performance which earned her multiple nominations – some of which she won. In 2013, which was the year of its release, the movie graced over twenty lists of critics as one of their top ten movies of the year. It was indeed a critical and financial success.

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