Details Of Sam Hammington’s Career Endeavors and Conception Struggles With His Wife

Making people laugh in your native tongue is not an easy thing to do talk more of attempting it in a foreign language. Sam Hammington, despite being of New Zealand and Australian descent, plies his comedy trade in South Korea. More so, many of his fans may not believe that Sam didn’t set out to be a comedian or a television personality as his journey to South Korea was purely an academic one until circumstances proved otherwise. He was featured as a cast member on the highly-rated South Korean reality television show Real Men which brought him wide fame and prominence.

The Australian comedian has also served as co-host for Drivetime radio show from 2008 to 2012. Hammington speaks the Korean language fluently and he is married to a gorgeous South Korean lady named Jung Yu-mi. We shall be discussing the couple’s conception struggles, as well as Sam Hammington’s career endeavours below.

His Early Life

The comic star was born in the capital city of New Zealand on July 31, 1977, but despite being born in New Zealand, Hammington is partly Australian due to his mother’s nationality. His mom, Jan Russ, is a veteran Australian actress and casting director. Not much is known about his father, Bruce William Hammington.

A Peek Into Sam Hammington’s Career

The widely acclaimed television sensation opted to study the Korean language alongside his marketing course of study while he was at the Swinburne University of Technology solely for professional purposes. In 2002, having bagged two degrees in Korean Study and Marketing, Sam moved over to the University of Korea on a student exchange program to further his studies.

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살면서 이런 영광은 처음인데요. 2005년부터 개그콘서트 활동 시작했는데 대상을 탈거라고 예상은 한번도 못 했어요. 그동안 함든 일은 당연히 많았지만 열심히 하는 보람 어제 느꼈어요. 많은 사람들 한테 감사하는 마음을 굉장히 커요. 작년에 최우수상 부터 어제 대상 그리고 최고의 프로그램까지 2019년 마무리 잘 하게 되네요. 앞으로 더 열심히 하겠습니다! 여러분 사랑 합니다! Yesterday was the biggest honor I have ever experienced in my life. Having started performing on Gag Concert in 2005 I would never have expected to take home the KBS grand prize. I went through a lot of hard times but taking home this award has made me appreciate putting in all that hard work. There are so many people that deserve huge amount of thanks for helping me and working with me along the way. From taking home the Top Excellence in Variety award last year to the Best Program and Grand Prize this year. It’s a great end to 2019. Now it’s time to work even harder next year. I love you all!

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While at the prestigious South Korean University, Hammington attended a comedy show that had in attendance, entertainment celebrities, including film writers and directors. The show’s runners at some point needed participants for a comedy skit, so as fate would have it, Sam Hammington was selected. His performance in the short skit unknowingly to him impressed a particular entertainment scout who came to the show with the intention of recruiting a non-Korean native who was fluent in Korean for an upcoming show. This marked the beginning of a promising comedy career in South Korea.

Sam Hammington’s name subsequently became a household name after he appeared on the critically acclaimed show, Real Men. The 2013 edition of the show was based on an adaptation of the Korean military. Viewers across South Korean found themselves endeared to the foreigner who was fluent in their language and skilled at cracking their ribs. Following his excellent performance on the reality television show, Sam won the prestigious MBC Entertainment Award.

It was also gathered that although the comedian had his big break in South Korean comedy industry, he has some form of experience on radio and television prior to his appearance on Real Men. Sam Hammington’s mother, Jan Russ, worked as a casting director back in Australia and this helped him in getting some acting gigs at a tender age. While growing up, Sam appeared in films like Holiday Island, All the Rivers Run, Neighbours and The Flying Doctors, all of which were released in the 80s. It was also reported that Hammington did some coverage for a Korean television station at the 2002 Korea-Japan World Cup.

The success recorded by the New Zealand-born comedian in the South Korean entertainment industry is exceptional and this has made Sam Hammington one of the most prominent television celebrities. His notable television and film appearances include Witch Hunt, Let’s Eat, Cha Salem, True Justice, Creaking Heroes, Infinite Challenge, The Return of Superman, Running Man, Non-Summit and My Neighbour Charles. He is also well known for being the co-host of the radio show Drivetime from 2008 to 2012.

Struggle With Infertility

Sam Hammington
Sam Hammington with his wife and son image source

Hammington got married to South Korean-born Jung Yu-mi in 2013 and their union was celebrated in both South Korea and Australia at different elaborate ceremonies. The traditional wedding ceremony was held in South Korea and was broadcast live on Korean television channels.

However, this beautiful couple encountered lots of challenges in having children and their conception struggle persisted in spite of all their efforts. The couple tried In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) procedure four times in their attempt at conceiving a child. When all the IVF attempts failed, Sam and Jung tried artificial insemination but this procedure was done twice with no positive results.

Birth of His Children

Fate finally smiled on the couple when Yu-mi conceived in 2015 and Hammington’s first son, William Bruce Hammington, was born on July 12, 2016. William was given the South Korean name Jung Tacoh. A couple of years later, Tacoh welcomed his baby brother, Bentley, on November 8, 2017. Bentley Hammington was given the South Korean name, Jung Woo-sung.

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