Sage Robbins might not be a popular actress but she made headlines in the entertainment industry when her first marriage ended and her then ex-husband allegedly accused famous American life-coach Tony Robbins for having an affair with her. The only films she has been in so far is the 2013 sitcom Toby the Vampire Slayer and Stab 9: The Real Life Sequel which was produced that same year.

Sage Robbins Biography, Age

Not much is known about Sage Robbins’ background with regards to her family or her early education but it is a known fact that she was born on the 5th August 1972. Sage holds a Canadian citizenship and her ethnicity is White.

With regards to her work life, Sage is said to have worked in a Health Food Store before she decided to build a career as an actress. However, the only two movies have been credited to her were released back in 2013 and they include Toby the Vampire Slayer a sitcom in which she featured in 11 episodes and Stab 9: The Real Life Sequel.

Married Life – Who is Tony Robbins?

Tony Robbins is a popular American life coach, entrepreneur, and husband of the beautiful Canadian actress, Sage Robbins, whom he dated for about two years before they tied the nuptial knot in October 2001. The couple is still enjoying a strong bond between them as they are often seen together at events especially at Tony’s seminars.

Sage and Tony Robins
Sage and Tony Robins Image Source

However, prior to his marriage to Sage, Tony was once married to Rebecca Jenkins back in 1984. Upon marrying Rebecca, Tony adopted her 3 children and he is said to have another son from his former girlfriend., Liz Acosta. His son’s name is Jairek Robbins and he later became Sage’s step-son. It is also a known fact that the couple does not have a child together yet and have not revealed whether they have any plans tending towards that direction.

Other Facts About Sage Robbins

Sage Is Not Her Birthname

Even though she is popularly known as Sage, sources have it that her birth name is Bonnie Pearl Humphrey.

Her First Marriage Was At Age 19

Sage Robbins was married before to a man named John Lynch when she was 19 years old and John was said to be 30 years old. Sage and Lynch had a blissfull marriage which lasted from 1992 till 2000 when they officially annulled the union.

Her Ex-Husband Blamed Tony Robbins For Their Divorce

Shortly after Sage separated from her former husband John, he came up with allegations against Tony Robbins on the grounds that he was having an affair with his then wife. Sage, however, denied the accusations stating that Tony was not the reason for their annulled marriage. In his defense, John pointed out that it was precisely after his ex-wife came back from one of Tony’s seminars that they started drifting apart until it eventually ended in a divorce.

Aside from John, some media platforms like the Vancouver Sun even made some tongue lashing statements towards Tony whom they described as ‘wife thief’. This was not taken lightly by the popular life coach as he saw it as a character defamation and he was paid damages worth $20,000.

Sage Robbins Has A Penchant For Acupuncture

The actress and wife of famous life coach Tony Robbins have a strong passion for the ancient art of acupuncture and phlebotomy and she is said to indulge in it often.

She Has A High Net Worth Like Her Husband

Sage Robbins is said to be making it big when it comes to her earnings and with her venturing into acting, more streams of income came her way. Although her figures are not as public as her husband’s, sources have it that the actress has a good sum credited to her.

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On the other hand, her husband Tony Robbins is a leading man in the world of inspirational talks and he is said to have an estimated net worth of between $480 and $500 million. He is also the brain behind the establishment of several companies that are making it big in terms of sales. Tony lives a very comfortable and affluent life alongside his wife Sage who is also entitled to her husband’s massive net worth.

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