Rauw Alejandro Height: How Tall is The Puerto Rican Singer?

How tall is Rauw Alejandro? Rauw Alejandro’s height is listed at 5 feet 8 inches which is the equivalent of 173 cm or 1.7m in the metric system. He further weighs around 72 kg (158 lbs).

The Puerto Rican singer and rapper, whose full name is Raul Alejandro Ocasio Ruiz, rose to prominence after releasing his debut mixtape, Punto de Equilibrio, in 2016. So far, he has received twenty-four accolades from over a hundred nominations in the music industry.

Rauw  Alejandro’s Bio Summary

  • Rauw Alejandro’s Age: 31 Years Old
  • Real Name: Raul Alejandro Ocasio Ruiz
  • Birthday: January 10, 1993
  • Birth Sign: Capricorn
  • Ethnicity: Hispanic
  • Height in Feet: 5 feet 8 inches
  • Height in Centimetres: 172.72 cm
  • Weight: 72 kg
  • Body Build: Athletic
  • Chest: 41
  • Biceps: 14
  • Waist: 30
  • Shoe size: (US) 9, (EU) 42, (UK) 8

How Tall is Rauw Alejandro?

Rauw Alejandro is 5 feet 8 inches tall which is 172.72cm. Many of Rauw Alejandro’s fans admire his height and body physique. Yet, at 5 feet 8 inches, he is not the tallest male in the American music industry.

The average height for adult American men over 20 years of age is 5 feet 9 inches, according to data from America’s Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). As a result, he is an inch shorter than the majority of his American male counterparts.

Rauw Alejandro, on the other hand, is 4 inches taller than the average height for men over the age of 20 in Puerto Rico. This makes him taller than the majority of adult males from America’s oldest colony, Puerto Rico. Rauw may not have the height of a basketball player, but he is more than adequate for a musician.

Rauw Alejandro’s Height Compared with Other Puerto Rican Male Rappers

There is no set average height for rappers in the American music industry. Many artists, however, have been labeled as short. Perhaps because many of the popular ones are shorter than the average American man (5 feet 9 inches), while a few others are shorter than the average American woman (5 feet 4 inches).

In any case, Rauw’s height of 5 feet 8 inches is about average for male American rappers. The Puerto Rican rapper seems quite tall, but his height will be put to the test against other rappers. It’s already known that he is not a giant, but let’s compare him to others to see how their heights differ.

Rauw Alejandro’s Height is 3 Inches Shorter Than Bad Bunny’s Height

Bad Bunny, a fellow Puerto Rican rapper, is quite tall. Amorfoda, Soy Peor, and Mia are among the rapper’s best-known songs. The rapper stands 2 inches taller than the average height for American men over the age of 20. He is also 3 inches taller than fellow Puerto Rican rapper Rauw Alejandro, standing at 5 feet 11 inches (1.8m).

What is Rauw Alejandro’s Height in Comparison to Myke Towers?

Myke Towers, a Puerto Rican rapper signed to The Orchard Music and Casablanca Records, is the Bailandome crooner. He is a well-known social media celebrity, with over 800,000 Instagram followers.

The 30 year old rapper is quite tall, standing 2 inches taller than the average height for American males over the age of 20. Myke Towers is 3 inches higher than Rauw Alejandro, standing at 5 feet 11 inches (180 cm).

What Is Rauw Alejandro’s Weight?

Rauw Alejandro is estimated to weigh about 72 kg (158 lbs), which is appropriate for his height. He has a lean and athletic body that lends to his appealing appearance. The rapper works out often to stay in shape. Cardio, weight lifting, squats, leg presses, and bench presses are all part of his training program.

Alejandro’s additional body measurements are 41 inches (chest), 30 inches (waist), and 14 inches (biceps). His other body measurements are seen to balance properly with his weight. The rapper has tattoos on his arms and chest, stomach, and back, which makes him more attractive to his fans.

Is the Musician on Any Diet?

The Reggaeton artist has not divulged any diet plans, but based on his physical appearance, he appears healthy and fit. In addition to his workout routines, Rauw Alejandro appears to be on a diet that has helped him improve his physique.

When the musician posts a shirtless photo of himself on Instagram, his admirers are always left speechless due to his nice and stunning body physique.


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