Rachel Reynolds Net Worth and All About Her Marriages

Rachel Reynolds is an American model and actress with an estimated net worth of about $4 million. She is best known for appearing as a model in the television game show The Price is Right

For one to remain relevant in the modeling industry, a lot of work is needed which mostly involves keeping fit consistently. On this note, Rachel Reynolds has never failed on her part. Despite her age, she has maintained her relevance in the field as her modeling career is still blossoming to date.

Many people have imagined how she does it and how long her halo of relevance will last, but beyond her prowess on the runway, Rachel is also an actress, a mother, and a wife. Her talents have seen her dip her hands in some other cookie jars from where she has earned really good sums. Stay tuned on the articles as we bring to you an overview of how the New Orleans native has accumulated her net worth and other details about her marriages.

How Did Rachel Reynolds Accumulate Her Net Worth?

Rachel Reynolds is said to be worth around $4 million as she has accumulated an income of $600,000 per annum from her appearances on The Price is Right which has lasted for more than fifteen years. She obviously earned her financial value from her modeling gigs, acting roles, and equally her numerous TV shows appearances.

Reynolds who was athletically inclined during her college days took a step in the right direction in 2002 when she got involved in the contest for who will serve as a replacement of Brooke Burke who was working as the host of the TV show, Wild On. Although she didn’t emerge as the winner, her efforts were good enough to land her a spot on the list of the finalists.

Still on the quest of achieving greatness, Rachel Reynolds bagged a role on the popular TV show, The Price is Right in the next year. She made her first appearance on the show towards the end of the thirty-first season, working as one of the rotating baker’s beauties. The comely TV figure, however, has become a mainstay on the show which has garnered her fame and fortune. She has worked on the show for more than a decade and a half and is presently the fourth longest-serving model on the TV program.

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With the aim of maintaining her relevance in the entertainment industry as well as showing off her multifaceted nature, Rachel has made appearances on a good number of TV shows which has also increased her finances. She had a brief spell on Let’s Make a Deal, when she replaced Tiffany Coyne as the show’s prize model, during her maternity leave. More so, she has graced other shows such as How I Met Your Mother, The Ellen Degeneres Show, Bold and Beautiful and multiple Primetime Emmy award shows. She has also made other acting appearances in Jack and Jill, Lonely Hearts, Wildfire, Cellular, 54321, Scorpion, to mention a few.

Coming back to her modeling career, Rachel Reynolds has been part of some notable works in the past years. She has worked as a fitness model, appearing on the national magazine that covers for fitness RX for not less than six times, and has also worked as a Venus Swim Wear model. Needless to say, the dexterous actress has done quite well over the years, and thus, has earned tremendous wealth from her creative works.

What We Know About Her Marriage and Family Life

Rachel Reynolds

Rachel’s first journey down the lane of matrimony happened with former Cleveland Browns quarterback, Josh Booty on July 11, 2003, but like many firsts, the union was short-lived and we did not even know about it until Bob Baker, the then host of The Price is Right publicized the divorce in October 2003 during one of the show’s episode. However, details of their marriage, as well as their divorce, has been kept under wraps as there is little to no information concerning the union on the media.

Afterward, Rachel kept details of her relationships on the very down low, until 2009 when her engagement to Cleveland Indians footballer, David Dellucci was made public knowledge. He is a known former Major League Baseball outfielder who won the 2001 world series over New York Yankees.

The couple got married in the year 2010 and was hired by ultimate wedding showers for a modeling gig soon after their wedding. On February 13, 2013, the pair welcomed their first child in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, a daughter named Ruby Rey Dellucci. Interestingly, their baby girl was born on their third wedding anniversary and they couldn’t wish for any perfect anniversary gift than her arrival.

The picturesque model often enjoys the outdoors with her husband and as such, has visited many places including Sequoia National Park situated in Napa Valley and Asheville, North Carolina. Similarly, in June 2012, the pair vacated for the summer holidays and headed to Hawaii, visiting Maui and Kauai.

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They have been in a loving marital relationship for over nine years now, and are still going strong with each passing day. Rachel’s husband who presently provides color commentary on television for college baseball has also made appearances on three episodes of The Price is Right alongside his beau.

First, was in 2010, during their engagement episode and his second appearance was two years later when the coupled announced their first pregnancy. He then went on to publicize his love for the gorgeous model on the Valentine’s Day of the year 2018 during his third appearance on the show along with his daughter.

Judging from her picture uploads on Instagram, it’s very evident that the lovebirds enjoy spending quality time with each other; as Rachel has revealed that her favorite way to relax is having her husband rub her feet while listening to good music with a glass of wine.

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