Queen Naija – Biography, Ethnicity, Age, Net Worth and Other Facts

Whether she is singing about love or heartbreak, getting married or divorced, Queen Naija always seems to be in the spotlight for all sorts of reasons, good or bad. The singer cum social media personality has been in the public eye since she tried out for the American Idols show.

Queen is easy on the eyes, with a sultry figure and a sonorous singing voice to go with it. She has also had some well-publicized relationships and is not afraid to talk about them either in interviews or in her music. Some of her most popular songs include “Medicine” and “Butterflies”.

Queen Naija’s Biography (Age and Ethnicity)

The singer’s story began on October 17, 1995, in Detroit, Michigan. The identity of her parents remains unknown. However, some sources state that her father who is from Yemen worked as a computer analyst, and her African-American mother works part-time as an interior designer. Through her parents, Queen has African, Italian, and Arab ethnicity.

Her foray into the limelight and entertainment, in general, came in 2009 when she was just 13 years old. The singer auditioned and got a part as a contestant on the eighth season of the prestigious American singing competition show, American Idol. Queen Naija had auditioned two years earlier but did not make it in. She sang herself all the way to the Hollywood round but was sadly cut at the selection of the top 30 contestants.

In the years that followed, while in high school, Naija met and fell in love with another student Christopher Sails; this was in 2013. They met during a school basketball game and quickly became an item. They dated for four years and eventually got married just after high school.

Queen Naija started her Youtube journey with Christopher on August 15, 2016, when they created their channel, Chris and Queen. While Chris focused mainly on managing their business, he regularly joined her on videos. They did everything from vlogs, original songs, and cover songs, to story times, challenges, and prank videos. The channel quickly garnered over 2 million subscribers in a year.

Queen and Sails called time on their marriage sometime in November 2017 with Naija filing for divorce. At the time, she had already started her own self-titled channel, so she gave full ownership of their collaborative channel to her ex-husband who renamed it to Chris Sails. Within a year, her personal channel had surpassed their old channel in viewership and subscriber count.

Queen Naija and her boyfriend, Clarence White
Queen Naija and her boyfriend, Clarence White

She soon started dating a man named Clarence White, and together they launched their couple channel Royal Family on July 8, 2018.

Queen Naija’s music career started while she was making music on their channel with her ex-husband Chris. Some of their most known songs included “Exclusive Girl” and “Maybe”. After her well-publicized breakup with Chris Sails, she dropped a song on New Year’s Eve, December 31, 2017, titled “Medicine”. It was a massive success and collected over 2 million views in just two weeks. In an interview with Fader magazine, she revealed that the song was a narration of what led to the end of her marriage. The success of the song spurred her to take music more seriously.

In March 2018, she released a music video for the song and it hit 4.5 million views in its first 24 hours. As of June 2019, the video has received over 129 million views.

Her success as an independent artist was remarkable and soon record labels came knocking. On April 25, 2018, Naija penned her first record deal with Capitol Records. Two months later, she released her first single under the label titled “Karma”. The song flew to the overall top on the iTunes charts on its release day.

On July 27, 2018, she released her first EP titled Queen Naija. The project contains five songs: “Mama’s Hand”, “Bad Boy”, “Medicine”, “Butterflies”, and “Karma”. The EP made its debut on the Billboard 200, sitting at the #26 position. It also peaked at the top spot on the Apple Music R&B charts.

What Is Her Net Worth?

The social media influencer and musician has a lot going for her that is bringing in lots of money. Queen Naija has a massive seven-figure following on both Instagram and Youtube. Her channels are also monetized and all her songs so far have done well on social media and streaming services. As a result of her many successes in music and social media, many sources estimate her net worth to be anywhere between $2 and $4 million.

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Other Facts About Naija Queen

1. She has two younger sisters named Tina and Terell. They run a collaborative Youtube channel called Tina and Terell.

2. Queen Naija was born Queen Bulls before she changed her name to Naija. The name ‘Naija’ is the same as her father’s name, and the name ‘Queen’ is the same as her grandmother’s name.

3. She has been singing since she was just three years old.

4. Her personal Youtube channel Queen Naija was created on April 4, 2017, months before she ended things with Christopher Salis.

5. She had a son, Chris Jr., with her ex-husband.

6. The singer worked for a while as a security guard while building her Youtube career.

7. Naija is 1.55 m tall (5 feet 1 inch).


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