Puppy Dog Pals Cast And The Main Actors Who Play The Characters

If you love the Disney Junior animated series, one can put a bet that the Puppy Dog Pals cast members and characters have something to do with it. From Rolly to Bingo, and Hissy with her gentle demeanor, the characters have a way of making anyone fall in love with the series.

The series which started in 2017 is now in its third season and has maintained its main casts. It tells the story of two puppy brothers Bingo and Rolly, who have kitty sister, Hissy. The pups love going on adventures as soon as Bob, their owner leaves home.

Here is a look at the casts of the animated series and the actors who played the characters:

Puppy Dog Pals Cast

1. Bingo – Issac Ryan Brown

Puppy Dog Pals Cast
Bingo (Image Source)

Like most pups in real life, Bingo is the one that you will have no problem loving. However, unlike most other puppies, he is mature and the leader of his two-dog team together with his twin brother, Rolly.

A fun-loving pup, the black pug has rather large green eyes. He is cute, playful, and kind, and at the same time, focused, assertive and brave.

Rolly is voiced by Issac Ryan Brown who has also voiced in another Disney show, Miles from Tomorrowland, for Haruna Kitumba.

2. Rolly – Sam Lavagnino

Rolly (Image Source)

Rolly is not as smart as his twin brother, but you will have to fall in love with him even though he is silly. He has a knack for getting into as much trouble as he can, but luckily, there is always Bingo to keep him in check. Unlike his older twin brother, this pug has blue eyes.

Rolly is voiced by young American voice actor Sam Lavagnino who has also had roles voicing characters like Catbug in Bravest Warriors and Young Grizz in We Bare Bears.

3. Hissy – Jessica Dicicco

Puppy Dog Pals Cast
Hissy (Image Source)

She is a cat who enjoys her role as the big sister to the twin pups, Bingo and Rolly. While the dogs prefer to roam about, she is mostly either napping or playing around. Although she sometimes joins the dogs in their adventures, she is more laid back than the two others and she can also be very crazy at the same time.

She is beautiful with her purple fur, large green eyes, and pink bow around the neck. She can be lazy and cautious.

Hissy is voiced by actress Jessica DiCicco who has voiced various animation characters including Lynn and Lucy Loud in The Loud House.

4. Bob – Harland Williams

Bob (Image Source)

He is an industrial designer who is also referred to as an inventor. He is also the owner of Hissy, Bingo, and Rolly. Bob invented a robotic pet dog, Autodoggy Robotic Friend which is referred to as A. R. F.

The character of Bon is voiced by comedian, actor, and singer, Harland Williams. Bob is a tall and slender figure who has green eyes and ginger hair.

5. A.R.F. – Tom Kenny

Puppy Dog Pals Cast
A.R.F. (Image Source)

Because Bob is always busy and away he invents a robot, A. R. F. whose initial role was to clean up the mess of the two dogs. He later gets upgraded to have more functions including going with the other pets on their adventures.

The blue dog which is voiced by Tommy Kenny always talks about himself in the third person.

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Puppy Dog Pals Cast – Season 2

In the second season of the amazing children animated series, two main cast members are introduced:

6. Keia – Shiloh Nelson

Keia is another puppy although she is owned by Bob’s neighbors. As soon as she meets Bob’s pets, they all become friends. She is voiced by Moms’ Night Out young actress, Shiloh Nelson.

7. Strawberry

She is a ladybug who a friend of Keia’s and the two always hang out together She communicates using squeaking noises. She gets the name, Strawberry, as a result of her red color and black spots which make her look like the fruit, according to Keia.

Other Puppy Dog Pals Cast

There are other minor and recurring cast members that appear in the animated series such as the pup Cupcake who is the main antagonist, voiced by Jill Tailey, the bulldog Rufus who at first chases Bingo and Rolly, Captain Dog who is voiced by Patrick Warburton. Others are Frank Exposition (Leslie David Baker), Esther Exposition (Cheri Oteri), Bulworth (Huey Lewis), Johnathan (Jeff Bennett), Chloe (Emma Shannon), and Strider the Sheepdog (Mo Collins).


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