5 Lesser Known Facts About The Pristin (Pledis Girlz) and The Group Members

The successful and enigmatic girl group of 2016/17, Pristin, was formed by Pledis Entertainment on March 23, 2016. Formerly called Pledis Girlz, the band of ten talented musicians rose to stardom with hits like “We” from their 2016 album “Hi! Pristin”, 2017’s “Wee Woo” and “We Like”. Pristin members have been recipients of several awards and nominations including the 2017 Asia Artist Rookie Awards, 2017 Mnet Asian Music Awards for Best New Female Artist, and 2018 Seoul Music New Artist Awards, among others.

However, on May 24, 2019, Pledis Entertainment announced their official disbandment as a group owing to contractual disagreements with the majority of its members. Three of the bandmates would, however, remain on the label.

Who Are The Pristin (Pledis Girlz) Group Members?

During their run, Pristin was made up of Nayoung, Roa, Yuha, Eunwoo, Rena, Kyulkyung, Xiyeonn, Yehana, Sungyeon, and Kyla, with the first seven being contest mates on the Mnet’s TV show “Produce 101” prior to joining. Here’s a profile of all Pristin members



Leader, rapper and main singer Nayoung was born Im Na-Young on December 18, 1995. She debuted in the group in 2017 after being on “Produce 101”. She has also appeared on other shows including Game Over and 17 TV Season 3.

After leaving Pristin, she went on to pursue a career in acting. She attended the Dongduk Women’s University Seoul and has a passion for songwriting.



Born Kim Min-Kyung on July 29, 1997, Roa became an official member of Pristin in 2017 fresh from Produce 101. Like Nayoung, she’s been on several other shows including Han Geun’s Falling Slowly. She signed with Al Seul Bit Entertainment after leaving Pledis.

Called “Roro” by groupmates, Roa was Pristin’s lead vocalist. Her stage name is a combination of two word – ‘Ro’ meaning ‘smile’, and ‘a’ meaning ‘beautiful’. So when combined, ‘Roa’ could simply mean ‘beautiful smile’.


Pristin Members

Kang Kyung-Won was born on November 5, 1997, in Gwanju, Korea. Besides participating in Produce 101, she also appeared on NU’EST “Overcome”. She was positioned as the main vocalist while in Pristin. After leaving the group, she signed with Al Seul Bit Entertainment.

Yuyu, as she is fondly called by the group members and close friends, has a speciality in writing and composing songs. From her name, ‘Yu’ means ‘happiness’ and ‘ha’ meaning ‘great’.

EunwooPristin Members

Eunwoo was born Jung Eun-woo on July 1, 1998, and she attended the Seoul School of Performing Arts (SOPA). She has been on a number of singing contests like “The Voice Kids” in addition to appearing on Produce 101. She joined Pristin as a vocalist and after the group disbanded, she signed with ex-groupmate, Yuha, to Al Seul Bit Entertainment.


Rena attended Dream Vocal Academy and joined Pristin in 2017. Before then, she’s appeared on several reality show competitions. In Pristin she was the group’s co-lead dancers and is close friends with Xiyeon and Sungyeon. She also signed with Al Seul Bit Entertainment after leaving Pledis. Rena was born on October 19, 1998. Her birth name is Kang Ye-Bin.


Pristin Members

Zhou Jieqiong was born in Shanghai China, and is the only Pristin member to have been born there. The musician, whose birthday is listed as December 16, 1998, has two younger siblings. She attended the Shanghai Conservatory School of Music and SOPA.

Kyulkyung came to Korea in 2010 and travels between both countries. She also speaks both languages. Kyulkyung joined Pristin in 2017 and was the group’s ambassador. Even after disbandment, she’s stayed with the label to explore future opportunities.



Born Kim Ye-Won on February 22, 1999. She was one of the earliest members of Pristin and was lead dancer/vocalist. Yehana is a talented freestyle dancer. She was a backup dancer previously and has had an education from SOPA. While some of her bandmates left the label, she is still with Pledis Entertainment.


Bae Sungyeon lived in California in the US for over eight years and she schooled at Orange County School of Arts. The 5 feet 4 inches tall singer joined Pristin early as group’s vocalist and she is still with the label.

Here are some interest facts about Sungyeon; her birth date is 25th May 1999, she loves composing songs and she is good at imitating people.



5 feet 4 inches tall Xiyeon started acting at age 5 and then appeared in movies like Korean Ghost Stories and Anatomy Classroom. She joined Pristin from Produce 101 and has gone back to acting since leaving the group. While she was a Pristin member, she was the group’s lead rapper, dancer and vocalist.

Xiyeon was born Park Jung-Hyeon on November 14, 2000; however, her friends and other band members call her Ddiddi, which means “beautiful kindness”


Pristin Members

While Kyla’s mother is Korean, father American. She was born Kyla Solhee Massie on December 26, 2006 in the US. At 7, she was already acting and modeling. She joined Pristin early and was rapper/vocalist. She’s exploring other career opportunities since leaving Pledis.

Quick Facts About The Girl Group

1. The name “Pristin” meant bright, strong and acting as one.

2. Together as a group, Pristin members wrote their own music.

3. They became the first rookie girl group to perform a debut song on Mnet Present Live.

4. After the band disbanded, Eunwoo, Roa, Yuha, and Rena joined a new girl band with Al Seul Bit Entertainment.

5. The promo single “We” was released without Nayoung and Kyulkyung.


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