Pirates Of The Caribbean 6 Release Date And Cast: What We Know So Far 

There are some franchises that fans never seem to get tired of and are only waiting for the next films that would be released in the sequels. One of such is Pirates Of The Caribbean. First released in 2003, the franchise seemed like it has always been there especially because of how fans took to it and keep asking for more. Five films since it started and close to two decades down the line, fans are already asking questions regarding the expectations for Pirates Of The Caribbean 6.

Although the last film in the franchise, Dead Men Tell No Tales was only released in 2017, the balls have since been set rolling for the next installment in the series which will be the sixth. Here’s all we know so far.

When Is Pirates of the Caribbean 6 Due?

One thing that is clear for now is that Dead Men Tell No Tales is not going to be the last installment in the fantasy series because we are most likely going to have a sixth film. However, a release date has still not been provided. When the fourth film was being shot, there were reports that Disney was working on having the fifth and sixth film shot back-to-back, which would have meant that they were going to be released early. However, it later emerged that the idea was dropped as Disney opted to continue with things the way they were.

Before now, there have also been talks regarding a reboot of the film. The idea for this came as it was claimed that there was a need for new energy in the series, but then it was later canceled. Hence, instead of a reboot, we may be getting another movie. The franchise has confirmed that the 6th installation is in its early development and from all indications from the past movies, this 6th movie is to be expected sometime in 2021.

Cast Members We Still Expect To See

Pirates Of The Caribbean 6
Pirates Of The Caribbean 6 Cast (Image Source)

One of the things that Pirates Of The Caribbean has above almost everything else including a great storyline and strong production is its great lineup of cast members that include people like Johnny Depp who has been the star cast of the film since it began in 2003. Because of this, the simple guess would have been that the actor would return in the next film. However, this is not so easy a call as anything can happen to bring a new star on.

The franchise which follows the adventures of Captain Jack Sparrow as portrayed by Johnny Depp has earned him an Academy Award nomination as well as two Golden Globes nominations among many other awards. However, his future in the franchise is now not known because of the unending speculations on whether he is returning for the sixth film or not owing to the many personal and professional issues he is battling. Of late, he has found it hard to stay away from troubles which many think would end his long run with the franchise.

Just as there is no certainty on the return of Johnny Depp, it is not known who will return to the film and the new characters that will make up the cast. However, we know that Kaya Scodelario who portrayed Carina Smyth in Dead Men Tell No Tales revealed that although she has not had a script, she has been contracted for the next film.

Every Other Thing To Note about Pirates of the Caribbean 6

1. Johnny Depp may not Return for The Next Installment

One of the biggest things we know so far has to do with the uncertainty over the future of Captain Jack Sparrow as portrayed by Depp. The actor seems to naturally be a part of the swashbuckler franchise that has made over $4.56 billion in Box office.

Because of this, there are already petitions being signed by fans to have him retain his role as Captain Jack Sparrow. It remains to be seen if that will change a thing.

2. Joachim Rønning will be the Film’s Director

It has been revealed that the film will be directed by Rønning who is also the director of Dead Men Tell No Tales, which made the worst outing for a Pirates of the Caribbean film in the United States both critically and financially. Speculations are that he was retained because the 6th film will be a continuation from where the last one stopped.

3. Is There a Trailer Yet?

As already noted, so much about Pirates Of The Caribbean 6 is still shrouded in mystery. The plot of the film has not been revealed, but the belief is that it will continue from where the fifth film left off, which would be a very good opening.

For the trailer of the film, since many things are still yet to be confirmed and there is no indication that production has started, it may take some more time before a trailer is released.


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