Pioladitingancia (Abreu Sosa) – Bio, Age, Wiki, Disease Condition

Abreu Sosa popularly known as Pioladitingancia is one of the many people who is earning a living by doing what they love doing on social media. With over 3.2 million followers on Instagram, it is certain that he is not a newbie on the platform.

One interesting thing about the Dominican-American media personality is his physical features which leave you wondering if you’ve met a child or adult. Despite being in his twenties, he is always mistaken to still be in his teenage years; this, however, is not his making at all but due to a growth hormone deficiency, which he, of course, has no control over.

Sosa is not deterred by his physical features as he’s particularly keen on enjoying his life to the fullest as he’s always at the coolest places you could imagine.

Pioladitingancia – Bio (Wiki, Age)

Pioladitingancia, as he is popularly known, was born on October 5, 1993, to Dominican American parents. He has not said anything about his father but has once posted his mom’s photo online calling her “mamichula.” He seems to be an only child as he has not also said anything about having any siblings.

Nothing is known about his early childhood and educational background. Abreu Sosa is currently living big as a social media celebrity with over three million followers on his Instagram handle and more than 55 thousand subscribers on his YouTube channel which goes by the name Pio La  Ditingancia. He became a popular internet sensation by posting videos where he is seen surrounded by girls showing off money, expensive gold chains, cars, etc.

He has collaborated with a lot of social media stars in videos where he often tries to convince the public that he’s not a kid. This, however, has turned out as a blessing in disguise as he has gained a lot of popularity for doing so as most of these videos have gone viral earning him a lot of money. His popularity has also earned him endorsements, sponsorship.

Abreu Sosa is also a comedian who has taken advantage of his childlike look to make people laugh by making fun of himself. He was a former cast member of MTV’s Wild ‘N Out and currently hosts the BET web-series Exce$$.

Pioladitingancia hanging out with Desus and Mero – Image Source

 His Net Worth

Abreu’s net worth has been estimated to be between $300,000-$400,000. This is not just as a result of his work at BET network but also his income from his social media channels as well as from endorsements and merchandise on his Instagram page.

Disease Condition

Pioladitingancia has been mistaken for a child severally, despite being over twenty years of age, he still appears sixteen, his childlike appearance makes it quite difficult to believe he was even anywhere near 20 and this has made a lot of people probing to know what exactly caused him to look the way he does.

It has however been medically proven that he is suffering from what is called Growth Hormone Deficiency. Although it can be found in one out of ten children, the condition is known to hinder the production of enough growth hormones which is essential for the overall growth of a person. This condition affects a person’s height and this explains Pioladitingancia’s height of 4 ft 8 inches.

Interesting his physical features has not in any way affected his self-esteem as he is completely confident in the way he looks and is completely fit and healthy.

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Other Facts About Pioladitingancia

  • He is quite generous with his money when it comes to girls that one would wonder if he actually has a saving.
  • Although it has been rumored that he’s secretly dating Sarodj Bertin as both have been seen hanging out severally, this has, however, not been proven. Despite, photos showing the duo making out at the beach, Sosa has maintained a nonchalant attitude about revealing his relationship to the public.
  • Pioladitingancia despite his luxurious and extravagant lifestyle still manages to keep his personal life away from the prying eyes of the public. Some persons think he’s just being secretive and there is nothing actually wrong with that.


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