Phoebe Tonkin and Paul Wesley Split: Everything You Need To Know

Australian actress Phoebe Tonkin (born: July 12, 1989) and actor American Paul Wesley (born: July 23, 1982) split up and ended their relationship after four years because “the relationship had just ran its course” but “they are still good friends.” According to what they told E! News. As far as we know, Paul Welsey and Phoebe Tonkin split amicably and remained friends.

Like a number of other actors in Hollywood, including some from The Vampire Diaries, Phoebe Tonkin and Paul Wesley began their romance onset. Also, like most of the actors who start a romance on set, Tonkin and Wesley’s relationship did not last as they eventually ended things, leaving many of their fans heartbroken.

Unfortunately for The Vampire Diaries couple, or the fans who wished for an everlasting relationship between them, real-life love is by far different from the movies. Hence, when hard times are not properly managed in relationships, couples break up for good, and those beautiful Instagram pictures become history. The case was no different for Phoebe Tonkin and Paul Wesley.

Phoebe Tonkin and Paul Wesley Met While Working On Vampire Diaries

Phoebe Tonkin and Paul Wesley met on the set of The Vampire Diaries when Phoebe landed a guest recurring role on the show. Paul was at the time already one of the main cast members. Paul acted as Stefan Salvatore while Tonkin played the role of Haley Marshall on the show. The two were reportedly friends at first before entering into a relationship in 2013, after Paul and his wife, Torrey DeVitto, filed for divorce.

Wesley’s wife, DeVitto, was also a cast member of the show. She joined the series as Dr. Meredith, one year after she married her husband in a private wedding ceremony. The same year, Tonkin, who would later become his girlfriend, joined the show. However, both ladies joined in different seasons.

Wesley and Devitto got married in 2011 but felt the need to go their separate ways in 2013. Although their divorce was finalized in December, Paul had already started dating Phoebe in July which makes the whole situation a bit more intriguing. Well, to be fair on the new lovers, Paul and Torrey were already separated at the time.

While together, Tonkin and her boyfriend kept things private and made an effort to keep the ups and downs of their personal lives away from the prying eyes of the media, setting them apart from celebrity couples who feel the need to share every aspect of their relationship online. However, they did attend a couple of social and professional events together and occasionally shared cute couple photos on social media. The lady also revealed once in an interview that their relationship was nothing short of beautiful. Unfortunately, like most beautiful things, the relationship came to an end after four years of making amazing memories together.

The Couple Split Under Bizzare Circumstances

Phoebe Tonkin and Paul Wesley
Phoebe Tonkin and Paul Wesley

Phoebe Tonkin and Paul Wesley first split unexpectedly in April 2017 for undisclosed reasons. However, they were reported to have gotten back together a month later and were seemingly stronger than ever. But just a few months later, the superstar duo split again in October 2017 for good and in true millennial fashion, the couple unfollowed each other on Instagram, signaling the finality of their split. The social media posts they made of themselves while dating also disappeared from their timelines.

Like their relationship, the couple did not speak about their breakup and what had prompted it. However, Tonkin openly admitted in an interview that she had gone through a breakup, even though she did not say any name. E! News further reported that the couple was still good friends regardless of the way their relationship turned out.

Following the breakup, Tonkin moved to Australia, where she comes from, to take up a role in an Australian show titled Blue. She probably did so as a way to distract herself from everything, or maybe it just happened that she wanted to do that at that time. Whatever the case may be, she admitted that there had been a lot of changes in her life, all of which had turned her into a stronger person. The said movie also happens to be the first movie she directed.

A lot of fans wish real life was like the movies where people who didn’t get along still managed to display perfect romance, as in the case of Wesley and Nina Dobrev. The couple in the series were not exactly best of friends offset, but not a soul could tell, not until Nina made the disclosure herself in an interview. Thankfully, they are good friends now.

What Are The Movie Stars Up To Now?

Obviously, both Phoebe Tonkin and Paul Wesley have moved on with their lives and we hope their current relationships turn out better than the former. Thankfully, it appears to be so.

Paul Wesley Is Possibly Dating Ines de Roman

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After two failed relationships with his co-stars, Wesley decided to try something outside the movie industry. He started by dating Ines de Roman, and they eventually got married although the exact date of their wedding is not known. Roman has a special interest in jewelry and is a retail coordinator at jewelry company Grisogono.

Although the couple did not announce their marriage by themselves, the rumor started after both of them were seen wearing similar rings. In February 2019, at a dinner in New York City, the couple appeared to be married already. Hence, people suspect that they started dating in 2018. The Vampire Diaries actor also posts pictures of Roman with lovely captions from time to time.

Regarding her career, Ines de Roman is a wellness lover and has carved a career out of it. She is also noted to be multilingual, having the ability to speak up to 5 different languages, including French, German, English, Spanish, and Italian. French is believed to be her mother tongue.

Phoebe Tonkin Is Believed To Be Dating Alex Greenwald

According to ‘TheThings’, Tonkin is suspected to be dating singer Alex Greenwald, but there are no solid confirmations yet. The first inkling we got about their relationship was in April 2020 when Greenwald shared a photo of Phoebe on his Instagram page which showed Phoebe wearing a Phantom Planet shirt. The caption that followed the photo read that the shirt comes with the girl. He further encouraged his followers and fans to buy the shirt as he needed the girl out of his house.

Before Phoebe Tonkin, however, Greenwald dated Brie Larson from 2013 to 2016. They split after getting engaged. However, his recent relationship with Phoebe seems to be doing better than his past.

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