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Philip Mudd is an expert when it comes to issues regarding national security and counter-terrorism, having put in decades of his life into public service. His active career days spanned from 1985 to 2010, and during this period, Mudd was a great asset to the FBI, CIA and the American nation at large. His professional input took him up the ranks in the different agencies he worked with and even in retirement, he is still pivotal in vital issues with regards the United States security.

Considering Philip Mudd’s age, the public is curious to know who his wife is or whether he is dating anyone? Get answers to these and much more information about the national security expert as you read on.

Philip Mudd’s Bio (Age)

Philip Mudd’s precise date of birth is not known to the public but it has been confirmed that his birth year is 1962 in the United States. Moreso, the identities of his father and mother remains hidden but his family lineage is believed to be of Irish-Italian descent which accounts for his strong Catholic roots.

There is no information about how his childhood days were like nor is there any mention of him being raised along with any siblings. However, we were able to gather that Philip Mudd is well educated and he is also fluent in Spanish. He received his Bachelor’s degree in 1983 after studying Literature-in-English and he holds a Master’s degree from the University of Virginia where he also studied Literature-in-English.

His Career

Philip Mudd kicked off in his career in 1985, barely a year after he received his Master’s degree. He started off with the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) where he worked as an analyst; his focal area was South Asia and later on, Middle East. Since then, he has been opportune to work in different fields within different scopes of work.

In 1992, Mudd was sent to the Counterterrorist Center of the CIA and after 3 years of working there, he was assigned to the position of the Deputy National Intelligence Officer. His area of coverage was the East and South of Asia and he did a pretty good job during his tenure. Philip Mudd’s next task came in 2001 and this time, it was at the White House. He oversaw the White house National security council as Director for Gulf Affairs. It wasn’t long after this assignment that the September 11 terrorist attack took place.

Following the attacks, he was deployed as a CIA agent with the mission to put another administration in place at Afghanistan. This was a short Term Task as he was back in less than a year, in 2002 to be precise.

The other positions the skilled security personnel occupied during his service years include serving as the Deputy to the head of the National Counterterrorism Center (NCTC), and Inaugural Deputy Director of a newly created arm of the FBI called the National Security Branch. He was a one-time Senior Intelligence Adviser as well. He served in all these capacities before his resignation in 2010 which he revealed was a step he took due to the inconsistencies in the United States’ government.

Philip Mudd
Philip Mudd with a former CIA staff Nada Bakos: Image Source

Since his retirement, Philip Mudd has broadened his scope of work. He is a member of top associations including of the National Counterterrorism Board, the New American Foundation and Homeland Security Policy Institute of George Washington University. It is also worth knowing that his expertise and diligence to work earned him a number of CIA awards and commendations. Furthermore, Mudd has two books to his name, namely ”Take Down” and ”The Head Game”. He also currently works with CNN an Analyst.

Is He Married? Who Is Philip Mudd’s Wife?

Philip Mudd has lived most of his years deeply engrossed in political and security issues to the extent that many wonder whether he has a love life. He never mentioned a family, wife, child or girlfriend in his conversations except for a tweet he shared on February 16th, 2018 with regards Robert Muller. The analyst tweeted that he and his girlfriend were going to use Richard Painter as the password to their safe. This was a sarcastic statement made to celebrate Robert Muller’s allegations against the American lawyer, Richard Painter.

However, the tweet does not hold water as there is no further proof to back it up. It is hereby safe to say that Budd is keeping his family life private as he does not want to draw any form of attention to his partner, wife or girlfriend – if he has any.

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Net Worth

It is known that the security expert has put in decades of work as a Public Servant. He was one of the few that topped the ranks in the CIA and even after retiring, Mudd has taken up consultancy jobs and still plays advisory roles to the United State government. All these have over the years added to his financial status and it has been estimated that Philip Mudd’s salary is about $60,000 annually and his net worth is pegged at $5 million but he is yet to confirm these figures.


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