​​Peyton List Height, Weight and Body Measurements

What is ​​Peyton List’s height? Peyton List’s height is 5 feet 6 inches, the same as 167 cm or 1.67 m and her weight is about 53 kg.

Born Peyton Roi List, the 26 year old kicked off her career in showbiz as a child model. She later launched her acting career with the 2008 movie 27 Dresses and gained some sort of popularity with her role as Holly Hills in the film series Diary of a Wimpy Kid. However, landing the role of Emma on Disney’s Jessie earned her international recognition.

The actress’ physical beauty has always been a huge part of her two-way career as looks are highly-rated in the beauty and movie industries. She lives up to this perfect standard, and in turn, has sparked a conversation buzz around some of her key attributes, like how tall she really is.

Peyton Roi List’s Bio

  • AGE: 26 Years Old
  • BIRTHDAY: April 6, 1998
  • BIRTHPLACE: Florida, United States of America
  • BIRTH SIGN: Aries
  • ETHNICITY: White
  • FATHER: John List
  • MOTHER: Suzanne List
  • SIBLINGS: Spencer List and Phoenix List (brothers)
  • HEIGHT: 5 feet 6 inches (167 cm or 1.67 m)
  • WEIGHT: 53 kg (116 pounds)
  • BODY MEASUREMENTS: 33 inches (bust), 23 inches (waist), and 33 inches (hips)

How Tall is Peyton List from ‘Cobra Kai’?

As we have already established, actress Peyton List stands at 5 feet 6 inches tall. Her height is a decent one considering the fact that the average American woman is only 5 feet 4 inches tall. This was confirmed by a study carried out by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) in 2018.

This report by the CDC states that most women from the age of 20 and above are only about 5 feet 4 inches on average.

From this report, Peyton’s height is regarded as slightly above average as she is two solid inches taller than the average American woman. In a similar study, it has also been reported that the average height of the female actors in Hollywood is about 5 feet 5 inches.

This research was carried out by the celebheights.com website, a site known for gathering the height data of more than 3000 American celebrities. With this report, Peyton also stands taller than the average Hollywood actress, although the difference isn’t likely to be obvious.

From both comparisons, it’s clear that the ‘Cobra Kai’ actress is quite tall, and stands taller than many of her peers, both in Hollywood and in America as a whole.

Peyton List Height Compared with that of Laura Marano

In case you didn’t know, Laura Marano and Peyton are part of the generation of Disney teen stars that have emerged in the past decade. In 2012, both actresses appeared together in the series, ‘Austin and Ally’ where Peyton made a cameo appearance. In the series, it was noticed that Peyton stood slightly taller than Laura.

This was confirmed by the fact that Laura Marano’s profile on Wikipedia states that she is only 5 feet 2 inches tall, making her about four inches shorter than her Disney co-star. Marano and Peyton’s pictures together at the 2012 Mattel Party at the Pacific Park in Santa Monica, cleared all doubts about the fact that Peyton was taller.

Peyton List Height Compared With Debby Ryan’s 

We all likely remember Ryan from Disney as the titular lead of the Disney show, ‘Jessie’. You might also remember that Peyton was one of the main supporting characters on the show—she played Emma. Years after the show has ended, apart from fans wondering whether the two actresses are friends in real life, they are also curious about who is taller between the two of them.

According to several online profiles, Debby Ryan is 5 feet 5 inches tall (1.65 m). This places her an inch in height below Peyton, who is 5 foot 6. The ‘Suite Life on Deck’ actress isn’t exactly noticeably shorter when standing beside Peyton, and we have high-heeled shoes to thank for that. Not that any of it matters anyway as both women remain close friends to date.

How Tall is Peyton List Compared to her Boyfriend, Jacob Bertrand?

​​Peyton List Height, Weight and Body Measurements
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The rumors about a possible romance between the ‘The Swap’ co-stars Jacob Bertrand and Peyton List began in 2015 but were confirmed in 2018. Both of them jointly featured in the Netflix romance comedy series, ‘Cobra Kai’ where they played Eli “Hawk” Moskowitz and Tory Nichols. Naturally, fans of the couple have wondered about the height difference between the couple.

According to several reports, Jacob Bertrand is about 5 feet 8 inches tall (172.7 cm/1.72 m) which makes him two inches taller than his girlfriend. It’s interesting to note that this difference isn’t really obvious between the two, as Peyton’s heeled shoes bring her up to about his height. Without high shoes, however, Peyton isn’t much shorter than Jacob.

Did Peyton List Get Plastic Surgery?

According to our findings so far, the answer is no. The 26 year-old actress has always been extremely pretty, even as a teen, but it isn’t unheard of for her to want to enhance certain parts of their bodies. However, it hasn’t yet been confirmed if Peyton had anybody augmentations.

Peyton has a curvy figure and weighs roughly 53 kg (116 pounds) with a BMI of 18.7. Her body measurements are valued at 33 inches (bust), 23 inches (waist), and 33 inches (hips) which are hourglass body proportions. It isn’t surprising that fans think such a perfect body figure was gotten under the knife. However, there is no proof of these allegations. Peyton herself hasn’t deigned to reply to the speculations yet.

How Does Peyton List Work Out?

Peyton List didn’t get plastic surgery, but she knows how to maintain a flawless figure. She is a healthy eating enthusiast and follows a pretty regimented diet routine. While she enjoys the occasional wine, pizza, and pasta, she has managed to incorporate healthy foods into her diet.

Peyton’s dietary inclusions are eggs, avocado, grains, fish, salmon, and brussel sprouts in addition to fruits and vegetables. She also drinks plenty of water which helps in skin rejuvenation and weight control. She also has other activities she engages in which keep her weight in check.

Her gym routine mostly consists of full-body workouts with high-intensity cardio sessions. She also practices martial arts and attended a lot of classes when he was playing Tory Nichols. The actress dances and rides bikes as a form of recreation as well, all in a bid to remain strong and fit.

Sometime in 2018, Peyton began attending martial arts classes like karate and judo. Her amazing physique was not gotten on a platter, and she never hesitates to do the hard work required to stay in top shape.

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