Pete Davidson’s Parents: Meet the Comedian’s Dad and Mom

Pete Davidson’s parents are Scott Matthew Davidson (born January 5, 1968, died September 11, 2001) and Amy Marie Davidson née Waters (born September 19, 1969).

Pete Davidson has always spoken about his relationship with his mother, Amy, who works as a nurse, and people have now become aware of the fact that his father, Scott, was a national hero who died as a fireman trying to save lives during the ill-fated 9/11 attacks. Pete’s close bond with his parents is well documented and the public’s knowledge of that bond has invariably drawn them into the spotlight, and today we answer the burning questions about the former couple’s identity and union.

Pete Davidson’s Parents Got Married In 1990

Prior to their marriage ceremony in 1990, Scott and Amy Davidson had attended Staten Island College together. While the exact details of the early days of their relationship have yet to be documented, we can presume that Pete’s parents began officially dating during their time in college in the late 1980s.

Shortly after graduating from the university, they decided to take their relationship to the next level and settle down as man and wife. The wedding ceremony took place in 1990 but the finer details of the event such as the date, venue, and guests have been left out of the conversation in recent times.

Pete Davidson's Parents

Scott and Amy Davidson spent the first three years of their life as a married couple as the only members of what would later become a family of four. They added to their family on November 16, 1993, when they welcomed their first and only son Pete Michael Davidson. Pete has since grown up to become a well-known comedian and actor who understands the value of family.

A relatively long wait for a second child ended for the former couple in 1999 when they welcomed their second child and only daughter Casey Davidson, just over six years after the birth of their son. As of the time of writing, Casey, who celebrates her birthday every November 29th, was getting the necessary qualifications that would help her become a nurse, like her mother.

Meet Pete’s Mom

Pete Davidson once revealed that he bought a house with his mother and that he currently lives in the basement of that house. As expected, that revelation prompted curious questions about the identity of the comedian’s mother.

Pete Davidson’s mother was born Amy Marie Waters on September 19, 1969, in Brooklyn, New York. Her birth sign is Virgo and her birth status makes her an American citizen. Her ancestry is spiced up by her mostly Irish roots and a smattering of German ancestry somewhere in the mix.

Amy Waters is one of five children born to Peter M. Waters and Rebecca A. Waters. Her relatively large family includes 4 sisters namely Rebecca Jr., Margaret, Bridget, and Tara. Details of Amy Waters’ formal education background include the fact that she received her high school diploma at an unnamed local high school in Brooklyn, New York.

Pete Davidson's Parents

After high school, she completed a degree program at Staten Island College before enrolling in a health training institution to acquire the knowledge she required to get her nursing license. She met her late husband when she was studying at Staten Island college and they began a relationship that eventually led to marriage and the birth of Pete and his sister, Casey.

Amy has worked as a nurse for the better part of two decades. She started as a school nurse at Xaverian high school. Her son, Pete was a student at the high school at the time and their time together fostered a closer relationship between mother and son.

For years, Pete lived in his mother’s basement even when he had the resources to get his own apartment. He eventually did so in April 2021, but he attributes the amount of time he spent there to the bond he shares with the woman who gave him life and inspired his journey to success and stardom.

When Pete began making a name for himself as a comedian on NBC’s Saturday Night Live, Amy was a regular feature on his shows. On one such occasion, Pete joked about hoping that some of the men who visited the house when he was living in his mother’s basement would take her off his hands.

Amy Waters became a widow in September 2001 following one of the most tragic events in US history. The celebrity mom, however, has soldiered on with the help of her children, Pete and Casey.

Who Is Pete Davidson’s Dad?

Pete Davidson’s dad was born Scott Matthew Davidson on January 5, 1968, in Brooklyn, New York. He was an American citizen and his birth sign was Capricorn. Scott Davidson was predominantly Jewish with traces of German, Irish, and Italian ancestry.

The tragic event that made the comedian’s mom a widow occurred on September 11, 2001, when the Osama Bin Laden-led terrorist group known as Al-Qaeda, attacked the famous twin towers of the world trade center. Scott, who was working as a firefighter at the time, was called into action and while doing his duty for his country, he dad became collateral damage. He was 33 years old at the time of his death.

Before the events that prematurely ended his life and took him away from his family and loved ones, Scott Davidson was one of two children born to Stephen Davidson and Carla DiMaggio. He has a brother named Michael Davidson and a stepmother named Linda Davidson showing that his father married another woman at some point. Every indication points to the fact that he did so after divorcing Scott’s mother.

Pete Davidson's Parents

Scott Davidson graduated with a history degree from Staten Island College. Before then, he had received his high school diploma from St. Joseph by-the-sea High School. Scott’s time in high school and college was characterized by his active participation in organized sports, basketball in particular.

He was a valued member of the basketball teams of the schools he attended, eventually ending his college career as the captain of Staten Island College’s basketball team. Despite his impressive basketball skills, Scott’s dream was to serve his country as a firefighter and he achieved that dream on January 16, 1994, when he became a member of Ladder Company 118 in Brooklyn Heights, New York.

Pete Davidson’s Family Struggled After His Father’s Death

Like every young family, Pete Davidson’s had to deal with the aftermath of losing their patriarch. Pete was almost eight years old at the time while his sister was around two years old.

The comedian claims he went to therapy after his father died and that his therapist was ironically Afghan. When asked how he felt after the death of his father, Pete had been tempted to tell his Afghan therapist off.

Pete also described his childhood as traumatic and that he was a nightmare for the surviving members of his family – his mom and sister. Time and comedy helped him cope with the challenges and aftermath of the fatal event and he harbors a dream of starting his own family someday.

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