Who Are The Current Pentagon Kpop Members and Who Got Kicked Out of The Group?

The ability of an artist or a group to headline a concert and tour is usually seen as a clear indication that they are here to stay. By this standard of measurement, as well as the fact that a number of award bodies have recognized their work with several nominations and awards itself, the Cube Entertainment owned K-pop group, Pentagon, appears to be on their way to stardom.

Long before they came together to form the group, however, individual members of Pentagon were established musicians, dancers, members of other bands, and participants in music competitions. They only came together after Cube Entertainment decided to form the company’s third boy band. At the time of their official debut in 2016, Pentagon was made up of 10 members who Cube Entertainment had carefully selected through rigorous auditions and a trainee program. Because the process of selection had been very well publicized, the group was well received by the public and they soon skyrocketed to fame through collaborations and a debut EP that peaked at number seven on the Goan Charts.

Since then, Pentagon has recorded immense success with nine extended plays, one studio album, four solo concerts, 27 award nominations, and 7 wins; all of which have successfully sealed their place as one of the most loved Kpop boy bands. The group, which started out with 10 members, has however since lost some of its original members. Here is a look at the members of Pentagon that began the boy band and why some chose to exit the group.

These Are the Existing Members of Pentagon 

1. Jinho

Pentagon members
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Jinho is a former SM Entertainment trainee who became a member of Cube Entertainment’s Pentagon following his appearance on Mnet’s reality program, Pentagon Maker. The Daejeon, South Korea native, who was born Jo Jin-ho on April 17, 1992, first came onto the scene as a member of SM the Ballad. Despite the level of success he enjoyed with the band, releasing a number one EP, his time with the group came to an end just after one year, prompting him bigger career moves that saw him become a member of Pentagon.

Some notable features and attributes of Jinho include his ability to play the piano and guitar. He can also speak Chinese after having lived in China for a while with his family.

2. Hui

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Born Lee Hoe-taek on August 28, 1993, Hui is a singer-songwriter and composer who serves as the leader and main vocalist of the boy group. Like a few others in the group, Hui started his career elsewhere before joining Pentagon. The Gwacheon, South Korea native was previously a JYP trainee after having won first place on Best Male Vocal at JYP’s 7th Audition Final Round in 2010.

Hui has been responsible for composing and producing some songs for his group and others. These include “Never” by Nation’s Son, “Energetic” by Wanna One, and then “Shine” and “Naughty Boy” by Pentagon.

3. Hongseok

Pentagon members
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Hongseok, whose birth name is Yang Hong-seok was born on April 17, 1994, in Seoul, South Korea. The vocalist was previously signed to YG Entertainment and had also auditioned for JYP’s 9th Audition Final Round in 2012. He was a former contestant on MIX&MATCH.

In addition to his singing career, Hongseok is also an actor who has starred in the Korean movie, The Love That’s Left (2017). Thanks to the fact that he spent the first eleven years of his life outside his home country living in the US, Singapore, and China, he is fluent in three languages; Korean, Chinese, English, an attribute he hopes would give him an edge.

4. Shinwon

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Shinwon is another member of Pentagon who contributes to the group with his vocals. Born Ko Shin Won on December 11, 1995, the Korean native was one of the named members of the group despite them having been eliminated from the Pentagon Maker reality show.

Some notable features and attributes of Shinwon include his evident broad shoulders, his sense of fashion and fondness for stripping. The 6 feet tall singer is equally known to have a quick temper.

5. Yeo One

Yeo One
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Yeo One was born Yeo Chang Gu on March 27, 1996, in Daejeon, South Korea. Very little is known about him outside his activities with Pentagon where he was a part of the first seven people to be announced as members following the Pentagon Maker reality show.

Known for his ability to mimic a wooden percussion sound, Yeo One has tried to follow the footsteps of other K-pop artists by fashioning out an acting career for himself. He played a supporting role in the web drama Spark (2016) and also acted in the KBS Musical Drama, Chosun Beauty Competition.

6. Yan An

Yan An
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Yan An is the only Chinese member of the group. The vocalist was, however, born in Hokkaido, Japan on October 25, 1996. He became a trainee for CUBE Entertainment following an audition that was held in China. His path to being a member of Pentagon was however not straightforward as he was eliminated from the Mnet reality show and was only announced as a member when three more acts were needed.

7. Yuto

Pentagon Members
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Representing the country of Japan in the group, Yuto, who was born Adachi Yuto on January 23, 1998, is one of the two non-Korean members of Pentagon. Nicknamed ‘Takoyaki Prince’ by his bandmates, the rapper and dancer is a former JYP trainee who went on to audition for CUBE Entertainment before becoming one of the official members.

Prior to him focusing on music, Yuto had aspired to become a professional baseball player. He played the sport for six years before dropping it.

8. Kino

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Kino is a singer, songwriter, composer, and dancer. Born Kang Hyung-gu on January 27, 1998, the Korean native began his entertainment career as a member of the dance team Urban Boyz. He then became a trainee of Power Vocal before getting the opportunity to compete in Pentagon Maker and thus become a member of the boy band that CUBE formed afterward.

Like a few other members of the group, Kino also works as an actor. He made a cameo appearance in the TV series Hello, My Twenties! 2 (2017) and has appeared in other shows like Bus King (2018).

9. Wooseok

Pentagon Members
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Wooseok was born Jung Woo-seok in Gwangju, South Korea on January 31, 1998, making him the youngest member of the group. The Korean rapper, songwriter, and composer is said to have been the most popular among female fans during the auditions thanks to his bright personality and outstanding singing voice. His abilities as a songwriter and composer further helped in pushing him to the forefront of the group’s affairs as he has written songs for both Pentagon and other K-pop artists.

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Who Left The Group and Why?

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E’Dawn, who was born Kim Hyo-jong on June 1, 1994, was the tenth member of Pentagon. He was a part of the final three members to join the group and served as their main dancer, lead rapper, and vocalist.

On November 14, 2018, E’Dawn left the group as well as Cube Entertainment after the record label announced they would be terminating his contract because of his high profile relationship with model and singer Hyuna, who was also signed to the label. Along with Hyuna, E’Dawn opted to abandon his contract leaving the group down to just nine members.


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