Pennyworth – 6 Things To Know About The EPIX TV Show And Its Cast

In an era where most people grow up learning about the amazing fictional feats of superheroes one way or another, these superhero characters certainly get a lot of attention. Nevertheless, no man is an island and as such, even one as strong and intelligent as Batman needs other people to assist him in his crusade for justice, like his family butler, Pennyworth.

EPIX’s relatively new Batman prequel series, Pennyworth, brings attention to the legendary Alfred by exploring a storyline that takes us back in time to his younger days and we think you should know the following six things about the TV show and the people behind the characters.

Pennyworth – 6 Things To Know About The EPIX TV Show And Its Cast

1. What The Show is About

Set in a period between the 1950s and 60s, the show’s premise takes us back to the years preceding the birth of the dark knight, when the butler was still in his twenties. It depicts how Alfred, a former soldier in the British Special Air Service, who is now starting his security firm, works with his future American employers Thomas and Martha, against Raven, a treasonous society planning to take over the government.

2. Cast of Pennyworth 

The show stars The Imitation Game actor, Jack Bannon, as the eponymous character, and along with him, English actress Dorothy Atkinson and Welsh actor Ian Puleston-Davies as his mother (Mary) and father (Arthur) respectively. Also Hainsley Lloyd Bennett and Ryan Fletcher in the respective roles of Bazza and Dave Boy, Alfred’s army buddies from back in the days.

Singer-actress Paloma Faith stars in the show as a sadistic Raven society enforcer, Jason Flemyng portrays the former leader of the said society, James Harwood, while Emma Paetz and Ben Aldridge play the part of the future couple, Martha and Thomas, both of whom are American secret agents for the No Name League.

A scene from Pennyworth episode 4 (image source)

3. Michael Caine’s Part

Although the series is being headlined by its executive producers, Danny Cannon and Bruno Heller, the original idea that birthed Pennyworth is not theirs. According to Heller, that credit belongs to Sir. Michael Caine, the veteran British actor who came up with the backstory of Alfred being a member of Special Air Service, a backstory on which the series now leans. Caine portrayed the older version of Alfred in the Dark Knight Trilogy and his portrayal has been described by many as one of (if not) the best of Alfred.

In his statement, Heller hinted that the link between Pennyworth being a soldier in England and a Butler in America is what helped them create a DC world thus sparking the flame of the show.

4. Jack Bannon’s Thought on Playing Alfred

When asked in an interview how he feels about filling the shoes that his many predecessors wore when they portrayed the character he now plays on Pennyworth, the actor, who has been an ardent fan of the Batman franchise himself since he was a child, said it feels strange. This, according to him, is because it makes you see this Alfred in a different light from the rather rigid and tight-mouthed individual we have always seen him as due to the fact that this one has got swag.

5. What Batman’s Mother Had to Say

In a conversation with IGN, Gentleman Jack’s Paetz was asked if she felt pressured about being the actress playing the role of the eventual mother of Bruce Wayne the first time she is being explored in a live-action series, her response was ‘liberation’. She said she did not feel pressured at all since the narrative is usually focused on Martha and her husband’s death and how it fueled their Caped Crusader son’s crusade rather than how she (and Thomas) actually lived or what she was like as a person.

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6. Next Season Status

Pennyworth premiered on the EPIX network on 28 July 2019 and the last episode of the first season was aired on 29 September 2019. Reports of its renewal for a second season were confirmed on October 27 and filming is scheduled to begin come January 2020.
Seeing as principal photography for the first season lasted between October 2018 and May 2019, we reckon a woman who gets pregnant in 2019 would likely deliver her baby before the second season of Pennywhite hits our screens.


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