paul qualley married, divorce, children, biography, facts
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Paul Qualley is a former model and ex-husband of popular Hollywood actress and model, Andie MacDowell. The South Carolina born actress is popular for her roles in Sex, Lies, and Videotape, Mighty Fine, The Secret of the Sahara, Short Cut, Multiplicity, The End of Violence, Bad Girls, Just the Ticket among others.

Here are all the important information and facts you should know about the model turned contractor.

His Biography

Paul Qualley gained fame and popularity after his marriage to MacDowell, so, there is really no much information about his background and early life but here is all that is available about his biography.

He was born in the U.S in 1958. There is no further information about his parents as well as his educational background.

About his career, there is also no exact information on how he began and what his motivations were at the time. All that is available is that he began modelling quite early, appeared on many runways and ads before finally quitting the modelling profession to go into Ranching business.

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Married, Divorce, Children

As earlier mentioned, Paul Qualley became quite famous after he got married to Hollywood actress and fashion model Andie MacDowell. The couple who would later tie the knots in 1986 met while they were posing for Gap ads, got acquainted, courted for a couple of years before finally walking down the aisle.

After being together for 13-years, the couple called it quits in 1999. Their separation was strange and came as a shock to many because just months beforehand, MacDowell was gushing about their happiness and praising Paul for being a house husband, a ‘Super Mom’ who cooked and cared for their then young children. Whatever went wrong, the couple never got to say.

However, their 13-year union produced three children (a son and two daughters). Justin was born 986, Rainey 1990, and Sarah Margaret Qualley came in 1994.

paul qualley married, divorce, children, biography, facts
Paul Qualley with Andie MacDowell and daughters
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Following the divorce, the duo went their separate ways to build new relationships. For Andie, she had been married to businessman Rhett Hartzog from 2001-  2004. She was also engaged to Kevin Geagan in 2006.

Unlike MacDowell, Paul is reportedly still single, although this claim has not been confirmed, sources say he has been off the dating scene since the divorce. Some sources claim he hasn’t gotten over his divorce from Andie.

Despite being separated, custody of the children had never been an issue for the former couple as both of them are responsible for their children.

Although their son prefers to stay away from the entertainment arena, the ladies – Rainey and Sarah Margaret have taken after their mother in acting and a little bit of modelling also. The mother-daughter trio was once featured on the cover of Town and Country as the fantastic three.

The younger daughter – Margaret once revealed in an interview that her parents’ laidback way of parenting had a negative effect on her initially but it has today, helped her follow her own path.

The quite outspoken Margaret also admitted that her mom’s choice of men sometimes shocked her, she said she was hoping her parents would get back together after their divorce in 1999 but that her mom’s choice of Dennis Quaid at the time actually left her stunned.

The young actress has starred in a number of countless movies like The LeftoversDeath Note, The Nice Guys, IO, Strange but True, Donnybrook, etc.

Qualley’s first daughter Rainey is also a bit experienced on-screen, having starred alongside her mother in 2012’s Mighty Fine. She also appeared in Falcon Song and was also Miss Golden Globe in 2012. However, she is popular as a country singer. Her hit singles are Turn Me On Like The Radio and Me and Johnny Cash.

Rainey said that she has always wanted to make music and to act and that having family members who are in similar fields have helped her a lot as they all help each other out as well as inspire one another. Plus, “we are sympathetic to the difficulties that this kind of profession breeds”, she added.

Other Facts About Paul Qualley 

Due to Qualley’s introvert nature, he is not found on any social media platform, thus, can’t be liked or followed.

His Net worth is an estimated $100, 000.

Information about his height, weight and body measurements are also not available online.

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