Intriguing Details of Pasionaye Nguyen’s Husband and Relationship With Tyga

Pasionaye Nguyen’s love for her son Micheal Ray Stevenson who goes by the stage name Tyga is unconditional as she gave her all to raise him as a single mother. Nguyen is one of those mothers who strove so hard amidst grit and determination to wriggle out of the hold of suffering, pain and all the intricate pieces of life to give their children the best life. Her story has motivated a lot of persons, especially single parents who are struggling alone to raise their beloved kid(s) without a partner. Who knows, Pasionaye Nguyen’s story might just be the motivation you’ve been waiting for!

Who Is Pasionaye Nguyen And What Does She Do For A Living?

The celebrity mom was born in Compton California in 1973. She was raised alongside her elder sister Cece Nguyen by their mother Kim Nguyen who is of Vietnamese descent even though she holds American citizenship. Information, as regards her father, has successfully been kept discreet.

There is no detailed information about what growing up was like for her, her educational background and all, in fact, Nguyen owes her celebrity status to her son who is famous not just in the U.S but also around the world. Many have wondered what the celebrity mom does for a living and how much she is worth but unfortunately, that information is also not available for public consumption.

 Is She Married?

Pasionaye had Tyga at the age of sixteen, she had fallen in love with a man named Michael Stevenson. Their love lasted for years and on November 19, 1989, the lovebirds welcomed their son Michael Ray Nguyen-Stevenson in Compton California. It has not been confirmed if they ever had the chance to tie the knots, rather reports have it that shortly after the birth of Tyga, Michael Stevenson was convicted and sent to jail on multiple charges, so Pasionaye was left to raise her son as a single mum.

Even upon being released from jail, he got into trouble frequently, had a bad reputation in Compton and was always behind bars for one crime or the other most of the time. Thus, she finally separated from him after a while and concentrated on raising her son to become successful.

Tyga has never really spoken about his father, although he has made some tweets hinting his dislike for him. He once tweeted that he learned more from Tu Pac than he ever did from his own biological father. It is not known if Nguyen ever got married, there has also not been any news of her dating anyone or being in any relationship. She may just have kept her personal life away from public eyes or just not interested in men.

Pasionaye Nguyen’s Relationship With Her Son Tyga

Pasionaye is no doubt very proud of her son Tyga who wouldn’t be proud of a successful son? She has been supportive of her son’s choice to go into the rap industry from the very beginning so she couldn’t be happier with the level of success he has achieved within such a short time. When Tyga released his debut album, it was just a great moment for mom and son. Tyga’s most successful track on the album was Deuces which he performed with Chris Brown and Kevin McCall. The track didn’t just become number fourteen on the Billboard Hot 100 but also earned him a Grammy.

Tyga and his mom – image source

The two are so into themselves that it leaves other mothers wondering if they’re living up to standard or doing as expected or required of them as mothers. When Tyga got caught in the eye of the media for dating an underaged Kylie Jenner who was just seventeen at the time, Pasionaye did not bother or panic as though something bad had happened, she gave them all her support by simply saying If Michael is happy I’m.

In 2014, Jimmy Kimmel invited her to his live show and required that she performed in his ”Words from your mother series” where she was expected to read lines from her son’s song, she was never in doubt of what to say as she gaily read the lines from Tyga’s Rack City.

Pasionaye is a grandmother to King Cairo Stevenson, a son Tyga had with Blac Chyna in 2012.  She stands at a height of 5 feet 4 inches.

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