Paige Jimenez – Biography, Facts, Career Achievements and Family

When you ask some models what other lines of work they’ll like to add to their job as a model, they never really stray far away from modeling. It is almost like they’re picking from a fixed selection of alternative jobs available to models. They either want to go into acting or become fashion designers. Paige Jimenez does not fit into this mold.

The Hawaiian model has started to build a successful brand for herself as a chef. She works both careers with such zeal and commitment that one would think she was born to be either if they only know one side of her professional career. The model cum chef is still young and has a lot to give to both careers, although she has admitted that she would eventually give all her focus to her work as a chef. Her biggest inspirations include the likes of Martha Stewart and Chrissy Teigen.

Paige Jimenez Biography

The model was born on April 4, 1998. She was raised in Hawaii, where she started cooking from a young age. Back then, she just knew she loved cooking and trying new dishes, but she never thought about making a career out of her hobby.

Her story reads as if she has always been on a quest to discover where she really belongs. Paige finished high school a year earlier than her classmates and enrolled at the University of Hawaii. Her stay in the University lasted for only the first semester of her freshman year before she dropped out.

The chance to feature on MasterChef came looking for her. At the time, she had moved to LA after time at the University. Because she couldn’t yet own a house, being under the age of 18, Paige booked an Airbnb apartment and lived there. She was taking a stroll one day when she was approached by some scouts from the MasterChef show. They asked her if she could cook. She replied that she could but that she was not a professional.

Paige Jimenez was invited to audition for the show and after three months of auditioning, she made it to the final 80. The casting team further cut the number down to 40 and then to the final 20 and Paige was still in the running. She recalls that the show was one of the most difficult things she has ever had to do but it awakened her desire and belief that she could pursue a career as a chef.

Career Achievements

Paige Jimenez and two other contestants on MasterChef season 8
Paige Jimenez and two other contestants on MasterChef season 8

Shortly after, Paige Jimenez relocated to Brooklyn, New York City. Even though she had to contend with the cultural shift, she is grateful now that she made the move. According to the chef, she believes that New York is probably the only place in the country where she can fully express herself as a model and a chef and be appreciated for both.

Following her move and in a bid to sharpen her culinary skills and master her craft, Jimenez decided to enroll at the International Culinary Center. After one year of intensive training at the institution, she received her degree in September 2018.

The modeling side of her career has been just as eventful as her pursuit of culinary excellence. It is not clear when she started modeling, however, Paige Jimenez has gotten to work on some campaigns with some reputable fashion brands. Some of them include Forever 21 and Fila. She has also shown up on the pages of the likes of Glitter Magazine and Japan Travel Shows.

Paige Jimenez’s Family

The model-chef has played her family cards close to her chest. The only member of her family that the public knows anything about is her grandmother. This is because she learned almost everything she knows about cooking, prior to her culinary training from the woman. She also used to force her stepfather to film her doing cooking shows.

Immediately she was done with her time at the International Culinary Center, one of the first things Paige did was to go back home to Hawaii and cook for her entire family. This was the first time she was doing this all on her own and she decided to host them all at her grandmother’s house.

Her grandmother was also the one who came up with part of her tuition for enrolling at the culinary school. The rest was gotten via a part scholarship after she received a glowing recommendation from one of the MasterChef judges, Christina Tosi.

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Facts About the Model and Chef

1. After graduating from culinary school, Paige Jimenez started making and selling her own brand of vintage tees.

2. The cooking enthusiast only ever buys season-specific cookbooks. She plans to have her own cookbook in the future as well as her own brand of cookware like Chrissy Teigen

3. Paige has immense respect for the late celebrity chef Anthony Bourdain. She admitted that she would have loved to cook for him

4. Her magazine of choice to appear on is Bon Appetit. She believes it is the only publication with the ability to perfectly represent both sides of her career.


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