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Oliver Peck
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Ink and skin. Flesh and metal. The art of portraying basically anything on the human body has existed for generations. From the samurais of ancient imperial Japan to the modern day superstar collection of music artists, sports stars, and everyday people; tattoos have held an impressive allure on the human race.

The imprinting of faces, quotes, animals, designs of various sorts on the bodies of humans takes a very strong degree of skill and simply not for everyone to undertake. But Oliver Peck is one of the few men that can claim to possess such a skill.

Oliver Peck Wiki/Bio

Oliver could be called a Texas Cowboy in a modern stead. With long locks of hair, a lengthy beard, and an impressive moustache, he is definitely proud of his roots. Once a skater in his teenage years, Oliver Peck was born in Texas, USA on July 29,1971. Born to Diane Lucas, young Oliver was interested in drawing from his early days.

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Attending South West High School, news has it that he was not really friendly with the boys on the football team because….you guessed it, the ladies were really impressed by his skating abilities.

Rather, unfortunately, he was caught in the winds of teenage rampage and curiosity falling into drugs and gradually getting addicted. His new way of life got him into trouble with the arm of the law as he was locked up in jail. Upon getting out he realized the error of his ways and corrected them, going to work in a conveyable factory.

Standing at 5 ft 6 inches, he is of white ethnicity or rather North American and holds a United States citizenship by virtue of being born in the country. His horoscope is that of the Fire Sign of Leo. His weight is estimated at 66kg. Like most tattoo masters, his body is covered in tattoos from head to toes. Furthermore, he has dark brown hair color and eye color of black.

Oliver Peck
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Oliver Peck Tattoos

His tattoo career began in his teenage years when he was 19 years old. It took full force when he met a tattoo artist Stell. He saw a difference and special touch in his art. Moving to Dallas with Stell he began work at Stell’s tattoo parlor named Pair-O-Dice tattoo.

Reflecting Stell said, “He is one of the best guys I’ve ever worked with”. Stell trained Oliver into a professional artist which has brought him the present day success he now enjoys. Being asked of how much it would cost to have a tattoo done by Oliver he reiterates that it would depend on the type of tattoo that catches one’s interest, the least he graded from $100 to $200 and even as touchy as $300.

He is the co-owner of Texas-based Elm Street Tattoo, as well as being the owner of Los Angeles-based True Tattoo. The Elm Street Tattoo was co-founded with fellow artist Dean Williams. Elm Street in 2016 celebrated 20 years, it boasts of 10 artists which also include Peck and Williams alongside others. Most fondly thought of is his work as a judge on Ink Master. On Spike TV’s Ink Master, He, Chris Nunez and Dave Navarro have served as judges on the show.

At 46 years, Oliver is referred to as one of the “old-school” American style artists. He holds a Guinness World record for the most tattoos done in 24 hours which currently stands at 415 with the previous record standing at 400.

Oliver Peck Wife

In 2003, Oliver Peck got married to fellow tattoo artist Kat Von D. She previously held the Guinness World Record of the most tattoos done in a 24-hour span. Hers stood at 400, it was broken in 2008 by her ex-husband. She has a net-worth of $10.0 million. They were married for four years and have a daughter together. Their marital issues got heated in 2007, they separated that year and got divorced in the same year.

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Oliver Peck Net Worth

Oliver Peck has financial streams from his tattoo parlors and occasional events he organizes. His net worth stands at $500 thousand even though it’s not as impressive as that of his ex-wife and fellow tattoo artist Kat Von D which stands at an impressive $10 million.