Noah Thompson’s Parents: What to Know About His Mom and Dad

Noah Thompson’s parents are Chris Thompson and Elizabeth Thompson. They divorced before he was three years old, and he was subsequently raised by his grandmother, Karen Thompson.

Noah’s grandmother lavished a lot of love on him and taught him a lot of things about life. She also encouraged his love for music, and he eventually went on to win the 2022 edition of American Idol.

Noah Thompson’s Father is Chris Thompson, an Entrepreneur and Former Rock Musician

Noah Thompson’s father is Chris Thompson. He has American nationality and Caucasian ethnicity. He is the son of Karen Thompson. Chris Thompson presently lives in Kentucky and is an entrepreneur. Prior to that, he was a musician in his youth days and played in a southern rock band.

Noah Thompson’s Mother’s Name is Elizabeth Thompson Nee Miller

The name of Noah Thompson’s mother is Elizabeth Miller. There is a lack of details about her background, including her family and education. Her profession is also not known. It is, however, known that she has American nationality and is of Caucasian ethnicity.

Noah Thompson
Noah Thompson with his grandma, girlfriend, and son at the American Idol finale Image Source

Noah Thompson’s Parents Divorced When He Was Three Years Old

Noah Thompson’s parents most likely first met each other in the late 90s. They started a relationship and later got married. The couple welcomed their only child together, Noah, in 2002. They probably harbored hopes of growing old together and raising their son. They also likely planned to have even more kids, but this was not to be as they experienced some marital issues.

Chris and Elizabeth, unfortunately, could not resolve them and split. Noah Thompson’s father and mother divorced before he was aged three years old.

Noah Thompson
Noah Thompson and his grandma during a parade in his hometown Image Source

He was Raised by His Grandmother – Karen Thompson

Noah Thompson was raised by his grandmother – Karen Thompson. He went to live with her after his parents split. He was just three years old, and she lavished a lot of love on him. She also taught him a lot of things about life. Noah Thompson’s grandmother also noticed his passion for music and encouraged him to pursue it on his own terms and at his own pace.

Noah Thompson
Noah Thompson and his grandma, Karen Thompson Image Source

He and His Grandmother Remained Quite Close and She was There to Celebrate his American Idol Victory

Thanks to the fact that she raised him from when he was a little boy, Noah Thompson grew up to be very close to his grandmother. They remain quite close to this day, and she was there every step of the way as he won American Idol. For instance, during the mother’s day episode of the show, Noah Thompson sang one of his grandmother’s favorite songs. She also got to visit on set.

Additionally, when Noah Thompson made it to the top three of the show, he was rewarded with a big parade in his hometown, and his grandmother was there as they rode slowly through the streets. She was also there when he was announced as the winner of the show.

Noah Thompson and his grandmother have also spoken fondly about each other in past interviews. She has referred to him as an old soul, while he has described her as his soul. The American Idol winner has also stated that he will always follow his grandmother’s advice to stay true to himself no matter the fame and fortune.

Noah Thompson’s Mother Died in 2018, while his Father is Remarried

Noah Thompson’s mom died in 2018 of a heart attack. He was just 16 years old, and it must have devastated him. Noah Thompson’s father remains alive and is now married to a lady named Amy. It is hard to decipher the relationship between Noah Thompson and his dad.

His dad never made an appearance all through his successful American Idol run. It could be that they are not close. It could also be that they are, but his dad has chosen to stay away from the spotlight. Noah Thompson has previously revealed that his father’s musical past inspired his own journey. He has also revealed that he encouraged him


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