Who Is Richard Spencer’s Wife Nina Kouprianova?

Nina Kouprianova is the wife of Richard Spencer, an American neo-Nazi, antisemitic conspiracy theorist, and white supremacist. He is the founder of the white supremacist think tank – National Policy Institute and the Washington Summit Publishers. Kouprianova and Spencer married in 2010 and have two children.

Richard Spencer’s wife, who was born on the 19th of October 1988 and so is 35 years old, is a Russian-Canadian writer and artist. Nina was a long-time outspoken supporter of her husband and his antics, however, things later turned sour between them as she filed for divorce, citing physical and emotional abuse.

Bio Summary of Nina Kouprianova

  • Full Name: Nina Kouprianova
  • Nickname: Nina Byzantium
  • Gender: Female
  • Date of Birth: 19th of October 1988
  • Nina Kouprianova’s Age: 35 years old
  • Place of Birth: Moscow, Russia
  • Ethnicity: Caucasian
  • Nationality: Russian-Canadian
  • Zodiac Sign: Libra
  • Sexual Orientation: Straight
  • Marital Status: Divorced
  • Nina Kouprianova’s Ex-husband: Richard B. Spencer
  • Nina Kouprianova’s Children: Two Daughters
  • Nina Kouprianova’s Net Worth: $1 million
  • Famous for: Being Married to White Supremacist Richard B. Spencer.
  • Nina Kouprianova’s Instagram: ninakouprianova
  • Twitter: @NinaByzantina
  • Facebook: Nina Kouprianova

Where Is Nina Kouprianova From?

The former Mrs. Spencer was born in Moscow, Russia on the 19th day of October 1988. She is caucasian by ethnicity. While details of her childhood are not clear, it is known that she was still young when she and her family moved to Canada.

According to Nina Kouprianova, her parents were scientists/academicians. They opted to move to Canada during the mid-1990s when many Russians were leaving the eastern European powerhouse in search of a better life. The family first made a home in Canada before moving south to the United States. The identity of Nina’s parents and whether or not she is an only child is not known to the public.

She is very well Educated

Kouprianova was said to have been able to speak both Russian and English very fluently as a child. As a result, she did not find it very difficult to settle down to life in North America. While there was a little bit of culture shock, she was still able to excel in school, studying up to the Ph.D. level.

She acquired a Bachelor of Fine Arts (Hon) in graphic design, photography, and medieval studies before completing the requirements to be awarded an MA (History of Art): modern, medieval. For her Ph.D., she attended the University of Toronto and got a Ph.D. (History): modern Russia, culture, U.S. foreign policy.

Since leaving school, Nina Kouprianova has made a career as an independent political analyst. She has also done some work translating and editing Russian texts into English on philosophy, political science, and culture. Nina has translated several books written by renowned Russian Political Philosopher Alexander Dugin.

Kouprianova Has Fashioned a Career as a Writer

Nina Kouprianova has done extensive work as both a graphic designer and photographer. While moving around North America and other places, she developed a keen interest in nature photography and practiced it. Most of her photographs can be found on Pinterest and Instagram among other places.

Other than her work as a photographer, Nina is better known for her writing on Russian politics and other political happenings around the world which many have tagged as controversial. In addition to translating the work of Alexander Dugin, a geopolitical analyst described by many as a neo-fascist, she has also written articles in support of him and the alt-right movement that her husband proudly belongs to. On one occasion, she wrote a letter to a local Montana paper called the Flathead Beacon where she compares the “witch hunts” surrounding her husband to Stalinist purges.

Kouprianova’s writings have made many describe her as a racist alt-right member but she denies being a member of any movement. She instead says she is sympathetic toward movements that “challenge the dominant and globally oriented post-Liberal ideology”.

List of her Publications

Translated Books:

  • Alexander Dugin, Martin Heidegger: the Philosophy of Another Beginning (2014)
  • Alexander Dugin, The Fourth Political Theory (2012), selected chapters


Conference Papers

  • “From Heroic Mothers to Maternal Capital: A Brief Overview of Russia’s Natalism,” video presentation and conference, “The Future of the EU 2: Demographics, Education, and Sustainability,” University of A Coruña, Spain, (2012)
  • “The Birth of a Rock Subculture in the Soviet Union,” conference paper, The Association for Slavic, East European, and Eurasian Studies convention, Philadelphia, U.S. (2008)

Nina Kouprianova’s Eight-Year Marriage to Richard B. Spencer was Tumoultous

Nina Kouprianova met her future husband Richard for the first time in 2009. At the time, he was working as the executive editor of Taki’s Magazine. Nina said she was intrigued by his interest in Ron Paul’s bid for president. They would go on to bond over their shared interest in literature, art, travel, and politics.

A few months down the line, the pair realized that they were very much in love with one another and so they decided to get married. Nina and Richard’s wedding was a small ceremony at Niagara Falls on the 31st of August 2010.

nina kouprianova
Kouprianova, Spencer and their Dog, a Basset Hound breed (image source)

After their wedding, the couple made their home at Whitefish, Montana. They would also have a large ceremony there in January 2011 for friends and family. The couple’s union produced two daughters but details about them are not public knowledge.

Nina Kouprianova proved to be a very vocal supporter of her husband and his rhetorics. Things looked to be going on very well in their marriage until it was reported in 2016 that they had separated. In 2017, however, Spencer denied that he and his wife were not living together but this did very little to keep them together as Kouprianova would later file for divorce in 2018.

Nina Accused Her Husband of Abuse

In her filings for divorce from her controversial white supremacist husband, Kouprianova accused Spencer of being abusive to her in different ways. She noted that he was financially, physically, verbally and emotionally abusive towards her. Much of the abuse happened before her children were born and she said that she couldn’t report to the police for fear of retaliation from her husband.

Nina recanted one incident when he allegedly hit and dragged her around by her hair, and down the stairs. She claimed that he repeatedly told her that the only language women understood was violence. Kouprianova also provided the court with recordings of her husband urging her to commit suicide since she did not offer the world anything.

The Russian-Canadian writer’s claims were backed up by testimony from a caregiver who stated that she had witnessed some of his violent behaviors. Richard Spencer, however, denied all the allegations, saying that Nina was distorting facts. He accused her of gross mischaracterizations of his person with a combination of cherry-picking. He also claimed that his wife tried to rope their children into their dispute by saying they were witnesses to his abuse.

FAQs About Nina Kouprianova

1. What does Nina Kouprianova do for a living?

She is a photographer and artist who loves shooting nature-oriented photos. She is also a writer with a few published articles.

2. How old is Nina Kouprianova?

The Russina Canadian woman born in 1988 is currently 35 years old

3. What is Nina Kouprianova’s net worth?

Details of what Nina Kouprianova earns or is worth is not public knowledge, however, we can infer that it is not that much seeing that she had to launch a GoFundMe page in order to be able to foot her divorce bills.

4. Is Nina Kouprianova a member of the alt-right movement?

Nina denies being a member of the alt-right movement despite having supported it in the past. To justify this, she notes that she is a supporter of left-wing ideas such as universal health care and maternity leave.

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