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It is the norm for people to achieve fame and popularity through exceptional achievements in their chosen career, but some individuals have come in contact with fame through association with the rich and famous. Nicole Holder, the former girlfriend of NFL player Greg Hardy happens to be one of such people.

Although she is not a star herself, Holder who is currently a full-time student is enjoying celebrity status which has rubbed off from her highly publicized tumultuous affair with the Defensive end of the Dallas Cowboys. In addition to her affair with Hardy, Holder also dated another celebrity, the renowned rapper Nelly who caused the fracas between her and Hardy.

Nicole Holder’s Bio

Though information on her personal data is not much, the records have it that Nicole Holder was born as Nicole Danielle Holder in Wilmington, North Carolina on the 27th of March 1990. Details of her childhood and the identity of her parents and siblings are not available but we were able to sieve from the records that she was at East Carolina University for undergraduate school between 2008 and 2010 where she made the university’s Honor Roll. She proceeded to North Carolina University where graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Operation Management and Supervision in 2016.

Nicole Holder also concluded a summer program at KEDGE Business School located in Marseille, France, in 2014, where she enrolled as a volunteer at both the Habitat ReStore and Elevation Church’s program LOVE WEEK. In 2010, Holder worked in her capacity as a personal assistant at Easter Seals UCP North Carolina & Virginia. A year later, she got a job at Rekon Intelligence as a Marketing Associate. She met her notorious boyfriend Greg Hardy, the defensive end of Dallas the Cowboy’s while she was earning a living as a waitress in 2013, but before then, she used to put in time as a lifeguard at the Ph Pools in Charlotte. Presently, she is a full-time student and is not holding any known job position.

Other Facts To Know  

Holder Met Hardy as a Waitress

The Dallas Cowboy’s defensive end met Holder while she was employed as a waitress at Suite Charlotte located in North Carolina. The duo became an item in September of 2013 though they have known each other since 2012 according to a Deadspin article. Hardy who was in a romantic relationship with Holder’s roommate was then playing for the Carolina Panthers. Holder and Hardy started co-habiting in November 2013, but things got really bad before long.

Their relationship was fraught with a lot of ups and downs, according to Nicole Holder, she started noticing changes around Christmas. It seemed that there was always an issue to be thrashed out with her boyfriend always calling to check up on her whereabouts and ending up labeling her a slut. With the duo, there was no middle ground, it was either really good or really bad.

She Was Physically Assaulted by Her Boyfriend

According to the available records, Nicole Holder constantly suffered physical abuse from Hardy and at one time, the NFL football Player reportedly threw her into the bathtub, causing bruises all over her body which encompassed her feet, shoulders, arms, head, neck, back and elbow. After pulling her from the bathtub by the hair, he dragged her to the bedroom screaming threats at her and tried to choke her while she was lying helplessly on the bare floor. Hardy who eventually threw her on a couch littered with shotguns which according to him were loaded actually picked the phone to call 911 with the claim that his girlfriend attacked him under the influence of hard drugs though it was later proved that both were under the influence of alcohol.

Holder’s Case Against Hardy Was Thrown Out 

Although Hardy was convicted of assault against his ex-lover, the charges against him were eventually dismissed on appeal in February 2014 because of Holder’s nonappearance for a jury trial. Probably because Holder believes that Hardy would kill her if she did anything to tarnish his career. By the 5th of November, the charges were finally expunged from Hardy’s records. Reports from the Observer said that the football player must have settled with his ex-girlfriend in private. According to the District Attorney Andrew Murray, all efforts to contact Holder since November have been futile, he was forced to proceed with the dismissal of the case which Judge Robert Sumner accepted.

On her own part, Holder was still active on the social media despite her nonappearance at the jury trial. She was seen posting photos of her voyage with several stops in Paris, Colorado, New York and even Charlotte on her Facebook page which is currently defunct.

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Holder was Formerly in a Relationship with Rapper Nelly

Nicole Holder

While Holder was giving her relationship with Hardy a break, her name was briefly linked with that of the renowned rapper Nelly. According to the records, Hardy threw a jealous fit and beat up his girlfriend upon hearing about her past relationship with the rapper. Deadspin reported that the rapper was a constant bone of contention between the lovers. When Hardy canceled their proposed trip for her birthday in March, Holder who spent the day at work was spotted going out to the Ritz-Carlton with Nelly and subsequently, all hell broke loose when Hardy found out through his Panthers teammates.

The question on everyone’s lips now is why does it always have to be Nelly? Recently, rumor had it that Floyd Mayweather Jr and his girlfriend Shantel Jackson may have ended their relationship because Shantel started a going out with the famed rapper.

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