Nicholas Jerry Jonas aka  Nick Jonas is a 23-year-old American singer, songwriter, actor and producer. Nick’s mother, Denise, is a former sign language teacher and a musician. His father Paul Kevin Jonas, is a songwriter, musician and former church minister. It is therefore evident that Nick inherited his musical talent from both his parents. In fact, the talent runs in the family, as Nick’s two brothers Kevin and Joe are talented singers as well. Together they formed the now-disbanded Jonas Brothers with Nick as the lead singer. The rock band grew to become a global sensation attracting audiences from all walks of life. Nick has a German, Italian, Irish, Scottish, English, French-Canadian and Cherokee ancestry. Nick also has a younger brother named Frankie.

Born in Dallas, Texas USA on 16th of September, 1992, Nick’a birth sign is Virgo, and he lives up to its expected nature, as he generally prefers to keep his emotional life a mystery: he isn’t the type to kiss and tell.

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When he was 13 years old, Nick was diagnosed with Diabetes Type 1, a condition for which he has to use an insulin pump to contain. Nick has however not let Diabetes shrink him, he has in fact put considerable effort into raising awareness about the condition, and most of his philanthropic activities are based on his war against diabetes. He developed Children’s National Medical Center based in Washington D.C. and was named Diabetes Ambassador by the Bayer Diabetic Care.

Nick Jonas

Nick Jonas Height, Weight and Body Measurements

Nick has a typical build of a 23-year-old guy, but leaning heavily in the athletic direction. Although he is not very muscular, he does have a masculine physique.

Nick Jonas Height – 5 feet and 9 inches.

Chest Width – 42 inches

Arm Width – 14 inches

Waist size – 28 inches

Bicep size – 35.5 cm

Shoe Size – 8

Nick Jonas’s Weight is 65 Kg.

Nick Jonas 1

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Nick keeps his weight in check by watching his diet and circuit training, which is an admirable habit that many young men envy and work towards developing. Jonas has sleek dark brown hair complemented by dark brown eyes, which certainly earn him adoring looks from the ladies. Needless to say, Nick Jonas tops the list in terms of looks, and will positively give other celebrities a run for their money in being many ladies’ celebrity crush.

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Nick Jonas Height Weight Body Measurements

A Peek into Nick Jonas Personal Life

Nick has dated the once popular childhood Disney star and current hit and controversial musician Miley Cyrus, the stunning singer Selena Gomez, and the gifted musician and voice coach Delta Goodrem. His longest surviving relationship was with Miss Universe Olivia Culpo, which lasted for two years before they split up in 2015. He has however been rumored to be dating a host of other girls, including Kate Hudson and Emily Ratajkwoski, and with his looks and talents, who can blame him…or the girls in question?

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