Niana Guerrero
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Niana Guerrero is another person who has been able to achieve fame thanks to the opportunities presented by the internet and the video sharing platform, YouTube. Described as a vivacious, funny and crazy person, the young girl is one of the most beloved YouTube personalities, a claim that is backed up with the fact that her YouTube channel has a subscriber list that is in millions. She is known on the platform for her dancing, prank, challenge, and funny videos, where she most often appears with her brother. Read on to find out all we have been able to uncover about her.

Niana Guerrero – Biography (Age)

Niana Guerrero was welcomed into the world and named Niana Jose E. Guerrero on the 27th of January, 2006 to Elcid Evidenre (mother) and Nino Guerrero (father). Information regarding her exact place of birth is not available, however, she is widely thought to have been born in the Southeastern Asian country of the Philippines.

At the young age of 3, Niana started dancing. She would usually dance in front of her family, and one day, her brother opted to pick up a camera and record her. It is said that the young girl found it hard to strut her stuff whenever the camera was pointed at her but following the encouragement of her brother, she was later able to overcome her shyness as she began to record one dance video after another.

In 2010, her brother created a Facebook page for his little sister and put up a couple of her videos. The page turned out to be an instant hit as it garnered more than 2 million likes. The brother-sister duo soon took their videos to other social media platforms like Instagram as they also created a YouTube channel. In order to introduce herself on YouTube and garner the interest of people on the platform, they opted to upload one of her very first dancing videos. This strategy proved to be a good one as the channel garnered numerous views, prompting AwesomenessTV to propose a deal in which they would be sponsoring her videos.

To further keep people entertained, Niana Guerrero and her brother opted to add prank, challenge, and comedy videos to the mix, a move that also helped increase the number of subscribers to their channel.


Niana Guerrero
Niana Guerrero and Ranz Kyle (Image Source)

Niana Guerrero is not the only famous member of her family. Her older half brother, Ranz Kyle, from her mother’s first marriage to Lanz Ongsee, is a well-known dancer and internet sensation. As alluded above, he is one half of the brother-sister dance duo; Ranz and Niana. Together, the siblings’ Facebook page has amassed over six million fans.

Born in the city of San Juan, the Philippines on the 6th of May, 1997, Ranz Kyle began to dance at the age of 9. He is said to have recorded and posted his first dancing video on YouTube when he was 14. The video which was titled “Fast Forward-Jai Cko C-Walk” garnered significant attention, however, it was not until he posted a video of him dancing to Chris Brown’s “I Should’ve Kissed You” that he became an internet sensation. He has since that time grown a huge following on the video sharing website, with over 4.2 million subscribers, as well as millions of others on other social media platforms.

Niana’s other siblings include sisters Chelseah Hilary Evidente Ongsee, popularly known as Seah, and Natalie. All her siblings are quite familiar to her fans as they have at one time or another featured in her videos.

Height and Weight

Regardless of the fact that Filipino people are not generally known for their height, Niana Guerrero should not be worried about her height as she is only in her early teen years and still has so much growing to do. As at the time of writing, she stands at a height of 4 feet 10 inches and weighs about 35 kg. Her other noticeable features include a pair of black eyes and dark brown hair.

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Other Facts About Niana Guerrero

1. In a video titled Dare to Dream, Niana Guerrero spoke about her journey as an internet sensation and her love for the iconic cartoon characters; Tom and Jerry. She also took the opportunity to thank her brother for his influence in her life, adding that without his encouragement, she would not be who she is today.

2. Thanks to her popularity, Niana has been able to head out on tour. She and her brother in 2017 went on a tour of Asia that was organized by WebTV Asia Awards 2016.

3. Aside from dancing, Niana loves to paint and participate in community activities.

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