Neil Fingleton’s Height, Weight And Body Measurements

This star was the proverbial ‘guy who stands out in a crowd’, he was known for being extremely tall among other things. So it’s only fitting that we check out Neil Fingleton’s height, weight and body measurements. In the meantime, before checking out the fallen actor’s body statistics, here are a few facts about him.

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  • He was born Neil Fingleton on 18th December 1980 in Durham, England and sadly he passed away on 25th February 2017.
  • Though he was born in the UK, he decided to attend high school in America after attending a basketball camp in Connecticut when he was 16.
  • As it was natural for someone with his unique height, Fingleton took up basketball as a career path since his high school days and even after college, but he had to retire in 2007 due to an injury.
  • The star’s entire family is very much on the tall side; his mum is 6 foot and his dad was also, his older sister is 6 feet 3 inches and his younger brother is 6 feet 8 inches. Apparently his great grandfather was also 6 feet 8 inches.

Neil Fingleton's height 1

  • Though he was incredibly tall and his height earned him a whole lot of attention, the star never let his height make him self conscious.
  • Neil was known as the tallest man in Britain, with the height of 7 feet 7 inches, he was also listed in the Guinness Book of Records as one of the 25 tallest men in the world.
  • After he suffered a sports injury, the British star decided to ‘jump in with two feet’ and to pursue a full blown acting career.
  • The actor supposedly died due to a heart failure, here are a couple of things we know for sure; he’s gone too soon and he will be sorely missed by his family, friends and fans.

Neil Fingleton's height 2

So without further ado, let”s dig in to the main gist at hand beginning with Neil Fingleton’s height.

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Neil Fingleton’s Height

Now this is a topic that has been breached many-a-times, after all he was among the 25 tallest men in the world. The star stood high above every single average height there is out there at 7 feet 7 inches.That certainly earned him the title of the tallest man in Britain, the European Union and that of ‘one of the tallest non giants to ever live’.

Neil Fingleton's height 5

The sad part about all this is that, the one thing that made him ‘stand out’ could be the thing that actually led to his demise. It was suggested that his heart was a bit strained from pumping blood to both his brain and feet since it was quite the distance.

Neil Fingleton's height 3

It is not uncommon for this to happen; here’s another instance where a really tall person had a short lived existence. Zeng Jinlian, from China, was the tallest female in history and she stood at 8 foot 1, unfortunately she died aged 17 in 1982.

Neil Fingleton's height 4

There was really no dispute to the fact that he was as tall as his listed height, the guy was taller than a telephone booth, so that goes to say a whole lot. There aren’t many celebrities that can say that they stand as tall as the fallen actor, but here is a short list of people who can. The Argentinian wrestler Jorge González, Sudanese basket ball player Manute Bol and Romanian born basket ball player Gheorghe Muresan all share Neil Fingleton’s height.

Neil Fingleton’s Weight

No one needs to tell you that the star was quite on the heavy side, standing as tall as he did, it would be weird if he wasn’t heavy. When he was born the star weighed almost 7 kilograms at birth, compared to the usual average weight of 4 kilograms, so you can only guess that he was destined to be huge.

Neil Fingleton's height 6

Neil weighed 168 kilograms and like we mentioned earlier, that is no surprise at all. There is nothing out there about his diet and exercise routine, but we can assume that the star who was a former sportsman did his best to take care of himself. Too bad nature had to take it’s toll and snatch him away so soon.

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Neil Fingleton’s Body Measurements

In addition to Neil Fingleton’s height and weight, here is a summary of all his body measurements.

Height:  7 feet 6.25 inches

Weight:  168 Kilograms

Chest size: 42 inches

Arms/Biceps size: 14.5 inches

Waist size: 36 inches

Shoe Size: 15 US, 49 EU, 15.5 UK


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