Navarone Garibaldi – Biography, Age, Net Worth, Parents, Family

Navarone Garibaldi was once the stereotypical Hollywood teenager who was born into fame and fortune and went on to grow an addiction to hard drugs. However, following a period in his life when everything seemed to be going downhill, the son of tabloid news darlings; Marco Garibaldi and Priscilla Presley, has gone ahead to get his life back on track as he appears to be doing what he loves best as the frontman of the band, Them Guns. Read on to find out more about his life as well as that of his parents.

Navarone Garibaldi Biography (Age)

On the 1st of March 1987, in the beachfront city of Santa Monica, California, actress Priscilla Presley and her partner, Marco Garibaldi, welcomed to the world a son they named Navarone Anthony Garibaldi. During the period in which his mother was pregnant with him, she was starring in the primetime soap opera, Dallas. Due to this, and her commitment to her craft, her pregnancy was famously written into the storyline of the show.

While growing up, Garibaldi like every other child of a famous celebrity faced huge media scrutiny. This prompted his parents to try as much as possible to keep details about his early life a secret. With this, it is not exactly clear if he did attend a formal school or was homeschooled for the early part of his life. He was however later enrolled into a high school in the Los Angeles area.

At around the age of 17, Navarone Garibaldi made headlines as he was arrested for over speeding while under the influence of marijuana. It was also reported that the police found hallucinogenic mushrooms in his possession. To make things worse, there were further reports at around that time that said he was battling heroin addiction. Details of what transpired next remains a mystery to the public, however, Garibaldi was able to get his act together in the next few years as he went on to launch a music career.

In 2013, Garibaldi teamed up with his former high school friend Chris Hudson, as well as other friends Kyle Hamood and Chuck Holiday to form the Los Angeles based alternative/psychedelic rock band, Them Guns.

His Parents and Family

Navarone Garibaldi
Navarone Garibaldi and mother Priscilla Presley (Image Source)

As mentioned above, Navarone Garibaldi is the son of actress Priscilla Presley and entrepreneur Marco Garibaldi. His mother was previously famously married to musician and actor Elvis Presley from 1967 to 1973. From that marriage, Navarone has an older half-sister named Lisa Marie Presley.

About a decade after her divorce from the King of Rock and Roll, she began dating Marco in 1984. The two are said to have met through a mutual friend who recommended Marco as a potential screenwriter for a project she was working on. Things seemed to move very fast for the two as their relationship soon moved from a professional level to a personal one. In less than a few months, they could not do without each other’s company and soon started living together.

Following huge speculation in the media that a wedding was imminent for the former spouse of the late Elvis, Priscilla squashed the rumors by saying in an interview that she was not looking to put pen to paper on a marriage contract. She added that marriage is somewhat of a business deal, which was not how she looked at her present situation, and that exchanging vows does not guarantee that she and Marco would remain together forever.

Marco Garibaldi and Priscilla Presley ended up staying together for 22 years without any formal/legal agreements before they parted ways in 2006.

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Navarone Garibaldi’s Net Worth

The exact amount of what Navarone Garibaldi’s net worth might be is unknown, however, it is a well-known fact that he is doing very well for himself. The Them Guns frontman makes a good living from his career as a musician; record and merchandise sales as well as from tours. He has played sold-out shows in both the United States and the United Kingdom.

In addition to what he has been able to make on his own, he further has his parents’ wealth to fall back on. According to celebrity wealth calculating sources, his mother Priscilla has a net worth of $50 million. While that of his father has not yet been ascertained, it is also likely to be in millions seeing that he runs a movie production company named Godfather Entertainment.


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