Nathan Schwandt Brother, Family, Height, Is He Gay or Straight

Since the advent of social media, regular men and women like Nathan Schwandt have risen to the top of public consciousness. From Instagram to Twitter, YouTube and other interactive online platforms, regular people have gained popularity from simply putting up their lives on the internet.

Nathan Schwandt rose to fame for simply being the boyfriend of transgender pop singer, Jeffree Star. Jeffree himself is a social media star with a YouTube channel of over 3.7 million subscribers. The pop singer’s love life has been displayed all over social media and thus, gave rise to the fame of Nathan Schwandt. Want to learn more about Jeffree Star’s boyfriend? Read the rest of this piece.

Who Is Nathan Schwandt?

Nathan Schwandt is best known as the boyfriend of Jeffree Star and it is a role he has settled in comfortably well, enjoying its benefits. The Instagram star was born on the 18th of August, 1993 in Michigan.

He grew up with a sibling, as one of two children born to his parents. His younger brother is named Zach.

As a young man from the Midwest of America, there is no denying that Nathan had a formal education, at least up to high school level, but details of such and any possible University education are currently withheld from the public.

The public part of his life, however, was before the fame of being Jeffree’s boyfriend. He was an employee for a Michigan pet shop.

Nathan’s life transformed from the mundaneness of a pet keeper when he received a direct message from Jeffree Star in 2015. As pretty much how most of the relationships of this decade began, the two communicated privately through Instagram for awhile before Jeffree invited Nathan over to Los Angeles. The two had their first date and thus, began a beautiful relationship.

Nathan moved down to Los Angeles to be closer to Jeffree and began working on the expansion of Jeffree’s cosmetics company. After a while as a prominent staff in the cosmetic company, Nathan was relieved of his role and he focused on taking care of the couple’s home and dogs, which are five in number.

Since their relationship began in 2015, the couple has been growing stronger, committing to joint investments like a marijuana company and buying a house in Michigan.

It hasn’t always been smooth for Nathan as the known boyfriend of the pop star. He has been the subject of controversies such as accusations of being a gold digger and not being gay due to his history of dating exclusively women. Despite the controversies, Nathan Schwandt and Jeffree Star are still together.

Although Nathan is mostly known in relation to Jeffree Star, his personal endeavors include being an accomplished skateboarder and a decent guitar player.

Nathan is also a model for Jeffree’s cosmetic company, modelling several products.

Nathan Schwandt’s Brother and Family

Nothing is known of the family, especially parents of Nathan Schwandt. We know, however, that they live in Michigan and have two sons, Nathan and Zach.

Nathan’s brother, Zach is also an Instagram star who works with Jeffree’s cosmetic company. For a period of time, he lived with Nathan and Jeffree.

Nathan’s family have been very receptive of Jeffree’s lifestyle and their relationship, suggesting that his parents are progressive.

Is He Gay Or Straight?

Jeffree Star and Nathan Schwandt
Jeffree Star and Nathan Schwandt: Instagram

Nathan Schwandt has been under fire for his relationship history. A look through his dating timeline suggested that he was a straight man, having only dated women which fueled speculation and controversy that he was dating Jeffree for the money. Nathan has, however, come out to clarify that controversy, stating that before he accepted himself as a gay man and still lived in a more conservative environment, he dated women. However, since he met Jeffree, he has proudly carried his flag as a gay man.

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His Height and Body Features

Even as his weight is currently unknown, Nathan stands at 1.75 m. As a flamboyant and colour expressive man, he is often seen with different hair colours. He has an athletic build with a clear skin that has made him a perfect model for his partner’s cosmetic company.

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