Mimi Ikonn Bio and Personal Life of The Canadian Entrepreneur

Mimi Ikonn is a Canadian entrepreneur famous for being co-founder of Luxy Hair company and Love Hair beauty products. She is also a social media sensation, where she has acquired huge followers, subscribers, and clients worldwide through various platforms like YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, and Meta (Facebook). She also runs three popular YouTube channels: EverythingLuxy, Luxy Hair and Mimi Ikonn.

Mimi Ikonn’s Biography Summary

  • Full name: Mimi Naghizada Ikonn
  • Gender: Female
  • Date of birth: 25 July 1986
  • Mimi Ikonn’s Age: 36 years old
  • Ethnicity: Azerbaijani
  • Nationality: Azerbaijan/Canadian
  • Zodiac Sign: Leo
  • Education: Seneca College of Applied Arts and Technology, George Brown College
  • Sexual Orientation: Straight
  • Religion: Islam
  • Marital Status: Married
  • Husband: Alex Ikonn
  • Mimi Ikonn’s Children: Alexa Ikonn (Daughter)
  • Mimi Ikonn’s Parents: Not disclosed
  • Siblings: Leyla Naghizada
  • Mimi Ikonn’s Height in Inches: 5 feet 6 inches
  • Mimi Ikonn’s Height in Centimetres: 166 cm 
  • Mimi Ikonn’s Weight: 57 kg
  • Mimi Ikonn’s Net worth: $1 million – $5 million

Mimi Ikonn’s Social Media Profiles:

Mimi Ikonn is a 36 year old Azerbaijan/Canadian

Mimi Ikonn was born in Baku, capital of Azerbaijan, on 25th July 1986, making her 36 years old. Her sign sun is Leo while her real name is Mimi Naghizada, and she grew up with her younger sister, Leyla Naghizada, in Azerbaijan, the parents are currently unknown. Although she has Canadian, British, and Azerbaijanian nationalities, she is of Azerbaijani ethnicity. 

Which Schools Did Mimi Ikonn Attend?

Mimi attended her early education in Azerbaijan before moving to Canada in 2006 and attending Seneca College of Applied Arts and Technology. She was studying International Business as a course before she dropped out in 2008. She later joined George Brown College in 2009 and got certified in Image Consulting the same year.

Meet Mimi Ikonn’s Husband and Daughter

Mimi Ikonn is married to Alex Ikonn, an entrepreneur, and angel investor, who was born on May 7, 1987, in Russia. Just like his wife, Alex is also a self-development/inspirational YouTuber who co-created The Five Minute Journal.

The two met when Alex was an account manager working with Richmond Hill in Canada. They fell in love and started dating, this led to their marriage in 2010 in the presence of friends and family.

In 2016, Mimi gave birth to her firstborn girl and named her Alexa Ikonn. They currently live in London England as a family.

How Did Mimi Ikonn’s Business Begin?

The beginning of her career as an entrepreneur dates back to 2010 when the idea to start her business popped up in her head. It was during the wedding when she was busy looking for perfect wigs in preparation to get married. Unfortunately, she bought a low-quality product that she paid $200 for. In addition to this incident, her husband, Alex, got fired and lost his job. 

As a result of this incident, the couple joined hands with Mimi’s sister and came up with the idea of starting their own business. Although it wasn’t initially centered on making money but to add more value to people’s lives, they produced many quality products and ensured customer satisfaction. This was exactly how Lucky Hair with over 3.15 million subscribers came into existence. 

Her luxury business started small and gradually but it soon gained prominence after she introduced various social media platforms.

Mimi also introduced a YouTube channel where she talks about pregnancy, travel, vacation, and beauty in general.

Her Luxy Hair Brand

She began her career by venturing into online business in 2010 after she uploaded a video to her first YouTube channel, “Luxy Hair”. Luxy Hair consists of tutorials on braids, buns, updos, waves, curls and other hairstyles. This YouTube Channel also provides answers to questions on hair questions on the most common hair problems like split ends, damage, frizz, thinning, oily hair, dry hair and more.  

Most of her videos are “How to” videos that revolve around curls hair tutorials, late hairstyles, and low buns.

Mimi Ikonn is a YouTuber and Published Author 

Her “How-To” videos have amassed many views, amounting to 499,403,070 views on Luxy Hair alone. Besides being a successful YouTuber, Mimi introduced a cookbook known as Mimi’s Healthy and Delicious Recipe. She is also an author of the published book, “The Bingo Theory: A Revolutionary Guide to Love, Life, and Relationships.” 

Her Social Media Presence

Mimi Ikonn’s reputation on social media pages has led to the acquisition of many followers. For instance, she has over 1.1 million followers on Instagram. Her average views per video on the same platform is 172.2K, with an estimated post value of $2,612. On the other hand, her Facebook page shows that she has over 124K followers, while she has 15.2K followers on Twitter. 

What We Know About Her Body Measurements

Ikonn has a medium-sized body that can be attributed to her diet and lifestyle. She is 166 cm tall and weighs 57kg. Both her hair and eyes are dark brown with tanned skin color. According to Mimi, home-cooked food is healthier than junk food, she has laid this emphasis a number of times in her cookbook. 

What is Mimi Ikonn’s Net Worth?

Mimi Ikonn’s estimated net worth is estimated to be between $1 million to $5 million. YouTube remains her primary source of income. She also makes money from other sources including Instagram and book sales. She is ranked among the most popular and most successful YouTubers in Azerbaijan. 

How Many Children Does She Have

As mentioned above, Mimi has one child, Alexa Ikonn, as at the time of this writing. Alexa is still young and has so far interacted with fans on various social media platforms like Instagram where posts about her birthday and her personal life are posted.  

During the interview on YouTube, Mimi disclosed some facts concerning her own life. However, she never mentioned anything about her parents. However, she has once made it known that her daughter’s best friend is her cousin. 

Quick Facts About Mimi Ikonn

Mimi Ikonn
Mimi and Alex Ikonn (Image Source)
  • Mimi has been a pescetarian for a number of years now. Just in case you are wondering what that means, it is a person who does not eat meat but does eat fish.
  • She is fluent in Azerbaijani, English Language, Turkish, and Russian.
  • Interestingly enough, even though she can now be regarded as a fashionista, she grew up as a tomboy, not giving any attention whatsoever to makeup and other things of that nature.
  • She confessed to once stealing an expensive pair of heels from a mall, but later felt embarrassed by that act, she promised herself not to do such again
  • Mimi does not take alcohol, except wine which she takes occasionally.
  • Lydia is the name of her mother-in-law whom she refers to as her second mom
  • Mimi co-founded “Luxy Hair” with her husband after she became frustrated that she couldn’t find a good quality hair extension she could use for her wedding.In addition to this incident, her husband, Alex, got fired and lost his job.
  • She has a cat she named Mishka, unfortunately, Mishka died at the age of 15 due to kidney failure
  • Her biggest fear is; what happens to us humans after our death
  • Her favorite fruit are cherries
  • She loves traveling
  • In July 2013, she became a co-founder of dreamers and creators

Interesting Key Takeaways and FAQs

  • Who is Mimi Ikonn’s Husband? Mimi Ikonn is married to Alex Ikonn who is also an entrepreneur and a vlogger. Their union has been blessed thus far with a daughter named Alexa.
  • What is Mimi Ikonn’s Net Worth? Mimi Ikonn is worth between $1 million to $5 million
  • How Old is Mimi Ikonn? Mimi Ikonn is 36 years old
  • How Tall is Mimi Ikonn?  Mimi Ikonn is 5 feet 6 inches or 166cm
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