Here’s What We Know About Milly Shapiro and Her Medical Condition

Milly Shapiro is an American actress and singer best known for her role as Charlie Graham in the horror movie Hereditary. She has a rare genetic condition called Cleidocranial dysplasia, which affects the formation of the teeth and other bones such as collarbones, face, legs, skull, and spine.

Ever seen the 2018 horror movie Hereditary? If you have, then you’d certainly remember Milly Shapiro, who portrayed the role of Charlie Graham in the movie. She also portrayed the character of Sally Brown in You’re a Good Man, Charlie Brown. The actress has no doubt become a growing force to reckon with in the showbiz arena. Aside from movies, Shapiro is also a talented singer and has launched a few music albums, including Live Out Loud – Live at 54 Below.

After receiving the prestigious Tony Honor in 2013 and a Grammy nomination in the same year, fans and followers have been interested in knowing more about Milly and her rare condition. This is because, from the first glance, it would be clear that Shapiro’s facial form and morphology differ from that of any “normal” child. This piece takes you a bit deeper into the life of the young actress and how much she’s accomplished despite her condition.

Who is Milly Shapiro and Where is She From?

Milly Shapiro was born Amelia Lee Shapiro in Tampa, Florida, the United States, on 16th July 2002, to parents, Eric and Michelle Shapiro. Her parents were local business owners, who raised Milly and her older sister, Abigail, in Tampa. Growing up, Milly Shapiro drew inspiration from her sister, who is a vocalist and actress. According to sources, she began singing at the age of 3 and started performing at 5.

From the onset, The Shapiros did the best they could to shield their daughter from public pressure due to her condition. As such, Milly Shapiro did not attend the regular school, but a Montessori school where she remained until she was 10. Montessori schools offer an education based on hands-on learning and self-directed activities guided by highly-trained teachers. It was designed by the Italian physician, Maria Montessori.

Milly Shapiro
Milly Shapiro, her sister, Abigail, and her parents.

The Shapiros later moved to New York to offer Milly more opportunities in her career as an actress and singer. While she still attends school on the side, Shapiro is mostly known as an actress and singer. She trained in acting, singing, and dancing; in ballet, jazz, tap, and hip hop.

Milly Shapiro’s Fact Sheet

Details of Her Career and Achievements

Milly made her big break when she featured as Matilda Wormwood in Broadway’s version of Matilda (Matilda The Musical). She appeared alongside Oona Laurence, Bailey Ryon, and Sophia Gennusa. The musical was displayed at the Sam S. Shubert Theatre from March 8, 2013–January 19, 2014. However, hardly has the show reached its first year before the accolades began to roll in.

Milly Shapiro made history in 2013 after winning a Tony Honor with her Matilda costars Sophia Gennusa, Bailey Ryon, and Oona Laurence. The youngsters were honored for their Broadway debuts in Matilda. A feat that put their names on the map as the youngest recipients of the prestigious award in history. In the same year, Shapiro became a Grammy Award nominee for “Best Musical Theater Album” for Matilda‘s cast album.

Milly Shapiro
The Shapiro Sisters

2016 was another incredible year for the young actress. That year, she starred as Sally Brown in the Broadway production titled You’re a Good Man, Charlie Brown at York Theatre. However, her popularity was only confined to the theatre space. She took a major step two years later, in 2018, when she made her first film appearance. Her role as Charlie Graham in Hereditary proved to be a groundbreaking gig for the Florida-born and pushed her further into the limelight.

What followed was her first television credit, in which she portrayed Emma Rebecca in the episode “We Need to Talk About Karen” of Splitting Up Together. But it doesn’t end there as Shapiro has also made it big on music as she is in acting. As a music artist, Milly Shapiro, alongside her triple-threat sister, Abigail, formed a tag team—Shapiro Sisters—and released the Live album from 54 Below concert in 2014. According to the records, the Shapiro Sisters were the first minors to have a cabaret at the 54 Below cabaret space in New York City.

As her fame and fortune increased, one major topic about Milly Shapiro has been her conspicuous not-normal appearance. This has been the subject of concern over the years. But it seems the teenager isn’t so worried about her condition like most of her fans are. And that is because fans know too little about it. Perhaps, the earlier fans knew that Shapiro isn’t hopeless after all, the better. Let’s tell you more about her medical issue.

What You Probably Didn’t Know About Milly Shapiro’s Medical Condition

Milly Shapiro struggles with a medical condition that puts her in the company of the likes of Stranger Things‘ star Gaten Matarazzo. Cleidocranial dysplasia, as it is called, is a birth condition that mostly affects the formation of the teeth and other bones. Children born with the condition are either missing or have underdeveloped clavicles, which then affect the structure of the face, teeth, and skull. The condition also results in weak pelvic bones, relatively low growth, and a prominent forehead.

Notwithstanding, the condition has not dampened Milly Shapiro’s dreams in any way. She has been more determined to move beyond her limitations, and ace her career to the encouragement of many who suffer from a similar condition. More so, the Shapiro Sisters continue to lend their voices against bullying targeted at children and teens with special needs.

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