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When a man’s career has been as successful as that of Mike Rowe, one would expect that everything should be complete in his life by now. Part of that everything being complete includes having a wife and putting a definite answer to the plural question of his sexual orientation.

Is he married to a woman, who is his wife or is he gay? These were questions we sought answers for just like you did now to arrive here. We did find something about him and you will unearth them in the ensuing paragraphs. First of all, let’s appreciate him for his life works by learning about his biography and how he grew to be who we know him as today.


On the 18th day of March 1962, Mike Rowe was born to John and Peggy Rowe in Baltimore, Maryland, the United States of America. His full name is Michael Gregory Rowe.

Mike attended Overlea High School where he studied theatre and singing till his graduation in the year 1980. He enrolled at Essex Community College and later Towson University for further studies where he later bagged a degree in communication studies. He was conferred an Honorary Life Member of the Barbershop Harmony Society at the Society’s international convention in Las Vegas on July 8, 2017.

Begining his career in the mid-1980’s, he was a host in the television show Your New Home for WJZ-TV till the next 15 years. In the course of this time, he also hosted a couple of television shows which were all highly successful and popularly watched at that time like How Booze Built America, Channel 999, Evening Magazine on KPIX-TV, Worst Case Scenarios for TBS, Egypt Week Live!, etc.

Mike Rowe

His most significant career break came when he began hosting Disney’s Dirty Jobs. He began hosting Somebody’s Gotta Do It on CNN from October 2014 where he discussed some professions that are not too appealing to most of us. In general, his career has been quite successful with a lot of personal achievement anyone in that line of progression will definitely like for keeps.

Who Is His Wife? 

The television celebrity was once romantically involved with a woman. This woman was an actor, filmmaker, and a stuntwoman who goes by the name Danielle Burgio. They were so madly in love with each other such that it couldn’t be hidden from public knowledge. Sadly, the love wasn’t strong enough to get them committed to each other in marriage. They got divorced when people were expecting to hear of their marriage announcement.

Mike Rowe hasn’t been associated with any other woman since after Danielle Burgio. Some sources claimed that he went as far as engaging Danielle, but he hasn’t said anything to that effect. He has remained strangely single since then without a wife and any known girlfriend. If he is seeing someone, then it must be a closely guarded secret between him, his partner, their assistants and those closest to them.

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Is Mike Rowe Married or Gay?

Since Mike Rowe is not married and was known to have dated only one woman before they called it quits. Remaining single has made a lot of people to ask some pertinent and honest questions about his sexuality.

Is Mike Rowe Gay?

Mike has not responded to this question on his own, neither did he take offense at being perturbed about what most other celebrities would consider belonging to his private affairs.

We cannot answer for him definitely but looking at some key verified occurrences in the past, we might not be too far in understanding if he aligns with the rainbow community albeit privately.

  • Mike Rowe was previously in a relationship with a woman, so he can be said to have a straight sexual orientation.
  • The relationship lasted for a considerably long time as it should between a man and woman. It was called off by mutual consent of both parties and since then Mike has not been romantically associated with any “man” or a woman. He has simply remained on his own.
  • Since the controversy of his possible gay sexuality began following him up and down with his keeping mute about it, there has not been any gay man who came out to claim to be in a relationship with him.

Mke Rowe cannot be said with certainty to be gay neither is he married. At least none that we know of.

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