What is Mike Holmes Best Known For, Who Are His Kids and Does He Have a Wife?

Once in a while, history seems to throw up a rhyme. One such case is Mike Holmes. His family name sounds like ‘homes’ and homes business actually runs in their family. Indeed, anyone who has a measured interest in real estate in North America – and especially in Canada – will surely be familiar with the name. In this post, therefore, we want to pay close attention to Mike’s personality side by side with his professional and family life. What unique impact has he made to the real estate sector? What kind of relationship has he maintained at home? How has his relationship at home helped his success at work? Such are the questions that will concern us as we proceed in considering the Canadian.

The Unique Impact Of Mike Holmes In The Real Estate Industry

Popularly known as Big Mike, Holmes is a Canadian businessman who has made a name for himself in the field of construction and building. He began to learn the trade from his father when he was just 6 years old. But, before attaining 20 years of age, Holmes had established his first construction company with 13 employees. He was thrust into the limelight in 2003 when he began the TV show, Holmes on Homes, a home improvement show on HGTV where he tries to rescue homeowners in Ontario and Toronto from bad renovations.

The success of the show gave birth to several other similar home improvement shows including one where he recovered houses damaged in natural disasters. Holmes’ contributions in construction have helped to set the standard high for residential houses in Canada, thus saving money and lives in the long-run.

In 2010, he was named the second most trusted person in Canada courtesy of Readers’ Digest. Some of his currently running shows include Holmes Inspection, Holmes Makes It Right, and Best of Holmes on Homes. His antecedents have also earned him the status of a judge on HGTV’s show Handyman Superstar Challenge and All American Handyman.

His previous TV shows that are no longer running include Holmes In New Orleans which focused on Mike and two of his children (Mike Jr. and Sherry) redoing a home destroyed by Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans’ Lower Ninth Ward in 2005. Another one is Mike’s Ultimate Garage which was actually a 2014 HGTV series in which his son Mike Jr. and his daughter Sherry starred constructing a garage for their dad Big Mike who only guest-starred on the show. Another show entitled Holmes: Buy It Right had Mike Holmes advising new home buyers in 2016.

Mike Holmes’s new TV shows include Holmes Make It Right: Retooled which began to air on DIY Network in 2019. It is a spin-off series in which the TV star/real estate guru revisits the renovation cases earlier handled in the original 2012 series Holmes Makes It Right. There is also another show entitled Holmes 911 which seems to be themed on the historic 9/11 Attacks and which began to air in September 2019 on CTV. The show focuses on Holmes reexamining homes that have been badly executed by contractors and which, as a result of that, constitute disasters waiting to happen. His TV program Holmes and Holmes also started airing on HGTV in 2016 and on DIY Network in 2019.

What Other Sources of Income Does He Have and What Is His Net Worth From All These?

As if Mike Holmes has not done enough with his work in raising the home standards in Canada well above average and spreading the knowledge and skills via his TV shows, he has several other streams from which his net worth of $30 million has accrued.

For instance, his many TV productions made it necessary that he established his own TV production company known as Make It Right Productions. The outfit mainly serves Holmes’ own TV productions. But it sometimes works in partnership with other media outfits.

Mike Holmes is also a bestselling author of at least 4 books on home renovation. These include Make It Right: Inside Home Renovation With Canada’s Most Trusted Contractor (published in 2006), The Holmes Inspection: Everything You Need To Know Before You Buy or Sell Your Home (2008), Make It Right: Attics and Basements (2009) and Make It Right: Kitchens and Bathrooms (published in 2010).

In addition to all these, Mike Holmes also has construction gears – including tools, implements, overalls, and appliances – that are licensed to his name under the appellation of ‘Mike Holmes Approved Products’. All these business concerns are carried on under Mike’s conglomerate The Holmes Group.

Is Mike Holmes Married? Who Is His Wife or Girlfriend?

At the beginning of his Holmes on Homes show in 2003, Mike didn’t hit the screens alone. Instead, he brought his family along. However, the family included three children (Amanda, Sherry, and Mike Jr.) without a mother in the picture, which raised questions about Mike’s marital status. The businessman was, however, quick in clearing the air on the matter. Here is the explanation:

In 1982, at just 19 years of age, he got married to his teenage love Alexandra Lorex. The marriage was blessed with the three kids earlier mentioned. Then, it went on blissfully until the 1990s when a terrible recession hit Canada.

As a result of the recession, Mike lost a lot of his businesses and properties and it wasn’t long before the financial difficulty he faced began to put a strain on his marriage. During the same period, Mike lost both of his parents in quick succession, thus compounding his problems. He and Alexandra would later divorce when Mike was in his thirties.

Mike Holmes
Anna Zappia and Mike (image source)

Since that divorce, Mike has never been married again. However, in 2000, he began dating a showroom model named Anna Zappia and they have been together ever since. Mike has attended many red carpet events with Anna by his side including the 2014 Baeumler Family Foundation. Not much is known about Anna but it is a known fact that she is also Canadian.

Though Mike and Anna haven’t tied the knot, they have been living together for years now and Mike sometimes refers to her as his wife. They do not have any kids together, and it does not seem to be in their plan.

A Brief On The Renovation Expert’s Children

As already said, Mike has three children, all of whom were born before he turned 25 and from the only legal union he ever contracted. As already mentioned also, his children include a son Mike Holmes Jr. and daughters – Sherry Holmes and Amanda Holmes. So, below is a brief on them.

Mike Holmes Jr. followed in his father’s footsteps to become a builder. When he was 13 years old, he was already working with his father at his construction company. Mike Jr. was born on July 25, 1989. During his high school years, the hunk played in the varsity rugby team. In August 2017, he got married to his teenage love, Lisa Grant in a romantic outdoor wedding that was attended by about 120 guests.

Mike Holmes
Mike with daughter Sherry and son Mike Jr. image source

As for Sherry, she wasn’t originally a big fan of construction. Instead, she was inclined towards anything that involves travel and helping people. She initially declined her dad’s request to join his construction TV show but changed her mind when it involved helping victims of Hurricane Katrina build back their homes.

Since then, Sherry has remained involved with construction helping low-income families build affordable houses among other selfless efforts. Sherry who was born on June 21, 1987, was engaged to Blake Steed in June 2017. Then, coming to Amanda, her own career interest is in fitness. She is married with at least two kids – as of 2019.


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