Mielmonster – Biography, Facts About The Vine Comedian and Instagram Star

Mielmonster is a triple threat in the combination of actor, writer, and comedian – even though she has deployed most of her talents for her social media career. The California native has built her own corner on the internet with hilarious videos and loyal fans to boot.
Back in the day when Logan Paul, King Bach, and DeStorm Power were forces to reckon with on the popular short-form video-sharing app, Vine, Mielmonster already had a relatively reasonable following. However, since it was shut down in 2017, the social media celebrity has successfully made the transition to Instagram and YouTube and continues to grow her success.

Mielmonster’s Family and Early Life

The social media content creator was born and raised in Orcas Village, a little town located in Washington. She was named Mariel Wade Bredouw at birth on July 11, 1989. She currently resides in Los Angeles, California and has done a good job of keeping the crucial details of her growing years hidden from the public annals. Besides a few crumbs of information concerning her parents and siblings, nothing else is known about her family.

Mielmonster was unsurprisingly born into a family of creatives to Anne and Jim Bredouw. Through her parents, she has an older sister and a younger brother. Her mother, Anne, works in the fashion industry as a clothing designer and her father, Jim, was a studio musician, and songwriter, often writing lyrics for songs set to commercials. Miel’s older sister, Minnie, resides in San Francisco where she makes a living as a product designer who lends her creative design talent to causes of social impact. Her younger brother Henri, like their father, is also a musician based in Portland, Oregon.

Mielmonster and Demi Adejuyigbe
Mielmonster and Demi Adejuyigbe

Besides her time on Vine, and now YouTube, the social media influencer is also a co-host of a podcast known as Punch Up the Jam. On the podcast, Miel and her good friend and fellow comedian, Demi Adejuyigbe, spend their time doing giving their reviews on popular songs, as well as re-writing and remixing them.

About The Vine Comedian and Instagram Star’s Rise To Fame

1. Mielmonster Started Vining in 2014

Although Vine wasn’t Mariel Bredouw’s first social media platform – she joined Twitter in 2012 – it was her first real stab at any semblance of social media success. The internet personality signed up on Vine sometime in 2014, a year after the app was launched by the parent company, Twitter. It did not take long for her to start getting noticed for her micro comedy sketches on the platform. Her style of humor, which can only be described as dry and sarcastic, won her a huge following on Vine. She also got to work and collaborate with big names like BuzzFeed, Super Deluxe, and Funny or Die.

Since the death of the app, Mariel has moved over to Youtube and Instagram where she continues in her penchant for dry humor clips. As of June 2019, the social media star has more than 107,000 subscribers on Youtube, and over 135,000 followers on Instagram. In the same time frame, her Youtube videos have garnered over 10 million total views.

2. She Admitted that She was More Comfortable on Vine than She is on YouTube

After Vine shut down, Mielmonster was optimistic that she could pick up on YouTube where she left off on Vine. However, it did not take her long to begin to question if she could achieve similar success as she did on Vine.

For one, she did not think her brand of humor would be appreciated by the majority of the audience on the video streaming platform. She also said she preferred the simplicity and short-form nature of Vine videos. Back then, she could just cram all her creativity into a few seconds of video recording on her phone. She also did not need to worry about having video editing skills. Mielmonster admits she is not very tech-savvy and worried if she could compete with other YouTubers who had immense post-production skills and equipment.

3. She Had a Dispute with Barstool Sports over Her “Slob on My Knob” Video

In November 2016, Miel did a video where she layered the lyrics from Three 6 Mafia’s ‘Slob on my Knob’ over the tune for ‘Carol of the Bells’. The video garnered seven-figure views and even caught the attention of Three 6 Mafia member, Juicy J, who shared the video. Naturally, the video was shared and retweeted all over the place. However, in December 2018, Barstool Sports shared the video on their Twitter without giving credit to Mielmonster. This did not sit well with her. She contacted them, asking them to give her credit but there was no response to her complaint.

Mielmonster then filed a takedown request under the Digital Millenium Copyright Act (DMCA). Twitter responded by immediately taking down the video. A few hours later, she was contacted by a Barstool Sports’ representative asking if she would consider withdrawing the DMCA takedown complaint in exchange for being given full credit.
After Mielmonster did not respond, they offered her a $50 gift card to their merch store. The company continued to bombard her with messages on Twitter, Instagram and via email. At one point, they offered to promote her podcast, Punch Up the Jam, for free. Subsequently, Mark Twain, the Barstool Sports’ general counsel, reached out personally, offering her $2000 to rescind the takedown complaint.

Mielmonster rejected all their offers because she believed the company had racist and sexist leanings and she did not want to be associated with them. Barstool Sports’ Founder would eventually make a public statement, apologizing for the way they handled the entire situation.


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