Michael Jordan’s Mansion House, Net Worth, Salary

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HIGHLAND PARK, IL - OCTOBER 21: A gate with the number 23 controls access to the home of basketball legend Michael Jordan on October 21, 2013 in Highland Park, Illinois. Twenty-three is the number Jordan wore while playing basketball for the Chicago Bulls. The home which had been offered for sale for $29 million and later dropped to $21 million is scheduled to be sold at auction on November 22. The 32,683-squre-foot home features nine bedrooms, 19 bathrooms, a 15-car attached garage and an "NBA-quality" basketball court. Scott Olson/Getty Images/AFP== FOR NEWSPAPERS, INTERNET, TELCOS & TELEVISION USE ONLY ==

When it comes to celebrity digs, we expect everything out of the ordinary; flashy gates, an insane number of rooms and bathrooms, a pool suspended in mid-air, or any other crazy thing you could think up. With his net worth all the way up at, $1.14 billion, we expect wonderful things as we explore Michael Jordan’s mansion.

What would your house be like if you had access to all those dollar bills? It may take a while for you to think that up, so let’s look at Jordan’s mansion for some good old fashioned inspiration.

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Michael Jordan’s Mansion (Chicago)

Jordan’s mansion may have been on the market for four years, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t as fascinating as celebrity digs get. We’ll get into the reason why the star athlete’s house has remained unsold since 2012, but first, let’s check it out, just in case you are in the market for a $15 million house.

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Once you approach the entrance of the house, it would be impossible not to know that it belongs to the athlete. Anyone who knows Michael Jordan (everyone) knows that his Bulls jersey number is 23, so once you see that giant ‘23‘ embellished on his classy gate, you know you’re in Jordan land.

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Before we take a ‘looksie’, here’s what to expect when you get past that gate, the house features; nine bedrooms, 15 full bathrooms, a basketball court, a card room, a games room, a wine cellar, a home cinema, a fitness studio, a tennis court, lots of greenery and beautiful landscaping.

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Now that we are past the gate, let’s get past the front door of Jordan’s mansion. His formal living room is quite inviting and fancy, there’s a piano in the corner people, where we come from a grand piano reads 100 on the fancy meter.

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Once you step into this home theater, you get the feeling it belongs to a basketball lover, it might just be the neon imprint of him on the ceiling that gives it away. This is a classy place to kick it back and watch a couple of movies.

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Forget your conventional dark and gloomy wine cellar, step in through the basketball shaped doorway of Michael Jordan’s wine cellar and have your pick of wine and perhaps, couple fine dining with some ‘fine wining’.

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All that talk about dining has got us curious about where the actual ‘dining’ takes place. The athlete’s dining room features a table that was custom made for him. It’s called the Baghdad table and it’s no shocker that it represents a map of the city of Baghdad.

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This is where all the cooking happens, there’s nothing like a wooden paneled kitchen with every conceivable appliance a chef would need to prepare anything from a grilled cheese to a fillet mignon.

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This is one of the 9 bedrooms that are located in the house, and it just screams, ‘simplicity is the new sophistication’.

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Would it be Michael Jordan’s mansion without a customized basketball court? We strongly doubt it. The athlete has a full sized regulation basketball court located inside his home, we would love to win some court- side tickets to a game there, any day.

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From what we have seen, the house is worth the $15 million the athlete wants to off load it for, and probably a little more, but we are pretty sure he did not expect it to stay listed for this long, with its original listing price at $16 million. The house is every basketball fan’s dream, and it has attracted offers from all around the globe, the whole building and the land it sits on is basically a collectors item.

So why is it still on the market? There are a couple of theories floating out there, first, everyone loves a mansion(let alone, Michael Jordan’s mansion), but word on the street is that Jordan’s mansion is a little too spacey and customized.

As much as a man like Michael Jordan, he would prefer to walk into his basketball court and see his name plastered across the floor. You could argue that if you have $15 million to splurge on a mansion, you have the money to rip out a couple of floor boards, but the house is aggressively customized so that would take a lot.

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Also, while the house is located in the high-end part of Chicago, Highland Park, it’s not situated in a celebrity-populated area — Calabasas, for example. So, we are still keeping our fingers crossed for Michael, because that is one sweet mansion.