Mia Khalifa Bio, Wiki, Instagram, Salary, Husband, Boyfriend, Mom, Parents 
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You probably don’t need to be told who Mia Khalifa is. She has gathered huge followership across the globe for being who she is, one of the most popular porn stars in the entire world.

Although most people have described Khalifa’s livelihood with words like “profane” and have not hesitated to point out why people like her are a problem to the world at large, Mia believes she has a purpose. One of her missions is to liberate girls all over the earth from been sexually repressed. She wants to hand them the audacity to be wanton; the boldness to crawl out from their secret places and “be the slut they’ve always wanted to be.”

Mia also believes it’s cool for one to embark on a journey of self-discovery and sexual liberation. This is why she decided to take charge of her fantasies and do the things she does. Due to Mia Khalifa’s origin and the religious issues of the world, she had to fend off death threats after a pornographic film of her dressed in the veil mostly worn by Muslim women circulated rapidly and widely on the Internet. As of December 2014, the popular pornographic video sharing website, Pornhub, congratulated Khalifa for being the number 1 ranked pornstar on the largest pornography site on the Internet.

Those who were pissed by Khalifa’s choice of garment for acting porn weren’t only those who thought it was a sheer audacity that disrespected the Muslim faith. Her family was also very annoyed with her. As the film was a big deal to a significant portion of the Arab world, members of her family had to issue a statement disassociating themselves from her deeds. Stressing that her pornographic film doesn’t reflect the family beliefs and was a misrepresentation of her roots, Khalifa’s family expressed hopes of her gaining back her senses and redeeming the honour of her homeland.

Mia Khalifa Bio, Wiki, Mom, Parents

Owing to the fact that Mai Khalifa became famous as the hijab porn actress, it has commonly be assumed that she is of the Muslim faith. Well, she isn’t. She comes from a Catholic family and was brought up a Christian.

Born on the 10th day of February 1993, in Lebanon’s capital – Beirut, Khalifa was only 7 years old when her family decided to move and settle in the United States of America; that was in 2000. Reaching America, the family decided to make Maryland’s Montgomery County their new home. Here, Mia lived through most of her teenage life. Nonetheless, she left home when she was 18 and married an American sometime in February 2011.

Mia is a graduate of a research university in El Paso, Texas. We learnt that she received a Bachelor of Arts degree in History from the public university.

Beyond Mai’s parents, the entire members of her family have cut ties with her. She once expressed that none of them talks with her as she described her parents with phrases like “very conservative” and “extremely strict”. Adding that her porn career wouldn’t be forgiven by her family, Mai pointed out that she isn’t happy about soiling the family name.

While it is extensively believed that Mia is no longer a porn star, she still has a strong bond with the industry. Her Mia Khalifa porn page is still active and she still pockets payments from her previous activities in the industry.

Mia Khalifa’s Instagram, Salary, Net Worth

The fame Khalifa earned from being the hijab porn star is evident on her Instagram account. As of January 2018, she has 4.9 million followers on the social site. Of late, she has been increasingly utilizing her large followership to promote different brands.

Though people have severally expressed interest in knowing how much Khalifa received as salary from her porn films, the information is simply not available. This is also the case with her net worth, hardly can anyone provide any credible info about it.

The only thing that can be substantiated is the fact she has accumulated an enviable amount of wealth from endorsements and her personal porn site.  Nevertheless, it is widely thought that the value of everything she owns should be around $2 million.

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Mia Khalifa’s Husband, Boyfriend

It’s common to come across questions like “Who is Mia Khalifa’s Boyfriend?” Anyway, Khalifa’s love life has been very private. All that is known is that she married an American in February 2011. The identity of the man is largely unknown and, it’s not certain if the marriage is still intact.

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