Megan Bowen – Bio, Boyfriend, Parents, Facts About The YouTuber

Megan Bowen is the internet crush of thousands of online users due to the ways she relates with her fans online, especially on YouTube where she creates and uploads contents that are related to the Korean Wave (also known as Hallyu).

Bowen was actually born in the United States of America. She, however, found fame in South Korea after she moved to the country to pursue her academic dreams. The YouTuber’s original plan was to look for greener pasture in South Korea, but she ended up becoming an online superstar after some months.

Megan Bowen – Bio

Megan Bowen is a native of Illinois, in the United States of America where she was born on the 16th day of May 1989. The YouTuber is the first child of her parents and the eldest among her siblings. Megan’s parents are of African descent while her grandparents were of mixed ethnic background. Sometime in early 2017, Bowen disclosed in one of her videos that her dad had done a DNA test to find out her ethnicity; the reason being that she was too white-skinned when her mother gave birth to her while her parents are black. Recently, the YouTuber  also disclosed that she is 60 percent of African ancestry, after going through a DNA test

Though born in Illinois, Bowen was raised up in Georgia, where she is believed to have received her elementary and high school education. However, she graduated from the prestigious Florida-based college, the University of Central Florida. Megan Bowen is said to have majored in Interdisciplinary Studies with a focus on biomedical sciences and behavioral and Social sciences in the institution. The internet sensation also minored in Spanish, after which she enrolled for online courses in order to get a TEFL certificate which would help her secure a job as an elementary school instructor in South Korea.

One of the major reasons Bowen chose South Korea as a befitting destination was because she felt that their food and culture suited her. Before she relocated to the East Asian country, she had a YouTube channel titled: ChoNunMigookSaram’ ( meaning I am an American Person).

She launched the channel in December 2010 and later started uploading videos on the channel in early 2012 after she moved to South Korea. Though her videos were basically for her friends and family in America at the time, she later changed her mind and started welcoming new fans. Through this means, she was able to amass followers through her engaging videos that focuses mainly on her experiences in the East Asian country and the cultural differences that exist there and in America.

Upon garnering about 50 thousand YouTube subscribers, the American online sensation decided to resign from her job and fully give her growing YouTube channel the attention it needed.

Who are Her Parents?

Megan Bowen is blessed with amazing and supportive parents who have been her major inspiration right from the beginning of her career. Unfortunately, their names are yet to be publicized. Apart from Megan, the two have six other children (three sons and three daughters) whose identities are yet to be made public as well. Despite being less popular, the YouTuber’s younger siblings are working very hard to make a name for themselves too. Some of them do appear in her videos and they truly look adorable like their famous sister.

Megan Bowen’s Boyfriend

Megan Bowen is in a romantic relationship with a hunky Korean guy called Moon Seong Yeong. The American YouTuber introduced her beau to the world for the first time in a YouTube video she recorded and posted in December 2018.

Megan Bowen
Megan and Moon (image source)

The clip captured the two looking cute and adorable together. Moon and Bowen also recounted in the video, how they met each other and what their first impressions were when their paths crossed. Seong and Megan are age mates, they were born in 1989, however, the Korean hunk’s birth month is March while that of Megan is May.

Ever since the pair did their first video together, not much has been heard about them, however, we believe they are doing just fine. Away from her relationship with her Korean sweetheart, it is not really known if Megan Bowen dated some other guys before meeting Moon, as her dating timeline is not documented online.

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Facts About The YouTuber

1. Megan Bowen has an operational blog she titled: to go with the channel.

2. Megan’s popularity soared in South Korea in 2015 after her involvement in the online reality series, Blind Date Korea.

3. The American sensation was featured as a guest on episode 12 of Arirang TV’s show B CRUZE as well as in Megan’s real Korea segment on KBS World TV.

4. The YouTuber is a businesswoman who owns a cross-border e-commerce business that sends Korean beauty and fashion products to Latin American subscribers and buyers in Anglo-Saxon countries too.


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