Who Are Shemar Moore’s Parents and Siblings, and Does He Have a Twin Brother?

Shemar Moore’s parents are Sherrod Moore and Marilyn Wilson-Moore. He has no direct sibling but he has four half-siblings whom his father welcomed with his second wife. They are Romeo Moore, Shenon Moore, Sheburra Moore, and Kosheno Moore. The actor does not have a twin brother that is known to the public.

Shemar Moore is an American actor who has achieved enormous fame for outstanding roles in the movie industry. As a result, many of his fans have been eager to know all about him, including his parents, siblings, and who his twin brother is and what he has his hands on.

Meet Shemar Moore’s Mom, Marilyn Joan Wilson-Moore

Shemar Moore’s mother is Marilyn Joan Wilson-Moore, an American former school teacher. She was born on September 6, 1943, in Roxbury, Boston, Massachusetts, United States, and this makes her an American citizen. Her date of birth also means that she is a Virgo.

Marilyn was the daughter of Herbert Joseph and Marie Wilson in Massachusetts. What her parents did for a living is not known, but it is believed that they earned a decent living. Marilyn Joan Wilson-Moore was raised in the Christian faith by her parents alongside her brother, Stephen Wilson. She grew up in Massachusetts and was of mixed ethnicity, including half-Irish and half-French-Canadian roots.

The actor’s mother had her high school education at St. Columb Kille School in the United States. She furthered her education at the University of Massachusetts, Boston, graduating with a degree in mathematics.

She eventually ventured into the education sector and worked as a teacher. Marilyn Joan Wilson-Moore started her career as a school teacher in Bahrain and also in Denmark. With time, she widened her profile and ventured into business consulting.

Marilyn Joan Wilson-Moore Died in 2020

While Marilyn Joan lived, she suffered from multiple sclerosis. She suffered from this disease even before receiving a diagnosis in 1999. Prior to her diagnosis, it was reported that she had some signs of the disease, which included urinary urgency, an odd itch on her forearm and thumb, and frequent falls.

When Marilyn’s mobility began to decline, she went for hip replacement surgery. At this point, she had already become aware of her disease and employed every means possible to control its effects. She engaged in physical activities like yoga, swimming, and physical therapy sessions. Unfortunately, she gave up the battle on February 8, 2020, at the age of 76.

Shemar Wilson Moore broke the news of his mother’s demise in a heartbreaking Instagram video. In the video, he said, “Marylin Joan Wilson-Moore, my mother, best friend, and partner in crime, passed away on February 8th at 76 years old.” Pouring out his heart in the caption of the video he said he missed his mom more than he ever imagined he could, and that he wasn’t sure how he was going to manage this world without her.

Although Marilyn is no longer with us, her son has preserved her memory. He often posts pictures of her, especially on her birthday. The actor once celebrated her along with the message, “Happy Heavenly Birthday.” Shemar Moore further set up a company known as Baby Girl LLC, in which he uses its profits to help people who suffer from sclerosis.

Who Is Shemar Moore’s Dad, Sherrod Moore?

Shemar Moore’s dad is Sherrod Moore. He was born on September 4, 1941. Nothing much is known about his early life, as he wasn’t privileged to be in the spotlight before his son’s fame. This has made information about his exact place of birth scarce, however, it is believed that he was born in the United States.

While he was an American national, he was of African American roots and was born under the Virgo birth sign. Details about whether he was a lone child or had other siblings are also not public knowledge, just as further details of where he spent his childhood and his education.

Shemar Moore's siblings

The names of Sherrod Moore’s parents are unknown, but reports have it that his father had a flourishing career, as he was reportedly a United States Army veteran. This infers that he once served as military personnel for the United States, but the part of the military where he served is not known. However, he is believed to have left the service with honor, as there are no record of any scandal he was involved in while he was in active service. He died in 2020, at the age of 79 years old.

Sharrod Moore’s Was Separated From Marylin Joan Wilson-Moore

Shemar Moore’s parents met each other and dated for quite some time, although it isn’t specifically stated how they met or how long they dated. It is also not known if they got married as there is no proof of their wedding, including the date and pictures. However, Sharrod’s relationship with Shemar Moore’s mother was perceived by many as abnormal because it occurred at a time when racism was at its peak.

The couple welcomed Shemar Moore on April 20, 1970, in Oakland, California, U.S. Reports have it that Sharrod Moore wasn’t there for his son, as he was raised by his mother, Marilyn Joan Wilson-Moore. Meanwhile, there is no information as to what happened to Sharrod Moore’s relationship with Shemar’s mother.

However, according to some sources, Sharrod Moore got married to Nobuko Takahashi, a Japanese woman who was nine years younger than him. None of her personal information is available to the public, but based on reports from other sources, she was born in 1950.

When Sherrod left his son and Marilyn Joan, it was speculated that it was because he was married to Nobuko. He welcomed four children with his wife and they are Romeo Moore, Sheburra Moore, Shenon Moore, and Kosheno Moore. Meanwhile, there are no details on whether Marylin Joan Wilson-Moore moved on with her life and remarried or remained single till her death.

Who Is Shemar Moore’s Twin Brother?

Shemar Moore does not have a twin that is known to the public, as he is the only child born to his parents. Celebrities who have successfully carved a niche and have a large fanbase have often been linked to being related to anyone they have a striking resemblance to. Shemar Moore has been caught in this web as he has been speculated to have a twin brother due to his striking resemblance to his uncle.

The rumor about the S.W.A.T. star being a twin began to circulate on his 51st birthday, which he celebrated with his family. The actor uploaded a picture of him and his uncle, Steve, with whom he shares a striking resemblance. This attracted the attention of the public, who began claiming that he had a twin brother. However, the fact remains that the actor is a lone child and does not have a twin brother.

Meet Shemar Moore’s Half Siblings

Shemar Moore doesn’t have any direct sibling, but he has four half-siblings. Here is all to know about his four half-siblings.

Romeo Moore

Romeo Moore is one of the half-siblings of Shemar Moore born to his father by Nobuko Takahashi. Unlike his half-brother, Romeo prefers to stay away from the spotlight and as a result of this, nothing is known about him.

It is also difficult to ascertain if he maintains a good or rocky relationship with his half-brother, as they are rarely seen together. However, since there has not been any record of controversy between him and his half-brother, Shemar Moore, it is assumed that they have a good relationship.

Kosheno Moore

  • Date of Birth: April 25, 1982
  • Age: 42 Years old

Koshemo Moore is one of the half-siblings of Shemar Moore. She was born on the 25th of April, 1982, in Japan to Sherrod Moore and Nobuko Takahashi. The Japanese national is of African-American and Japanese ancestry and was born under the Taurus birth sign. She grew up alongside her direct siblings under the care of her parents.

Koshemo is well educated, though the names and locations of the primary and high schools that she attended are not known. She earned a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science from Whitworth University and later furthered her education at California State University, East Bay, from where she graduated with a Master of Arts in Multimedia.

Kasheno is an accomplished media and communication specialist as well as an inclusion strategist. In order to advance her IT profession, she moved to the Bay Area, where she worked for Agilent Technologies’ corporate headquarters. She held the position of senior enterprise community manager at Jive Software and served as the CX communications manager at Workday.

She has reportedly had relationships with both men and women and frequently describes herself as gay. Kosheno once dated a girl, but it didn’t work out well, which resulted in both of them calling it quits. Subsequently, she married a guy whose identity remains a secret, and they welcomed a daughter, Amia, but unfortunately, their relationship also ended.

She currently lives with her daughter Amia in Hayward, California, in the United States. At the moment, it is not known if she’s remarried or in a relationship with anyone. What her relationship with Shemar Moore is like is not known, but it is believed that they are on good terms. Currently, she leads a private life and enjoys time with her loved ones.

Sheburra Moore

  • Date of Birth: September 14, 1983
  • Age: 40 Years old

Shemar Moore's Parents

Sheburra Moore is one of Shemar Moore’s half-siblings and she was born on the 14th of September, 1983, in Japan, to his father Nobuko Takahashi. She was born under the Virgo birth sign and is of mixed ethnicity, including African-American and Japanese. Sheburra grew up under the care of her parents, along with her direct siblings. She spent part of her early life in Honolulu, Hawaii, as her parents once lived there.

Shemar’s half-sister is well educated, though there are no details of the elementary, high school, or university that she attended. However, she earned her Ph.D. in psychology at Grand Canyon University.

After her education, she took up a career as an algebra teacher at the College of Southern Nevada. Sheburra Moore has been given the $5,000 Heart of Education Award, which recognizes the top teachers in the Clark County School District. She hasn’t spent much time in the spotlight and values a tranquil existence.

Based on reports, Sheburra Moore is married to Benjamin Haugsness, who has successfully kept information about himself under wraps. Sheburra’s relationship with her half-brother can be assumed to be healthy as there hasn’t been any controversy recorded.

Shenon Moore

  • Date of Birth: 1990
  • Age: 34 Years old

Shanon Moore was born in 1990 in Japan to Sherrod Moore and Nobuko Takahashi. His date and month of birth are not known, and as such, his zodiac sign cannot be determined. He has dual citizenship and is a Japanese and American citizen.

Shanon spent part of his life in Honolulu, Hawaii, where he also attended elementary and high school. According to reports, he first attended Kaiser High School before switching to Kapolei High School. He later joined the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) after finishing high school.

Shemar’s half-brother aspired to receive his certification as a trainer and as a result of this, he enrolled at Whitworth University but changed to Southern Nevada. Before enrolling at the Nevada School of Massage Therapy, he studied at the Art Institute as well.

Currently, Shenon Moore has found a career in the modeling industry. Shemar Moore once revealed that Shenon works with Encore Beach Club. He maintains a closer relationship with his half-brother than any of his other siblings.


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