Meet Sarah Lomax James Who Was James Hunt’s Wife For 6 Years

Sarah Lomax, also known as Sarah Lomax Z (born November 21, 1958), was the second and now ex-wife of James Hunt, the late British Formula One racing driver. She married James Hunt in 1983, but they divorced in 1989. Their relationship was known for being tumultuous and volatile, with James Hunt’s reputation for being a notorious playboy and his battles with substance abuse. 

At the time, Sarah Lomax Z became more well-known due to her connections to James Hunt and his legacy. She has occasionally made appearances at Formula One events and has been interviewed for documentaries and articles about James Hunt. Ultimately, Sarah Lomax Z is a private individual who has maintained a low profile despite her connection to a famous figure in the world of motorsports. Here’s all that we gathered about her despite her shying away from the public.

Summary of Sarah Lomax Z’s Biography 

  • Full name: Sarah Lomax 
  • Nickname: Sarah Lomax ‘Z’
  • Gender: Female
  • Date of birth: November 21, 1958
  • Place of Birth: England 
  • Sarah Lomax’s Age: 54 years old
  • Ethnicity: Mixed
  • Nationality: American 
  • Zodiac Sign: Scorpio 
  • Sexual Orientation: Straight 
  • Religion: Christianity 
  • Marital Status: Divorced 
  • Sarah Lomax’s Husband: James Hunt (m.1983-1989)
  • Sarah Lomax’s Children: Freddie Hunt, Tom Hunt, Charlie Jeffrey.
  • Sarah Lomax’s Parents: Ian Lomax (father), Rosemary Ann Ransom (mother)
  • Famous for: James Hunt’s ex-wife 

Sarah Lomax ‘Z’ Was Born in 1958

Sarah Lomax was born in 1958 in England and was raised in a middle-class family. Her father, Ian Lomax, was a successful businessman, and her mother, Rosemary Ann Ransom, was a homemaker. There is little to no information available about Sarah Lomax’s early life or family background beyond her marriage to James Hunt.

She grew up like every average young lass in the company of her family. Sarah has managed to keep most details of her life off of the limelight thus, it’s hard to tell where she had her high school and college education. She follows the Christian religion and belongs to the American nationality.

She Met James Hunt on a Beach in Spain in 1982

After James Hunt’s divorce from his first wife, Suzzy Miller, in 1975, he met Sarah Lomax ‘Z’ on a Beach in Spain. Sarah was reportedly on holiday with her friends in Spain when she met and fell in love with James. The duo dated for a while before tying the knot on December 17, 1983, in Marlborough, Wiltshire.

 Meet Sarah Lomax James Who Was James Hunt's Wife For 6 Years
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Their marriage was blessed with two boys, Tom Hunt, and Freddie Hunt. Sadly, the marriage came crashing down after six years. The once lovebird went through a messy divorce courtesy of James’ infidelity and numerous scandals. However, the estranged couple kept living together for the sake of their children until November 1988.

Despite her ordeal with James Hunt, Sarah Lomax gave love a second shot when she married Christopher Edward Jeffrey in November 1997. Lt. Col. Christopher Jeffrey is an army officer and widower resident in Nepal. The couple welcomed their son Charlie in 1999; sadly, Christopher Jeffrey collapsed from a stroke when they were preparing for Charlie’s Christening. Baby Charlie was 7 months old when he lost his father, and his mother was widowed.

How Long Was Sarah Lomax Z Married to James Hunt?

James Hunt’s marriage to Sarah Lomax ‘Z’ hit rock bottom before it even started. Despite being the historic woman that tamed racing hero James Hunt, their marriage hit rock bottom sooner than expected. James’ marriage to Sarah was reportedly tumultuous and ended in 1988. After her divorce from Hunt, Lomax largely stayed out of the public eye. However, her marriage with James lasted for a period of six years.

Was Sarah Lomax The First Wife of James Hunt?

Owing to the kind of influence Sarah reportedly had on James, one may think that she was his first love; but that is not the case here. James had dated his high school sweetheart, Taormina Rieck, with whom he started a relationship when he was a teenager, the love affair, however, did not get to the altar, as the duo would break up in May 1971.

Shortly afterward, James met Suzy Miller in Spain in 1974. It’s safe to say that it was love at first sight for Suzy and James as the duo started dating, and within weeks, James proposed.

Thus, Suzy and James got married on October 18, 1974, in Brompton Oratory in Knightsbridge. The union was not blessed with any child, also Suzy left James for Richard Burton, an actor. So, barely one year after their wedding, in the fall of 1975, the couple got divorced.

So, Sarah Lomax was not the first wife of James Hunt. James Hunt was married once, and his first wife was a woman named Suzy Miller. However, After Sarah Lomax and James Hunt divorced, Sarah Lomax Z remained relatively out of the public eye. She has not pursued a career in the public eye, and not much is known about her personal life or current activities.

Meet Sarah Lomax James Who Was James Hunt's Wife For 6 Years
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Who Are Sarah Lomax Z’s Children with James Hunt?

Sarah Lomax’s marriage to James Hunt was blessed with two adorable boys; Freddie and Tom. The eldest of their children was born five years after their marriage, while on the other hand, a lot has not been revealed about the younger of the duo.

Freddie Hunt was Born in 1987

Freddie Hunt was born June 28, 1987, to James Hunt and his wife, Sarah Lomax ‘Z’. He took after his father’s footsteps and began his career as a driver at the age of 20 for Joe Tandy Racing, a British Formula Ford Championship team.

Known as “Fearless Fred” the son of the Formula 1 champion has been carving his way into history through racing. Freddie also runs a farm in Scotland. Notwithstanding the fact that Freddie looks just like his father, the young man has tried his best not to trod his father’s womanizing path.

Tom Hunt is the Youngest of James Hunt and Sarah Lomax’s Children

Despite being the son of a famous motor racer, Tom has little to no information about him known. However, he is the second son of James Hunt and Sarah Lomax. It’s safe to say that he has chosen to follow in his mother’s footsteps by staying away from the spotlight.

Is Sarah Lomax James Still Alive?

In 2012, Sarah Lomax, who now prefers to be addressed as Sarah Hunt Jeffrey; the last name of her deceased husband, was diagnosed with breast cancer. After two years of battling with Cancer, Sarah Lomax James died peacefully in her sleep on September 17, 2014, at the age of 55 years old.

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