Meet Mercy Diaz, Joey Diaz’s Daughter with Terrie Diaz

Mercy Diaz (born on January 8, 2013) is the daughter of Joey Diaz, the Cuban-American comedian. She was born to the comedian and his wife Terrie Diaz.

The celebrity kid is seen as her father’s favorite, judging by the way he talks about her on talk shows. He frequently flaunts her pictures all over his social media platforms. Although she is the daughter of a well-known comedian, her parents try their best to keep her out of the limelight. However, we assume this can only last for a while since the parents have limited control over her.

Summary of Mercy Diaz’s Biography

  • Full name: Mercy Sofia Diaz
  • Gender: Female
  • Date of birth: January 8, 2013
  • Mercy Diaz’s Age: 11 years old
  • Ethnicity: Mixed
  • Nationality: American
  • Zodiac Sign: Capricorn
  • Sexual Orientation: Straight
  • Religion: Christian
  • Marital Status: Single
  • Mercy Dia’s Parents: Joey Diaz (father) and Terrie Diaz (mother)
  • Famous for: Being the daughter of the Cuban-American comedian, Joey Diaz

Mercy Diaz was Born in 2013

Mercy Diaz was born on January 8, 2013, in the United States of America. She is the first child to be welcomed by the famous Cuban-American comedian Joey Diaz and his second wife, Terrie Diaz.

The 11 year-old celebrity kid is shielded by her parents from the celebrity lifestyle, as they protect her personal information from the public. Mercy Diaz is of mixed ethnicity, having a father who is of Latino descent and a mother who is of the white race.

Although no information relating to her education is made public, we assume that, based on her age, she should be in her grade classes. Following her age, she has not chosen any career yet. However, she might wish to jump on the entertainment train when she wishes to start a career or choose a different career.

According to her father’s uploads on his Instagram, she is a child who loves to have lots of fun. Reports have it that Mercy Diaz has a female half-sibling from her father’s first marriage. Just like her information is kept private, that of her half-sibling has also been kept off of records.

Mercy Diaz’s Father, Jose Antonio Diaz, is a Stand-up Comedian 

Jose Antonio Diaz, born on February 19, 1963, is a Cuban-American stand-up comedian, podcaster, and actor, famously known by his stage name Joey Coco Diaz. The 61 year-old comedian was born in Havana, Cuba, before he moved with his family to the United States.

He grew up in North Bergen, New Jersey, and was the only Cuban-American in the neighborhood as of then. Joey had his elementary education at McKinley Elementary School in New Jersey. He obtained his high school education at North Bergen High School in Hudson County, New Jersey, the United States.

The comedian dropped out of the University of Colorado at Boulder, where he was meant to study economics. He didn’t have it all smooth while growing up as he lost his father at the age of 3. The comedian grew up under the care of his mother, who also died when he was 16 years old.

This exposed him to life on the street, as he got engaged in drugs and other crimes. He mixed with friends that influenced his sense of humor, which is how he took up a comedy career. Joey Diaz was arrested and reprimanded in prison for 16 months on the charge of kidnapping and aggravated robbery. It was at this time that he took off with his comedy career, as he usually performed stand-up comedy for fellow inmates.

Diaz created a blue comedy act after watching the 1988 movie Punchline in response to the Rocky Mountain advert for a $37 stand-up comedy course. He worked as a doorman at Wit’s End prior to doing his debut stand-up comedy. His career as an actor kicked off when a CBS talent scout watched him do comedy in Seattle. The CBS talent scout offered him a deal to appear in a television pilot as a bartender in the Bronx County series.

Diaz was completely taken aback by the offer, and at first, he didn’t believe him until he realized that the talent scout had tickets for him to go to Los Angeles for the filming. Despite the fact that the show was not picked up, the comedian was given the chance to work on other projects. This led to offers for his first film and roles as a referee in BASEketball (1998) and NYPD Blue, respectively.

Felicia Michaels, a stand-up comedian in 2009, urged Joey Diaz to co-host a brand-new comedy podcast. In one of the early episodes, Diaz related a tale from when he was younger about setting a prostitute’s wig on fire. The following weekend, more people came to see Diaz’s stand-up performances.

Meet Mercy Diaz’s Mother, Terrie Diaz

Terrie Diaz is well-known for being the spouse of stand-up comedian Joey Diaz. Terrie Diaz (née Clark), a Nashville, Tennessee native, is incredibly private despite being married to a famous person. Because of this, it is difficult to get information on her birthday, parents, siblings, family history, early years, education, and career. She was thrust into the spotlight after marrying the comedian Joey Diaz.

Mercy Diaz Parents, Joey Diaz and Terrie Diaz, Exchanged Marital Vows in 2009

The Cuban-American stand-up comedian and his wife Terrie Diaz are strict about letting their personal life to the public. They also hardly grant interviews or discuss their private life in public, which led to the scarcity of information relating to their love journey. It is very uncertain how, where and when the couple met each other, but it is known that their love journey legally started on November 25, 2009. They kept their wedding ceremony on a low key with only family and a few close friends in attendance.

Four years after their union, they welcomed their daughter, Mercy Sofia Diaz, who was born on January 8, 2013. Just as anticipated, they protected her personal information from the spotlight. So far, they are still married to each other, and that is the reason we assume that they truly found love in each other’s arms. Although the marriage may be the first for Terrie Clerk, it is not the same for Mercy Diaz’s father, as he was previously married.

A Look At Mercy Diaz’s Father’s Previous Marriage

Joey Diaz previously married a woman whose identity is unknown. The date and length of their marriage remained unknown, although they split formally in 1991. Furthermore, the details of their divorce were never made public. Joey Diaz’s first marriage also resulted in a daughter whose identity is also unknown, just like his second marriage with Terrie.

However, it is thought that the comedian had a terrible relationship with his first daughter after his divorce. Joey Diaz once acknowledged that his daughter’s unfortunate situation served as the driving force behind his desire to seek a career in comedy and vowed to work hard and one day make her proud.

Joey currently appears to be more concerned with her profession, and it’s still unclear whether her relationship with his daughter from the first marriage has improved.


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