Meet Kane Brown’s Siblings; His Brother and Sister

Kane Brown’s siblings are two, including a half-sister named Heidi Swafford and a half-brother named CJ Cordell. Both of his siblings came from his parents’ relationship with other people. Kane Brown did not have it easy while growing up and one could argue that those experiences shaped him them the people they are today.

The same could be said of his siblings who have also faced their fair share of life’s challenges. In 2016, his half-sister caught the attention of the media and the public after she was hospitalized following an attack from a friend. This article essentially delves deeper into the lives and activities of Kane Brown’s siblings.

Kane Brown Has Only One Brother

There are several layers to the personality that is Kane Brown, and part of those layers has a lot to do with what his childhood was like. For starters, he was born to an as-yet-to-be-identified African-American father who went to prison during the late 1990s when Kane was still a very young lad.

That development put a strain on the young Kane and his white mother of European descent who had to scrape through just so she could survive with her son. According to several reliable sources, they even had to sleep in the car occasionally.

Things got worse, for Kane at least, when his mother remarried. The identity of his stepfather is unknown at present, but close sources have revealed that he was not kind to Kane.

However, it is important to buttress the fact that Kane’s only male sibling was born during his mother’s second marriage. His name is CJ Cordell.

CJ Cordell Is Kane Brown’s Half-Brother

Not much is known about CJ Cordell including when he was born and how old he currently is. We also don’t know who his father is, but we can confirm that he shares the same mother, Tabatha Michelle Brown, with Kane Brown. Even though we don’t know when CJ was born, all signs point to the fact that he is significantly younger than his older brother, Kane.

CJ spent a lot of his childhood in the company of his maternal grandfather, Steve Brown, and those days were fun days too for the young CJ who got to go on several fun adventures with his now-late grandfather who took him on several activities like camping and ball tournaments.

He Keeps A Low Profile

Compared to his more illustrious older brother, CJ Cordell keeps a low profile when it comes to how he provides for himself and his family. The details of his formal educational background are also unclear, but we deduced from his Facebook profile that he attended Lakeview-Fort Oglethorpe High School.

What the profile, however, does not reveal is whether CJ went on to acquire a college degree. Perhaps if that information were available, one might be able to speculate about how he earns a living.

CJ Cordell Is A Married Man

Another thing that CJ Cordell’s Facebook profile shows is that he is a happily married man. He is married to a woman known as Kristen Brooke, and according to the profile, they have a child together, even though we have yet to ascertain the gender of the child in question.

Given CJ’s propensity to keep a low profile, the finer details of his marriage to Kristen, such as when, how, where, and when they met, as well as how long they dated before getting married. The fact that the date of their wedding has yet to be revealed also means that there is no way to determine how long they have been married.

CJ Cordell Has A Violent Past

CJ Cordell has admitted to having a violent past. He described how he always had a negative outlook on life, and that his point of view often put him in hot water, particularly when he spent almost a year in prison.

Kane Brown’s younger half-brother further admits that having to go through experiences helped him re-examine his life and make concerted efforts to be a better man.

CJ Cordell Has A Good Relationship With His Brother Kane Brown

Despite the relatively significant age gap between them, as well as the fact that CJ’s father wasn’t much of a father to Kane, the brothers managed to maintain a close relationship with each other.

Even though they have yet to be pictured in public together, Kane Brown is an individual who prioritizes family values.

Heidi Swafford Is Kane Brown’s Half-Sister

  • Date of birth: 1996 or 1997
  • Age: 28 or 27 years old

According to several confirmed sources, Heidi Swafford and Kane Brown share the same father but different mothers. Heidi is a product of Kane’s father’s relationship with a woman known as Roxanne Dodson.

Not much is known about her or how she came to know Heidi’s father but a particular incident that happened in 2016 when Heidi was confirmed to be around 19 years old, often leads to the realistic speculation that Heidi was born around 1996 or 1997 and that she is currently around 28 or 27 years old.

Given that her father has been in prison since she was born, or even before she was born, it does not take a rocket scientist to account for the fact that Heidi did not have the privilege of growing up with a father.

Certain details of Heidi’s life, like childhood and upbringing, including where she went to school, and what she does for a living are unknown at present.

Heidi Swafford Was Attacked In 2016

The unfortunate incident that drew the attention of the media and general public to Heidi in 2016 transpired following an attack on her by a friend after they had disagreed during an argument.

The argument reportedly turned violent and prompted the said friend to attack Heidi with a sharp object that left several wounds on her neck. The assailant was later arrested and subsequently charged with aggravated assault and attempted second-degree murder.

Despite the non-life-threatening nature of the wounds, the police report on the incident indicated that they may have caused severe nerve damage in the affected areas.

Heidi Swafford Is Very Close To Her Half-Brother, Kane Brown

Heidi Swafford has a rather close relationship with her superstar half-brother, Kane Brown. It helps that the siblings strikingly resemble each other, and reportedly their father as well.

There are several pictures of them together in a loving embrace. Following the 2016 incident that left Heidi hospitalized for months, the singer was quick to condemn the actions of his sister’s attacker and express his frustrations about the whole thing.

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