Meet Julie Tokashiki, Tom Skerritt’s Wife of Over 24 Years

Julie Tokashiki is the wife of Tom Skerritt, the American actor. She was born in 1964 and is a 60 year-old American CEO and President of Triple Squirrels Production, a parent company of EVRGRN Channel.

Despite being married to an accomplished actor who has appeared in over 40 movies, Julie Tokashiki is not a lover of the spotlight and prefers to keep a low profile. Make no mistake, though, she is a highly accomplished fellow who is carving her own niche in her career in film and television production. Here is everything to know about Tom Skerritt’s wife of over 24 years.

Summary of Julie Tokashiki’s Biography 

  • Full name: Julie Tokashiki
  • Gender: Female
  • Date of birth: 1964
  • Julie Tokashiki’s Age: 60 years old
  • Nationality: American
  • Sexual Orientation: Straight
  • Marital Status: Married
  • Julie Tokashiki’s Husband: Tom Skerritt
  • Julie Tokashiki’s Children: Emi Skerritt; stepchildren: Andy, Erin, Matt, and Colin Skeritt
  • Famous for: Being the third wife of the American actor, Tom Skerritt

Julie Tokashiki Was Born And Raised In Southern California

Julie Tokashiki was born in 1964 in Southern California, the United States of America. She was also raised in her birthplace by her parents. There are no details of her ethnicity, but she is an American citizen.

Being a private person, she has not revealed any details about her parents. She has also kept all that is needed to be known about whether she has siblings and what they do for a living under shade.

Having grown up in Southern California, she must have gotten her early and primary school education there. Details of her high school and the location have not been disclosed by her, but it is known that Julie Tokashiki earned a degree in journalism from California State University, Fullerton, in the United States of America.

She Has Been Tom Skerritt’s Wife For Over Two Decades

Julie Tokashiki and Tom Skerritt met each other while Julie was filming Picket Fences as a studio executive at Fox Television. From there, they got to know each other and fixed a date. According to the actor, his wife was watchful on their first date, but she got more than she expected and saw him as a romantic personality and a soulmate.

After dating for some time, they exchanged their nuptial vows in 1988, six years after his second failed marriage. Tom seems to be so much in love with his wife, as he described her as a powerful and lovely person in an interview. He also stated that he looks at her with so much admiration and wonder at who she is. The actor continued by saying that she is really a fantastic work of art.

They have been married for 36 years and are still so much in love. There have been no records of any marital scandals involving either the actor or his wife. This marriage is the actor’s longest marriage, as he has been previously married twice. There are no details of Julie Tokashiki’s marriage or dating history, but this might be her first marriage.

Julie Tokashiki and her husband, Tom Skerritt, have a huge age difference between them. Julie Tokashiki was born in 1964, while Tom was born in 1933, making her 31 years younger than him. That notwithstanding, they have maintained their love for each other.

Tom Skerritt Has Been Involved in Two Failed Marriages

Tom Skerritt got married for the first time to Charlotte R. Shanks in 1957. At the age of 21, he welcomed his first child with her. They were married for 15 years, welcoming a total of three children.

The later years of Tom’s marriage to Charlotte were filled with lots of challenges that he couldn’t cope with. Charlotte developed a mental illness, leaving him to cater to his children while pursuing his acting career. The actor later separated from her, though when they separated is not known.

He got married to Susan Ellen Aran in 1977. They were married for 15 years and welcomed a child before they pulled the plug on their union. In 1992, the actor and his second wife divorced without stating the reasons for their decision.

Julie Tokashiki Shares A Daughter With Her Husband

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Julie Tokashiki adopted a daughter, a 12-year-old girl named Emi, in 2007. Tom, who became a father to the pre-teenager at the age of 86, describes Emi as a powerful preteen lady. Information about their 29 year-old daughter’s education and what she is currently up to has been shielded from the public.

Aside from Emi, Julie is also a stepmother to the four children that her husband had with his ex-wives. Andy is Tom’s first son, born to him in 1962 by his first wife, Charlotte. He found a career different from his father’s and works as a computer expert.

Erin is the actor’s second child with his first wife. Born in 1964, she is a published poet and is very close to her father.

Matt is Tom’s third child with Charlotte, born in 1967. He is pursuing a career in film production and is a creative director and filmmaker.

Colin Skerrett is the actor’s last son with his second wife, Susan Ellen Aran, born in 1978. He has followed the career path of his father and is an actor notable for the movie Tuscaloosa.

Julie Tokashiki Has Worked With Various Production Companies

After she graduated from the university, Julie Tokashiki started working with CBS Entertainment and was later promoted to the position of assistant to the president of the company. She moved on to Twentieth Century Fox Television, where she worked for some years before moving on to the position of assistant to the president. The CEO has also worked with the American film and entertainment studio Warner Brothers.

Julie Tokashiki took advantage of the experiences that she has gathered over the years in film and television production and helped establish some storytelling foundations. She helped in founding the Film School, which is dedicated to individual storytelling. The CEO also helped in founding the 501(c)3 non-profit organization known as The Red Badge Project, which helps injured soldiers heal through the act of storytelling.

She Established A Digital Media Company With Her Husband

Having gained knowledge and experience in film and television production for over 35 years, Julie Tokashiki and her husband, Tom, established a digital media company known as Triple Squirrels Production, a parent company of EVRGRN Channel, an ad-based channel. The company was established in 2019, in Seattle, Washington, in the United States of America.

Activities carried out in the digital media company include telling stories of the everyday lives of musicians, business owners, cooks, artists, and other people who have inspiring stories to share. Julie Tokashiki sits as the CEO and president of the digital media company.


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