Meet Giancarlo Stanton’s Parents Jacinta Garay and Mike Stanton

Giancarlo Stanton’s parents are Jacinta Garay and Mike Stanton. The couple has been divorced since Giancarlo was eight, but they both played important roles in shaping him into the man he has become.

Both parents have pet names for the baseball player that has stuck with them. His mother calls him “Cruz” while his father and some of his relatives call him “Mike” or “Mikey”. As Stanton’s fame and fortune rise, many questions are being asked about his background and who his folks are. We explore the full details available on Giancarlo Stanton’s parents below.

Giancarlo Stanton’s Mother, Jacinta Garay, Has  Mixed Ethnicity

An American citizen, Jacinta Garay, is from a biracial background consisting of African-American and Puerto Rican. Stanton’s maternal great-great-grandmother was Puerto Rican while the rest of the family tree on the maternal side is made up of mostly African-American heritage. This explains the unique features Jacinta has, which she has also passed on to her children.


Jacinta Garay’s only tie to celebrity status is her son, Giancarlo, and this means very little information is available about her background. Aside from coming from a mixed background, other details like her date of birth and the place she spent her childhood are not known. However, she is an American national.

What Does Jacinta Garay Do For a Living?

While her son is a celebrated baseball player, a career his father influenced him to pursue, Jacinta Garay’s career history has not made it to the public space. Her ex-husband’s career and that of her son made it difficult for the spotlight to focus on her.

Since her divorce from Giancarlo’s dad after about ten years of marriage, Jacinta Garay has preferred to live her life away from public scrutiny. She is also not active on social media, making it hard to get any information about her life. One obvious thing though is that she is on good terms with her ex-husband and the children they share together.

Giancarlo Stanton’s Father, Mike Stanton, is Irish

Mike Stanton is Caucasian with ancestry that can be traced to Ireland, but he identifies as an American national. Like his mother, Giancarlo’s dad has very little information available about him in the public space. His date of birth and further details about his early life and background is not known.


One confirmed fact is that he is from an Irish background but resides in the United States of America where his children were birthed.

Mike Stanton is a Retired Postal Worker

While some sources claim he is a former baseball player, it has been established that Giancarlo Stanton’s dad, Mike Stanton, is actually a retired US Postal Service staff, but his influence in his son’s pro baseball career has been commendable, especially since his retirement in 2009.

Giancarlo’s father has hugely influenced his career and played a huge part in his life journey right from the cradle. At some point, he didn’t understand the sacrifices his father had to make for him but the story has since changed. Mike started by helping Giancarlo prepare for little league games and sending him to the best schools. At Notre Dame High School in Sherman Oaks, Giancarlo became a three-star athlete.

Mike Stanton took Giancarlo to a baseball clinic when he was just three years old but he insists that despite his influence in his life, his son is self-made. Since his retirement from the postal service in 2009, Mike Stanton has spent his time traveling to different locations to watch his son play and render his support. In 2014, Giancarlo’s dad attended 40 of his games and watched the remaining on TV.

He was there at the Milwaukee game in September 2014 when Giancarlo took a hit on the face by a pitch. “He stayed with me,” Giancarlo told Fox Sports of his father. “It was like the old days.” Mike Stanton’s support for his son’s career has not changed and he is getting more appreciated by the young man who now understands how important his father is in his life and career.

Giancarlo Stanton’s Parents Were Married for Ten Years

Jacinta Garay and Mike Stanton were married for a decade before their marriage crashed. The details about when they got married and what married life was like for the former couple have eluded the public space.

Giancarlo’s parents, for reasons yet to be revealed, decided to end their marriage when their son was eight years old. However, they didn’t allow this significant change to affect the growth of their children in any manner. They reportedly live in the same neighborhood to make things easier in terms of raising their children together. They also share a cordial relationship with no trace of any scandal regardless of their failed marriage.

Both Jacinta Garay and Mike Stanton have remained unmarried since their marriage collapsed. Garay, on her part, has stayed away from the spotlight mostly and there is hardly any public appearance from her. Her ex-husband, on the other, hand has been more visible as he loves to support Giancarlo at his games. Overall, both are reportedly still single.

Giancarlo Stanton’s Parents Have Three Children

Giancarlo Stanton’s parents welcomed three children before they went their separate ways. His parents’ marriage produced three children named Egidio “E.G.” Carlos Moacir Garay (son), Kairice Valivia Stanton (daughter), and Giancarlo.

Egidio is the older brother of Giancarlo and that is the only information available about him. The same applies to Kairice, Giancarlo’s younger sister. They all grew uptogether in the Tujunga neighborhood of Los Angeles, but it seems that only Giancarlo picked an interest in baseball and made a career out of it.

None of his siblings has a personal claim to fame and are only known publicly because of their ties with Giancarlo. However, they don’t seem to fancy the celebrity status and mostly stay off the radar of media scrutiny.

Giancarlo is yet to get married and start his own family. Now 34 years old, the baseball player is more focused on taking his career to greater heights. He has, however, been in some high-profile relationships like his romance with Chase Carter.

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