Meet Georgeta Orlovschi, Sebastian Stan’s Mom

Georgeta Orlovschi is the mother of Sebastian Stan, a Romanian-American actor who started his acting career in 2003 and has appeared in films like Captain America, The Martian, Infinity War, and many others. 

Orlovschi was born on May 18, 1956, and is 68 years old. Her son, whom she single-handedly raised and has been supportive of his career over the years, is the reason why there is some interest in her. Here’s more about her.

Summary of Georgeta Orlovschi’s Bio

  • Full name: Georgeta Orlovschi
  • Gender: Female
  • Date of birth: May 18, 1956
  • Georgeta Orlovschi’s Age: 68 years old
  • Ethnicity: Mixed
  • Nationality: Romanian
  • Zodiac Sign: Taurus
  • Sexual Orientation: Straight
  • Religion: Christian
  • Marital Status: Married
  • Georgeta Orlovschi’s Husband: Anthony Franhauf
  • Georgeta Orlovschi’s Children: Sebastian Stan
  • Georgeta Orlovschi’s Height in Inches: 5 feet 6 inches
  • Georgeta Orlovschi’s Height in Centimetres: 168 cm
  • Georgeta Orlovschi’s Weight: 50 kg
  • Famous for: being the mother of the prolific actor, Sebastian Stan

Georgeta Orlovschi is From Romania

Georgeta Orlovschi was born and raised in Romania on May 15, 1956. Though the exact location where she was born was not revealed, it is known that she is Romanian. The actor’s mother has not disclosed much about her background, leaving little known about her.

To this end, the names and occupations of her parents have not been revealed to the public. She has also not mentioned anything about her siblings, including their names or what they are up to. All that is known about her background is that she is of mixed ethnicity and was raised in Romania with a solid Christian faith.

Meanwhile, following the fact that she leads a private life, Georgeta Orlovschi has not disclosed much about her education. This includes the names of the schools that she attended for her basic and high school education. It is also uncertain if she earned a degree or not, as she has not mentioned anything about the university or college that she attended.

She Has Been Supportive of Her Son’s Career

Georgeta Orlovschi only gained fame as a result of her son’s achievements in his acting career. Her son, Sebastian Stan, is a prolific Romanian-American actor who rose to the limelight for his role as Bucky Barnes (Winter Soldier) in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Sebastine was born on August 13, 1982, in Constanta, Romania, to his mother and her ex-husband, whose identity has been a mystery. He attended Rockstand School before furthering to Rutger’s University, New Brunswick. The actor also studied acting for a year at Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre in London. By 2002, he had gained American citizenship, making him a dual citizen.

Having developed himself, he began his acting career in 2003, making his debut in the drama TV series Law and Order. Subsequently, Sebastian began to bag major acting gigs and has appeared in over 30 on-screen projects.

Some of the films that he has appeared in include Captain America: Civil War, Black Panther, Ant-Man, and many others. He also has some television show credits like I’m Dying Up Here, The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, Marvel Studios: Assembled, and many others. The prolific actor has also bagged two awards, including Ensemble of the Year at the 2017 Hollywood Film Awards and Best Duo at the 2021 MTV Movie and TV Awards.

Sebastian Stan is still very active in the movie industry and will bag more major roles in the future. He is very fond of his mother, who raised him as a single mom and has been very supportive of his career. She has always shown her concern for her son’s career whenever he is taking on action-packed roles, for fear that he would hurt himself.

Sebastian, on his end, has often showered praise on his mother through his social media handles and has thanked her severally for leaving Romania at that time to give him a better life. Georgeta Orlovschi has always upheld the Romanian culture in high esteem, which she taught her son.

Sebastian Stan’s Mother was Married to a Mystery Man

Georgeta Orlovschi was previously married to Sebastian Stan’s father, whom nothing is known about. This includes his name and what he is up to at the moment. Meanwhile, where and how she met Sebastian Stan’s father was not revealed to the public.

Georgeta has also been tight-lipped about how long they dated before getting married. Details about when they got married and how long they were married before they called it quits were not disclosed. All that is known is that two years after the birth of the actor, who is their only child, they pulled the string on their union without stating the reasons for the divorce.

Georgeta Orlovschi Had a Rough Time Raising Her son after Her First Marriage Crashed

As revealed earlier, Sebastian Stan was just two years old at the time his parents called it quits on their marriage. Being a doting mother, Georgeta Orlovschi left her previous marriage with her son. In 1989, after the Romanian Revolution, she moved with her son to Vienna, Austria, to have a fresh start.

Being that Georgeta is Romanian, she did not have any relatives in her new location but had to survive with her son. She took up a job as a pianist to fend for herself and her son. Four years after living in Austria, she moved to Rockland County, New York City. It was in the country that she found love again and raised her son to become the famous figure that he is today.

Who is Georgeta Orlovschi Married to?

Georgeta Orlovschi is married to Anthony Franhauf, an American headmaster of Rockland School, the same school that Sebastian Stan attended. The actor’s mother and her current husband did not reveal when and how they met. However, based on the fact that her son once attended his school, they must have crossed each other’s paths several times.

How long they dated before getting married was not revealed. In addition, when they got married was not revealed, making how long they have been married unknown. The duo has remained married ever since, though they did not welcome any children together.

Where is Sebastian Stan’s Mother Now?

Georgeta Orlovschi still lives in the United States and is often spotted at events with her son. There are no details about what she had her hands on when she relocated to New York. Likewise, what she does for a living at this moment has been kept from the public’s knowledge.

Georgeta Orlovschi

All that has been known about her occupation is that she was once a pianist. However, it is believed that she is making a decent living with whatever she is doing at the moment.


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