Meet Eve Schiff, Adam Schiff’s Wife Since 1995

Eve Schiff is the wife of Adam Schiff, a US Congressman. Eve and Adam met in 1990 and started dating after a while. The couple became officially engaged in 1994 and went on to exchange wedding vows in 1995 after five long years of dating. They have two grown-up children to show for their years together as husband and wife.

Adam Schiff’s wife is currently 61 years old and played active tennis during her youth but never went professional. It was speculated that Eve also had a job as a social worker, but this has not been verified.

Summary of Eve Schiff’s Biography

  • Full Name: Eve Schiff
  • Gender: Female
  • Date of Birth: December 12th, 1962
  • Eve Schiff’s Age: 61 years old
  • Ethnicity: Caucasian
  • Nationality: American
  • Zodiac Sign: Sagittarius
  • Sexual Orientation: Straight
  • Religion: Christianity
  • Marital Status: Married
  • Eve Schiff’s Husband: Adam Schiff
  • Eve Schiff’s Children: Alexa Marion Schiff and Elijah Haris Schiff
  • Eve Schiff’s Parents: Marion Sanderson
  • Siblings: Two
  • Eve Schiff’s Height in Inches: 5 feet 4 inches
  • Eve Schiff’s Height in Centimetres: 162 cm
  • Eve Schiff’s Weight: 56 kg
  • Body measurements in Inches: 33-26-36
  • Body measurements in Centimetres: 83-66-91
  • Famous For: Being the wife of Adam Schiff

Where is Eve Schiff From?

Eve Schiff’s place of birth is captured as Burbank, California,, making her an American citizen. However, she is Caucasian by ethnic background. Eve was born on December 12th, 1962, and calculations from her date of birth peg the Californian native’s current age at 61. Her given name at birth was Eve Sanderson. She only started using Schiff following her marriage to American Congressman Adam Schiff.

Nothing has been said about Eve’s father; we were only told that he ran a Catholic household and brought his children up to follow the Catholic faith. However, Eve had to change to Judaism following her nuptials to Adam.

On the other hand, Even’s mother was a bit more popular than her dad. Marion Sanderson, as she was called, made a name for herself as an artist. During her lifetime, the matron of the Sanderson clan trained in several parts of the United States, including New York and Chicago; she also underwent training in Paris. The famed artist did a lot of commercial work, and her bits and pieces were displayed in exhibitions held in big cities like San Diego and San Francisco.

Unfortunately, Marian died around the middle part of the 2000s. Eve’s husband remembered both Marion and his own mum during the Mother’s Day celebration in 2016 via a Facebook post.

Growing up in Burbank, California, Eve Schiff shared childhood memories with two siblings – a brother and a sister, though their names have never been mentioned in the public space.

The Sanderson brood spent a lot of time in Massachusetts with their paternal grandparents, who played an active part in their upbringing. According to Eve, she was very close to her dad’s parents.

She is a University Graduate

Eve Schiff achieved her high school qualifications in San Diego, where she joined Torrey Pines High School. Nothing is known about the year she started, but the Californian native completed her studies in 1980.

Her quest for further academic qualifications took her to the University of California to study Literature and Sociology. Eve was at the Santa Barbara campus of USC till she graduated with a Bachelor’s degree, however, her year of graduation has never earned a mention.

How did Eve and Adam Schiff Meet?

The game of tennis played an important role in Eve Schiff’s love life by leading her to meet the man who would become her husband. It happened that two of their mutual friends arranged a double tennis game and invited Adam and Even to make up the other duo. This happened in 1990 at the tennis court located in Marina Del Rey and marked the couple’s first meeting.

Years later, the Congressman revealed that his friend’s only reason for choosing to invite both of them to join the game was so they could have the opportunity to make ‘Adam and Eve’ jests at their expense. However, they turned out to be a perfect match. Perhaps their compatibility will be due to the fact that bear the same names as the biblical first humans.

After that fateful game, Adam and Eve Schiff kept in touch, and their acquaintance later blossomed into a romantic dalliance.

The couple went on to date for the ensuing four years, and in 1994, Adam popped the big question to his love interest; needless to say, he received his response in the affirmative. The duo started planning their nuptials which eventually took place one year later.

She Became Adam Schiff’s Wife in 1995

Adam and Eve tied the nuptial knot on the 19th of February 1995. At the time of their wedding, Adam hadn’t attained the level of fame he enjoys today. It was not highly publicized. However, the ceremony was speculated to be a modest one with family and friends present.

The couple’s wedding event was a mingle of Caucasian and Jewish cultures, and despite the fact that the duo come from different religious backgrounds, they went on to live harmoniously for over two decades. The Schiff household is the type that does not discriminate against religious beliefs. When it is time to celebrate Christian events like Christmas and Easter, Adam and Eve do it with a united front, and the same goes for Jewish celebrations.

Eve Schiff’s Husband is a U.S. Congressman

Schiff is a Democrat attorney and a United States Rep for California’s 28th congressional district. Born on the 22nd of June 1960, Adam is the son of a salesman called Edward Schiff and his wife, Sherrill Ann. He was born and brought up in Framingham, Massachusetts.

Adam has three university degrees. He studied Political Science and Pre-med at Stanford University. He then went on to study law at Harvard University, graduating in 1985.

He practiced as a lawyer for several years before deciding to join the American political trail since he won elections in 2001. His constituency is the San Gabriel Valley part of the East Los Angeles region; this includes areas such as Pasadena, Glendale, and Burbank. Eve Schiff’s husband is also serving as a chairperson at the Intelligence Department of the US House Permanent Select Committee. Adam also took charge of the responsibilities of State Foreign Operations, including the US Foreign House Committee.

The democratic is currently serving his 10th term in office as a congressman, a journey he started over two decades ago.

She Has Been Adam Schiff’s Wife For 19 Years

The couple’s union is inching towards its third decade, and it has been a tale of marital bliss for Adam and Eve Schiff. However, the Congressman has revealed a few occasions when people had sprung jokes on them just because of the biblical names.

The Democrat attorney and U.S. Representative for California once took to his official Twitter handle to narrate an incident that happened when he visited a car dealer’s shop in the company of his wife. They only needed to introduce themselves to the salesman as Adam and Eve for the man to walk away from them, believing that they have come to waste his precious time.

However, life has been generally great for the couple. Adam, who is the only one visible on several social media platforms, has made it a point of duty to always commemorate their anniversaries and other occasions with heartwarming social media posts. Every Mother’s Day celebration, the American Congressman makes sure to share nice shoutouts to the mother of his children via his socials, describing Eve as a great mom to their two kids. Along with their children, Adam would do some special things for his wife, like decorating the mailbox with beautiful flower arrangements and taking her out.

A supportive wife, Eve joins her husband in supporting causes that are close to their hearts, such as charity events. The US Rep came all out with his wife on the fourth of June 2023 to attend the West Hollywood-held WeHo Pride. They came dressed in casuals and even participated in the usual motorcade procession.

From how the couple dressed at the event, it was glaring that they were both ardent supporters of the LGBTQ community. The Congressman kept in tune with the occasion by holding a rainbow flag, and on her own part, Eve appeared decked out in a string of rainbow-themed flowers hanging around her neck.

Is Eve Schiff Adam Schiff’s First Wife?

Eve Schiff is the wife of Adam’s youth. She is the first wife of the United States Congressman, and from the way their union is going, there is every likelihood that she would also be his last. Though the couple’s union has endured for almost three decades, their love appears to be as strong as ever, and this is made possible by the sacrifices they have made for each other along the way.

Important to note that after their nuptials, Eve had to make the sacrifice of moving from her home in California to Washington, D.C., where Adam was living because of his job as a Congressman. Before then, Adam’s job responsibility would keep him away from his family for prolonged periods.

Does Eve Schiff Share any Children with her Husband, Adam Schiff?

Adam and Eve Schiff are parents to two children – a boy and a girl. Following the couple’s wedding, they became the subject of fun as friends would jokingly tell them to name their children Cain and Abel to complete the biblical tale of the life of Adam and Eve. However, from what is obvious, the US Congressman and his wife didn’t take the suggestions seriously.

The couple’s union was barely three-year-old when they welcomed the first fruit of their marriage. Their daughter, Alexa Marion Schiff, announced her entrance on the 12th of July, 1998. Alexa’s middle name is obviously in honor of Eve’s mum, Marion, who was renowned as an artist.

Since she was born, Alexa has been the apple of her parents’ eyes, as Adam never misses an opportunity to gush about his baby girl via his social media handles. We have seen several birthday messages from the US congressman to his daughter. Also, father and daughter have been severally spotted attending events and occasions together.

At 25, Eve Schiff’s daughter is a graduate of Northwestern University Evanston, Illinois. Her admission into the private academic institution was made public in 2016 by the proud papa, Adam Schiff, when he took to his socials to reveal that his daughter was about to become a pre-med student at the institution of higher learning.

From what is perceivable, Adam and Eve had their two children in the same month, which may be by accident or design. On July 2002, the couple welcomed their second child, Elijah Harris Schiff. For their friends requesting that Adam and Eve name their children Cain and Abel, The name Elijah was biblical enough for them.

Just like he did with his first child, Adam also did a good job of sharing stuff about Elijah on social media. The Congressman’s socials are suffused with several pictures of his son in different stages of development. When Eli, as he is fondly called, had his Jewish bar mitzvah in 2015, Adam was there to take coverage of the event and shared the pictures on social media. Father and son traveled to visit Normandy together in June 2019, and we saw the shots they took there via Adam’s socials.

At age 21, Eli should be in college, but his academic pursuit details are unknown.

Like their dad, Alexa and Eli were brought up to follow the Jewish tradition and religion. Since 2010, the Schiff family has been worshiping the Temple Beth Ami. The Schiff brood have been living their lives in the full glare of the public. Right from when Eli and Alexa were little, they would tag along with their dad to work, to the campaign trail, and on occasions when the Congressman takes the House floor, they would be there.

What does Adam Schiff’s Wife do for a Living?

Right from her days in high school, Eve Schiff always harbored a healthy dose of interest in lawn tennis, and she was said to be very good at the game. In fact, Eve would have done wonderfully well if she had gone professional, but she never did.

Eve played tennis until she got married and settled down to cater for her family. She later returned to the game in 2011 and still plays unprofessionally to date.

Some accounts on the internet claim that Eve worked as a social worker at some point in her career life, but this is yet to be verified; besides, the details are not known.

After she got married to her politician husband, Schiff gave everything up and now occupies herself playing supportive roles in her husband’s career endeavors. The duo has been severally spotted working as volunteers and gained public attention after they helped raise funds to support entertainment workers that lost their livelihood during Covid-19.

Despite being married to a congressman of Adam Schiff’s caliber, Eve still prefers to live her life as far away from the media and the general public as possible. Consequently, she has no known presence on any social media platform. Even when she joins her husband at campaign grounds or public events.

Eve always appears laid back and has never courted fame like other celebrity wives. Her only preoccupations are volunteering, raising their children, and supporting her spouse’s political career. Apart from the aforementioned, Eve sits on the board of her children’s P.T.A. during their days at high school.

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