Meet Diane Wildenstein, Jocelyn Wildenstein’s Daughter

Diane Wildenstein (born 1979) is a 45-year-old daughter of the late Alec Wildestin and his ex-wife, Jocelyn Wildenstein. Diane Wildenstein’s father was an American billionaire, while her mother is a socialite and TV personality. 

Jocelyn Wildenstein is an American socialite who is famous for the extensive facial surgeries she got that have earned her the moniker, ‘Catwoman.’ Her father Alec Wildenstein on the other hand, is a famous American billionaire, businessman, breeder, racehorse owner, and art dealer. Diane Wildenstein’s parents became a hot topic of discussion after their messy divorce, thus bringing their children, Diane inclusive, to the spotlight. Here are some interesting things to know about Diane Wildenstein.

Summary of Diane Wildenstein’s Biography

  • Full Name: Diane Wildenstein
  • Gender: Female
  • Date of Birth: 1979
  • Diane Wildenstein’s Age: 45 years old
  • Ethnicity: Caucasian
  • Nationality: American
  • Sexual Orientation: Straight
  • Religion: Christianity
  • Diane Wildenstein’s Parents: Alec Wildenstein and Jocelyn Wildenstein
  • Siblings: Alec Wildenstein Jr.
  • Diane Wildenstein’s Height in Inches: 5 feet 6 inches
  • Diane Wildenstein’s Height in Centimetres: 167cm
  • Diane Wildenstein’s Weight: 60 kg
  • Famous for: Being the daughter of the late Alec Wildestin and his ex-wife, Jocelyn Wildenstein

Diane Wildenstein Was Born In New York

Diane Wildenstein was born in 1979 in New York City, the United States of America. Despite being in the spotlight, she has kept the details of her birth month and date away from the media. She is an American citizen having inherited her Caucasian roots from her mother. Her father’s ethnicity has not been revealed.

Information about her childhood has also been kept under wraps. But based on the time of her parent’s divorce, she probably grew up under both parents’ care alongside her brother. This is because she was 21 years old when her parents put a final stop to their marriage.

Diane Wildenstein, unlike her parents, does not care about the attention that is associated with social media and has chosen to maintain a low profile. On this note, the schools that she attended for her basic and high school education have not been disclosed. She is reportedly a graduate, but the name and location of the university that she attended and her course of study have been unclear.

It is not known if Diane chose her father’s career path, as she has not disclosed what she is currently up to. Since she is a graduate, she must be making an honest living for herself in her career. However, she is living a comfortable life since she has inherited some properties and money from her father.

Diane Wildenstein’s Father Was a Billionaire

Diane Wildenstein’s father, Alec Wildenstein, is an American billionaire, businessman, breeder, racehorse owner, and art dealer born in France on August 5, 1940. He was born to Daniel Wildenstein and Martine Kapferrer. The billionaire did not receive a university degree as his father did not see it as a necessity for running a business.

After his father’s death, he inherited half of the family’s business empire, which was worth $10 billion. He built on this and remained successful until his death in February 2008 in Paris, France, due to prostate cancer.

Her Mother Is A Socialite

Jocelyn Wildenstein, Diane Wildenstein’s mother, is an American socialite who rose to fame for her series of plastic surgeries. She was born on September 5, 1940, in Lausanne, Switzerland. Though she has attained fame, she did not disclose much information about herself. The socialite is living her life to the fullest and has been spotted posting some stunning pictures on Instagram.

Diane Wildenstein’s Parents Got Married In 1978

Diane Wildenstein’s parents met in Kenya in 1997 at the Wildenstein African Ranch in Ol Jogi. At the time, Alec Wildenstein had visited to inspect his family’s ranch while Jocelyn Wildenstein. Jocelyn approached her ex-husband and asked if she could go on a hunt with him. They began talking, and with time, they sparked the love between them.

Their parents were not supportive of their relationship but the duo eloped to Las Vegas in April 1978. The billionaire later invited their friends and family to their wedding a few months after they eloped, but his father, Daniel Wildenstein, did not attend the wedding. After the birth of their second child however, Alec Wildenstein and his father sorted out their differences.

Meanwhile, since Jocelyn was married into a wealthy and affluent family, she began to live a lavish life. She underwent a series of surgeries that eventually gave her catlike look, earning her the moniker, ‘Catwoman’. The socialite also splurged on expensive jewelry, clothing, and accessories. Alec Wildenstein lived with Jocelyn for 21 years before things got messier.

Their Marriage Ended In A Messy and Expensive Divorce

Before Diane Wildenstein’s parents divorced, they had minor issues that eventually led to their big fallout. After Jocelyn’s father died of pneumonia, she had traveled to Kenya to be with her family, and returned Three weeks after to Alec cheating on her with 21-year-old Russian model, Yalena Jarikova.

In April 1997, Alec filed for divorce from his wife, and Jocelyn in turn, charged him with adultery, greed, and gunplay. They finalized their divorce in 1999, and Jocelyn was given a $2.5 billion divorce settlement, which is among the most expensive in history.

The estranged couple moved on with time and started other relationships. In 2000, Alec got married to a Russian-born sculptor, model, and actress, Liouba Stoupakova. Years later in 2003 Jocelyn moved on with her 27-year-old lover, Lloyd Klein, who is a fashion designer. Howbeit, they separated in 2016 after she attacked him with a pair scissors.

Diane Wildenstein Has A Brother

Diane Wildenstein is not the only child born to the estranged couple. She has a younger brother, Alec Wildenstein Jr., who was born back in the 1980s. Just like his sister, details of his date, month, and year of birth have remained unclear. His educational background and the schools that he attended have also remained unknown.

Likewise, what he is currently up to has also remained a secret. However, with his family’s status, he is sure to be engaged in a decent job and lives a luxurious life.

Diane Wildenstein’s Net Worth Is In Millions 

Diane Wildenstein is probably worth millions, as she inherited liquid cash and other valuables that are worth millions from her father after his death. However, her father was worth about $10 billion. While her father lived, he had gifted her a mansion at Ol Jogi in Kenya worth $3 million which no doubt contributed to her worth. She is assumed to have inherited other houses after the death of her father.

A Peek At Diane Wildenstein’s Love Life

Diane Wildenstein’s love life has remained a mystery as she lives a private life. She does not have a husband or wife that is known to the public. The American might be married or in a relationship but has chosen to keep the public in the dark. Meanwhile, until she comes out to let the public know about her love life, our hopes remain high.

Diane Wildenstein’s Height is 5 Feet 6 Inches

Diane Wildenstein stands 5 feet 6 inches, which is equivalent to 1.67 m or 167 cm in the metric system. She is considered above average based on the statistics from CDC for women which is 5 feet 4 inches.

With her height, she weighs about 60 kg. Her stunning physique makes her weight a perfect fit for her height. Details of her other body measurements have not been disclosed.


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