Meet Billie Eilish’s Parents Patrick O’Connell, Maggie Baird, and Her Brother, Finneas

Billie Eilish comes from a family of entertainers. Her mother, Maggie Baird, is an actress, professional dancer, and screenwriter while her father, Patrick O’Connell, is an actor. Her older brother, Finneas Baird O’Connell, is also a singer, songwriter, producer, and actor. He co-wrote and produced Billie’s breakout single, “Ocean Eyes”.

Not since the days of Madonna and Michael Jackson has the world witnessed a pop icon in the shape of Billie Eilish. In a brilliant career spanning just three years, the American singer has scored a platinum album and numerous accolades (including about seven Grammys).

She has also sold millions of records and has set fashion trends with her ever-changing hairstyles and penchant for baggy clothes. The singer is now hailed as a Gen Z pop icon and she would not have achieved that status without the help of her family members.

Her brother Finneas is her creative partner and he has penned/produced some of her most famous songs. Billie Eilish’s Parents have also been an integral part of her journey, supporting all her creative pursuits and giving her the needed support.

Eilish’s Mother Maggie Baird is an Actress, Professional Dancer, and Musician

  • Full Name – Maggie May Baird
  • Date of Birth – 29 March 1959
  • Occupation – Actress, Professional dancer, Screenwriter
  • Years Active – 1981 till date
  • Notable Projects – The X-Files, Life Inside Out, Friends, and Bones.
  • Husband – Patrick Mead O’Connell
  • Children – Two

It may not be entirely wrong to say that Billie Eilish’s Parents bequeathed her some artistic genes seeing as they both are involved in the show business. Her Mom Maggie studied theater and dance at the University of Utah before moving out to New York to pursue her career in the 80s. She has since appeared in several plays in Los Angeles, Broadway, and regional theaters across the U.S. She has also scored bit parts in movies such as Manic, and Marilyn’s Hotchkiss’s while her TV credits include Bones, The X-Files, Six Feet Under, The West Wing, and Friends.

Eilish’s mom also spent six years as a member and teacher with the Groundlings Improv Theater. She also wrote the script, acted in, co-produced, and provided the soundtrack for the film, Life Inside Out. The 2013 family drama follows a troubled teenager who finds solace in music and the lead role was played by Eilish’s brother, Finneas. Maggie played his mom and their efforts paid off as the movie received good reviews and won best picture and audience favorite at many film festivals. Maggie is truly multi-talented and even has an 11-track country album to her name titled We Sail. She has since scaled back her solo work in favor of supporting her daughter on tour. She also runs the charity, Support and Feed, a nonprofit that provides plant-based food to people in need.

Her Father is Also a Working Actor

  • Full Name – Patrick Mead O’Connell
  • Date of Birth – 7 July 1957
  • Occupation – Actor
  • Years Active – 1983 to present
  • Notable Projects – The West Wing, Iron Man, and Life Inside Out
  • Spouse – Maggie Baird
  • Children – Two

Another beloved parent that Billie Eilish has is her dad, Patrick O’Connell. In fact, the singer is so close to her dad that she calls him his best friend. Patrick is also a working actor and has scored bit parts in productions such as The West Wing, Without a Trace, and Iron Man. He never hit it big in the movie industry though and so had to supplement his income by doing other work, including construction jobs. Now that his daughter is a superstar, Patrick has no need for construction jobs anymore but rather joins his children on tour. He helps out with stuff such as props and is remunerated for his time.

Given all the above, it is obvious that Billie Eilish’s parents are humble folks but some fans are not buying it. They rather believe that she comes from a showbiz family and that it was her parents that helped her and her brother gain a foothold in the music industry. These sets of fans also believe that Billie Eilish’s parents were wealthy and helped get her and her brother all the expensive vocal lessons they needed. The two famous siblings have vigorously rejected all these accusations of nepotism and insisted that they made their own success story.

According to them, their parents were never big shots in the industry but working actors who had to supplement their income with other minimum wage jobs. Finneas has even pointed out that they were the ones that paid off their parents’ mortgage and also pay them a salary for coming with them on tour. All this is to drive home the message that he and his sister are not some rich kids who used their parents’ wealth to break into the industry.

Finneas Has Won A Few Grammy Awards Alongside His Sister

  • Full Name – Finneas Baird O’Connell
  • Date of Birth – 30 July 1997
  • Occupation – Singer, songwriter, producer, and actor
  • Years Active – 2011 – present
  • GirlfriendClaudia Sulewski
  • No. of EPs – one (Blood Harmony)
  • Notable Movies and TV Shows – Modern Family, Glee, and Bad Teacher

As everyone who is familiar with Billie Eilish’s career knows, her brother Finneas is central to the success that she has achieved in the music industry. In fact, he was the one that co-wrote and produced her breakout single, “Ocean Eyes”. As a young boy growing up in Highland Park, Los Angeles, Finneas naturally got acquainted with the showbiz industry and formed his alt-rock band, The Slightlys, while in high school. They released about three songs and won several Battle of the Bands competition. They also played the Warped Tour in 2015.

While working with his band, Finneas also made out time to work with his sister and they began recording songs and putting them on SoundCloud. The third single, “Ocean’s Eyes”, would go viral and eventually propel Eilish to stardom. Since then, Finneas has been with his sister every step of the way. He co-wrote and produced all the 14 songs on her first album, When We All Fall Asleep. He also did something similar for the 16 tracks on her second album, Happier than Ever.

Finneas and his sister also came up with the theme song for the latest James Bond film, “No Time to Die”. That song fetched them the Grammy award for best songwriter for visual media at the 2021 Grammys. This adds to the other Grammy awards that they have won together, including best song, best record, and best album. Finneas has also won solo Grammy awards, including producer of the year (non-classical) and best-engineered album (non-classical) at the 2021 Grammys.

Billie Eilish’s Brother Also Has His Own Solo Music Career

The brilliance of Finneas’ production work with his sister has made him one of pop’s most in-demand producers and he has worked with the likes of Selena Gomez, Camilla Cabello, John Legend, and Ashe. With regards to his own music career, Finneas still plays with his band, The Slightlys. He has also released several solo singles, tending towards the romantic indie-pop genre, and an EP titled Blood Harmony (2019).

Additionally, he has headlined shows in New York and Los Angles and had his first headlining tour in October 2019. Asides from his music prowess, Finneas O’Connell also dabbled into acting as a teenager and scored guest appearances in shows such as Modern Family and Glee. He also had a bit part in the 2011 movie, Bad Teacher.


Who are the parents of Billie Eilish?

Billie Eilish parents are Maggie May Baird (mother) and Patrick Mead O’Connell (father). While her mom is an actress, professional dancer, and screenwriter, her dad is an actor and has been active in the industry since 1983.

How many siblings does Billie Eilish have?

Billie Eilish has only one brother named Finneas Baird O’Connell. Just like his sister, Finneas is also an entertainer. He is a singer, songwriter, producer, and actor known for his roles on Modern Family, Glee, and Bad Teacher.


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